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It sometimes happens that I will spend time with someone who hasn't had Divine Openings, and they have "unusual experiences" in the following days.

On one hand, it's become commonplace. On the other hand, it's still like living a really cool science fiction novel every day. At some point in your Divine Openings experience, you will begin to notice people around you lighting up. And that will increase. We are a collective consciousness, and when one of us rises in vibration, those around us pick it up first, then it ripples outward, endlessly.

Today I called our friendly neighborhood hot-tub-renovator and asked him, "Hey, where's our hot tub?" I put a downpayment on it three weeks ago, and he'd promised it would be here by now. He said he'd been having some medical issues and had been side-tracked.... getting MRI's and all kinds of tests. But the doctors couldn't find anything.

As he told me the symptoms, I smiled to myself -- I quickly recognized them as common ones that many people have after Divine Openings. You might have experienced this!

His head was tingling, it felt like things were moving around in his brain, his neck felt funny, and he had bouts of what you and I would call lower-vibrational feelings out of nowhere.

He thought he was having a stroke!

Not knowing what was going on, he called his doctor and they proceeded to put him through every test they knew, but ended up scratching their heads when nothing turned up to explain the symptoms.

I took a deep breath and said, "Lonnie, you may think what I'm about to tell you is looney, but there's probably absolutely nothing wrong with you. Those are common after-effects of being around me. I do spiritual work. I'm a very powerful activator of enlightenment activation energy. I spent about two hours with you looking at hot tubs and chatting, and we find that the energy often just revs up all by itself and activates people. Tingling in the head is probably THE most commonly reported sensation."

Lonnie and his wife had gotten all lit up and energized during our hot-tub-shopping visit to their place three weeks ago. I saw the telltale signs of activation, and had laughed on my way home, "Well, tomorrow they'll either be high as kites or coughing up giant hairballs."

Sometimes I mention to people what might happen, but sometimes I feel a little self-conscious about it. They might think it's some weird, self-important trip I'm on. And sometimes the effect is so smooth that people won't notice anything at all, and then they'd really think we're nuts. Things just naturally get better in their lives and they attribute it to something else. They would never believe all that was related to a casual visit from someone! That's just out of their realm of reality.

You might wonder why his distress lasted several weeks. He didn't know what to expect. He hadn't read the book. He didn't know that if he had simply felt the feelings, they'd pass quickly. He was "making it wrong" (resistance), in fear (resistance), and probably medicating it instead of feeling it (more resistance). All of you who have read the book know that with Divine Openings, when you just feel whatever comes up, and embrace it, it passes in a flash, and you feel better than you ever have in your life.

What a sigh of relief Lonnie gave when he got an inkling that he was OK! He said he'd finish our tub and bring it out soon. I said I'd give him a formal Divine Opening and the book when he gets here.

Tomorrow he'll probably be blissed out.

I guess I'd better start telling people what MIGHT happen, whether they end up thinking I'm kooky or not. I could just say, "If you notice anything unusual, get this book." If it goes really smooth, they got a free gift of Grace and will never know what hit 'em.

The people who know what we Divine Openings Givers do, and who have strong reactions, definitely know something happened. They often call to say what happened. They figure it out.

One friend spent the day with me for a photo shoot. I painted her face in a wild pattern, which took hours of close-up work, then photographed her for a magazine cover. At the time, I was thinking, "Oh, boy, eye contact is the strongest way to activate people, and I don't usually do that till people are advanced in Divine Openings. Wonder what will happen...."

By that night when she met her husband and friends for a party, she was completely blissed out, and stayed that way for two days, she later told me. Her husband got it second hand through her, and reacted differently. He got sick for three days. She was more open than he was, and had no resistance to the activation. She has since zoomed in her life. He's doing well too.

People like you who receive Divine Openings just naturally begin to uplift others to some degree or another. Those who attend the 5-Day Silent Intensive are officially initiated to give Divine Openings, and become very powerful conduits of Divine Grace, and they learn to manage the extraordinary volume of energy that flows through them. Life is never the same again.

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