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Dad said my mom's name, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I'll go to Fort Worth to support my mom for Thanksgiving. You know my dad died 3 weeks ago.

She had been wanting a sign that my dad is there. I told her that she will feel him when she gets up in the joy vibration he is in.

She must have relaxed resistance one night, because very soon after that, she was lying in bed and heard my dad's voice say, "Patsy".

She was glad about that. Now she says that every night while she sleeps (when there is no resistance) he says, "Patsy, do you need anything?" It wakes her up, but it doesn't make her sad, and she goes back to sleep soon. She called me and said, "He's watching over us!" Isn't that marvelous? I am so happy for her!

I'm more of a feeler than a seer or clairaudient, although I occasionally see and hear things outside this dimension. I've been able to feel him all along because I didn't go into the lower vibrations about it. It felt very joyful when he let go of his very restrictive body. He's a loving presence. He loved all of us very much, and stayed in that painful body for that reason. I was happy to note the other day that there are no regrets. No "I should have sat by his bedside more...." All is well, and he is very well.

Happy Appreciation Day to you all! There's a group call on Dec. 2. Get on while it's still available to L1 people!

Love, Lola

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