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City View Ranch Seen From A Satellite

A friend found a photo of City View Ranch taken from a satellite. I can see my tractor when I blow it way up on the net, and the lawn chairs out by the pond, but couldn't find the horses. They must have been in the barn.

You can see the spirals and trails I mowed in the pastures so the 5 Day Silent Retreat participants can walk them. Aliens are wondering right now what those odd patterns are and what amazing energy is emanating from the vortex they're on! And who is that glowing cowgirl and those people walking those trails? Are they radioactive or what???

Physical reality is so magical, and technology has only added to the wonder of it. Just for fun sometime--now that you're not working on yourself and seeking you have plenty of time to do fun stuff like this--go to google maps and enter your address, and click satellite.

Here's my abode (for now).

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