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Does it Work For Anxiety and Depression?

Here's an expanded version of an email I recently replied to with great excitement after a man asked if my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, would relieve his severe anxiety, for which he's been on maximum doses of anxiety medication for years. It was hard for him to meditate and "be with The Presence."

I added a lot more detail for this blog:

Hello Dear Corey (name changed),
Although my staff normally answers all emails, I felt strongly moved to write to you personally, because situations like yours fill me with excitement about what Divine Openings does for anxiety.

Oh, yes, intense anxiety certainly does derail meditation! And it prevents us from living full out and happily in so many ways.

Been there, done that.

My whole family suffered from anxiety and depression (probably genetic.) Some self-medicated with alcohol or drugs, some were on prescription meds. I was the only one who tried to find a natural path to balance, overcame anxiety and depression, and lived a truly happy life. The rest are still muddling along, not interested in natural or spiritual alternatives.

Divine Openings did it for me and thousands of others around the world.

anxiety stress depression relief remedyI’m happy say to you with certainty, from over ten years of witnessing life-changing miracles, that one of the most common things that “just happens" while reading from the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, is that anxiety diminishes... and eventually disappears.

Readers of the book call their anxiety "cured" because it doesn't come back. But since cured is a legal medical term, I won't say it.

People frequently say,
"For the first time, I have a deep feeling
that everything is going to be all right.”

Then you can enjoy life to the fullest, meditate deeply, and have more energy, peace, and freedom--the list of benefits goes on and on.

Countless people have been able to wean off their anti-anxiety meds (with their doctor’s amazed approval)….. and stayed off.

Anxiety is an easy one in our experience. We’re proud of this. People will come to us wanting relief from something like money issues or relationship pain, and before they know it, what happens first is they relax.... their fear and anxiety calms.... then the money and relationship issues begin to resolve! Anxiety was holding them back from relaxing and letting good things in!

Anxiety is an easy one in our experience.

You just read Things Are Going Great In My Absence, and do the easy methods it suggests. The inner connection brought on by the book allows you to relax deeply, and it raises your vibration. There is just no space left for anxiety in that higher vibration energy.

To be completely accurate, the very worst case is that some people might need a bit more support to get all the way there. A 5 Day Bliss Retreat transforms your reality forever. The online courses can be done at home and are amazingly powerful ways to retrain your brain chemistry to feel happy instead of anxious, stressed, or sad.

Some people begin with the book, but we all need  immersion and long-term support for maintenance and further growth. The online courses give that and MORE.

There's a money back guarantee on the book. No one has ever read and applied Things Are Going Great In My Absence and asked for their money back.

There is all to gain and nothing to lose.

With much Love,
Lola Jones

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