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Laughter Heals. Watch the Cowgirl Guru in Action, Get the Spiritual Humor Book!

The healing and restorative power of laughter is well known, but Lola Jones brings new twists to everything. Now she's written a spiritual humor book, Confessions of a Cowgirl Guru that awakens us with laughter, uplifts us with humor, and brings new lightness to the spiritual path.

This video is Lola giving a reading from the manuscript at the end of the Cornwall, England 5 Day Silent Retreat. Now, granted, they were a stacked audience, they were blissed out. Join them in enjoying the irreverent Cowgirl Guru.

Want to know how to live an even happier life? Learn more metaphysical stuff? NO! Laugh more! Think you can't live a spiritual life and laugh a lot? You haven't been around Lola Jones and Divine Openings long enough.

Struggle and toil and seriousness on the spiritual path is over.

Read Lola's book, Confessions of a Cowgirl Guru. Go here and scroll way down.

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The two greatest accelerators of your full enlightenment are: getting your self worth, and restoring the flow of love to everyone who was ever important to you (parents, exes, siblings, etc.) These things, left undone, stand in the way of your liberation.
Lola Jones