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Creative words to groove to, from Marion Poole in UK

Hi Lola
I'm 're-visiting' things both physical and non-physical in dream state and found this yesterday,
I'd sent it to Angeline way back in January, and jokingly suggested to her we could do it as a 'rap' at the 5 day!
The words came one day and the next day 'watch where you point that thing' was delivered. Perfect.

Much love and a Divine Smile!

Be happy that you're happy.
Be happy that you're sad.
Be happy that you're anxious.
Be happy when you're mad.
Be happy because you can FEEL it all!
Be happy that you do.
Be happy just to be alive.
A Beautiful Being .... YOU!

And ...........

Smile cos you want to.
Smile cos you can.
Smile for no reason.
Smile 'I don't give a damn'!
Smile at your world at it looks at you.
You'll make your world a happier place, such a fabulous view, ...... of you.......
Smile as you feel love rise from deep inside.
That smile of yours is amazing, something you shouldn't hide.
Smile as you wake and smile as you sleep.
Just a little subtle hint, a smile from very deep.
A sensation you'll feel rise up and go.
A pure, powerful vibrational flow.
And ...... do you know?
It will bounce its light, its brilliant light, far, far out into the day and night ..........
Lovely things will happen as you smile and smile and smile.
Your world will begin to change............
It could take a little while!
BUT it might not!!!!!!
So why not take a risk??!!!!
Simply intend to have fun and play.
Just like a child, with innocence, the Divine Openings Way!
Just point that smile out at your world and let it do it's thing.
Get out of the way and enjoy the delights your Glorious Smile will bring.

With love and a big smile
Marion January 2013

I haven't written anything for ages and then this arrived as I woke a couple of weeks ago.
Very, very different from what has come before.
I feel it needs to be read out loud, with some flowing gestures.
For me, reading it out loud seems a have a similar effect to Sanskrit mantras, when the tongue touches parts it doesn't normally reach!!
Makes me feel really good..............
Much love

Silence descends.........................

Silence descends like a blanket of snow; gently falling on me.
Filling me up, and embracing me with its soft kisses.
I am full of this dazzling substance that makes me tingle with delight, covered in a soft wrap of tenderness.
I am full of something pure.
Stillness rises up from within and silently silences any internal chatter.
Any thoughts dissolve as if melted in snow.
What wonder......... this stillness, this silence, this presence of nothing.
Yet I sense an energy flowing through this body I inhabit.
And this energy ripples outward, flowing and melding into space.

How blessed are we to experience life here.
And this place, this 'here', wearing the face of the 'body' or 'home' is one, all and everything.
Together we experience, and together we love or not love as we weave lives for ourselves.
Yes, we share life as specks of dust rising and falling, glinting like particles of light in a breeze.

Dancing together and sounding our note, we shine in the day and the night, through the seasons, through the ages, through eternity. Forever light..................
November 2013

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