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Cross Country Treks... Lola's Move, and The Dream Rangers

Here's our cross country update. We're driving my SUV and horse trailer 1350 miles to our new home in Ojai, California. We've stopped off in Phoenix to visit Russell's daughter and grandson. They're taking us to the lake today to relax for a day before we drive westward.

We're in the flow, and even a blowout on one of the trailer tires barely rippled our peace. We replaced all the trailer tires, hit the easy button and drove on. Whew, it's hot all the way across the desert from Texas to California, so I'm glad the horses were not on the trailer. They will be coming later on an air conditioned horse transport truck, about the time the moving van brings my furniture, what little I brought.

Paring down my posessions felt very good and allows Russell and I to mindfully choose things we both love for our new home... and fresh new life. Our Ojai home is an amazing place to hold 5 Day Retreats. It's on Reposo Drive, and Reposo means repose or rest in Spanish. Is that perfect or what?

My good friend Donna Wetterstrand in Canada sends me some of the best stuff. This short film below is such a powerful ride! The timing was so perfect with our road trip--the guys in the film ride over 1100 miles.

It's only three minute or so. Enjoy The Dream Rangers!


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