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Condensed Practical Wisdom

These valuable Divine Openings nuggets may seem so simple, but they are the keys to the Universe for you. You might print this out and put it by your bed. Look at them as you wake and before you sleep, two very powerful times:

  • No situation is too big for this simple practice: Breathe slowly and deeply through all feelings, and they will move up the Altimeter. Postpone thinking or action until you are clear and calm.
  • "Feel the feelings, drop the story." Say this to yourself as you breathe.
  • Choose your own reality. There is no "one" reality.
  • Keep focus on what you want, and drop thoughts of what you don't want.
  • Speak only of what you do want, with only brief thought or mention of the "don't want" or "wrongs".
  • Give all your complaints quietly to The Divine within, letting go of them and turning your conscious thoughts to what you want. Complaints and feelings of powerlessness literally drain your power. It's as if you are handing your power -- the power of the entire Universe -- to that thing you're complaining about or feeling powerless about.
  • Celebrate and rave about every tiny good thing or progress profusely. Appreciation is the true "currency" of the Universe.
  • Everytime you pay or spend money, appreciate the opportunity to receive that product or service. Appreciate that you can pay paper to get it!
  • Make this your mantra: "Make the best of the best and the least of the worst."
  • Go to the stillness at the center of the hurricane often. (Outer reality can be a hurricane, but you have a place to go to realign with your power.)
  • Before taking action, go the silence, the Fertile Void, center yourself, and get out of the way.
  • Anything that's too big for you is a job for The Presence. Give it over and feel the instant relief.

Love to you all,


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