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Choose NOT to Be Terrorized by Your Own Mind and Emotions

The biggest terrorists are our own minds and our own emotions.

You can get better at choosing whether to allow that or not. You can choose your focus. You can train your mind how to focus for happiness, ease, and success.

Those of you who've been around Divine Openings for a while will definitely be able to receive,  HEAR, and USE this in the spirit it is offered.

If you can't hear it or use it, you may even get angry, but anger is higher up the Instrument Panel than powerlessness or fear.

The whole point of terrorism is to make you feel fear.

Terrorists affect relatively few people physically, but throw millions into fearing things that will probably never happen to them. Interesting, hmmm?

I prefer not to succumb to reactive feelings, whether hate or fear, although being human, sometimes I temporarily do.

I prefer to create my own choices, and try to quickly correct my vibration when I witness it has dropped.

I choose not to focus on, feed, or give much energy to fear or hate, no matter how justified it might seem from human perspective.

The mind can never resolve it.

We have to give it over to something larger than the human mind.


This picture is embued with the energy I invite you to join me in.

Join me in going to sleep tonight intentionally filled with peace--such deep peace that you radiate it across the world without trying.
I invite you to BE enough peace and love that it more than counteracts mountains of fear and hate.

Simply be it.

Being it is more powerful than sending or pushing it.

Those who do horrific things are low on the Instrument Panel, afraid, filled with hate, and separated from their Larger Selves.

Don't join them.

 They're trying to get their power back in low vibration ways.

Don't give them yours.

Talk with The Presence.

Terrorists don't DO much physical damage - mostly they generate fear in you. They leave the major part of the job for you to do to yourself, terrorizing yourself with fear.  We're our own worst terrorists with our minds that torture us and hold us apart from our our Blissful Source. 

Your Large Self will assure you that anyone who dies is more than okay, and chose their life and their end, knowing they would always be okay. Ask The Presence Within You.

CHOOSE peace.

CHOOSE love, unshakeably, unconditionally. 

You may wonder if you're capable of doing this.

You are.

You don't have to feel it or know how right now. Just be curious about how it will unfold after you intend it and give it over to The Presence.

Do this for yourself, quietly, without speaking about it.
This is the last I'll speak of it.

Do it for the world.

You've been asking.
It's been answered and here it is.
Just let it in.

It's so much easier when you have the tools. Get all of the support you need to retrain your mind and continue to expand your consciousness forever in the 5 Portals of Lifetime Evolution.

Much love and peace,



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