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Celebrating Sight and So Much More

The bullet train continues to accelerate here. When I look at all the wonderful projects doing, together with Russell and independently, I think to myself, in Texas terms they'd say, "In this last half of this life, we're going to be rode fast and put up wet and smiling!"

Fortunately I cannot even conceive of retirement. What a boring thought. I'd rather be working and creating till the day I decide to lay down and give up this body and move on. Someday I'm going to write an article on conscious dying (I did it--it's in Jumping the Matrix) which is, seriously, exactly how we'll fly out of here. I've already practiced.

Till then, I love the feeling of energy moving through me and producing something. Whether it's being pregnant with a baby or a project, Life loves to create through us.

My Eyesight Is Improving
Now here's an interesting development. I had let go of the idea that my vision was going to improve. Since age 49 I've had to use reading glasses. I'm 57 and had been "trying" to heal this, I've had a few Divine healings for this over the past few years, and reviewed things from the William Bates method of natural vision improvement, but I still needed my reading glasses. It was actually getting worse! A page of a novel or a menu was a complete blur and I could not make out the words at all without the reading glasses.

Then suddenly, about a three months ago, it started to slowly and steadily improve. I began to read my novels without the glasses in good light. I still needed the glasses if my eyes were tired, or light was dim, or to see the computer screen, and I thought, "Well, that's because the dots on the screen make it look more fuzzy, so I may still need them for computer work."

But in a couple of weeks, I could see the computer screen just fine, with just a little bit of fuzz, and that's sharpening up every day. In this process you have to tolerate a little fuzz to allow your eyes to do their job of adjusting focus. The glasses keep your eyes dependent, so you have to wean off the glasses, and try to minimize squinting.

I have been doing a super-health initiative, doing hard workouts, eating better, getting bodywork and accupuncture. Maybe that helped relax the muscles in my neck and back and increase my body's vitality and ability to function optimally, and that affects vision. I reviewed my book on the Bates Method of vision improvement, then let go of it. Maybe that and then letting go of the whole idea of vision improvement did it. Maybe it had to do with opening to deep intimacy with Russell (blurry near vision is a metaphor for reluctance to see people and things up too close). I did my part as guided, and let go. Maybe it was all of that.

I do still use elements of the Bates Method, because they make sense, like meditation makes sense, but I don't "work at it". It's explained in a miraculous book called Better Eyesight Without Glasses, by W.H. Bates. Or you can google all this and find sites that offer free Bates type lessons. You'll find some parallels to Divine Openings in Bates work. It's about relaxing the eyes and not trying or gripping.

I haven't used my reading glasses at all in over a month now, and just this morning I read some tiny two point type in the back of a magazine. I did squint a little to focus, but my God, what a difference this is! Text in a book is usually ten or eleven point type, five times larger than two point type.

I share this with you to make several points:

  • Anything is possible. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.
  • It may happen instantly, or it may be a process that takes a while.
  • It happens when it happens, so get happy and relax and enjoy life now.
  • Your real goal in life is to relax into your Larger more expanded Self, not to fix things, get things, or get somewhere. But when you do get in alignment with your Large Self, things tend to fall into place more and more over time, the longer you live that way.
  • Do your part, as guided, and let go.
  • Attachment to the outcome creates tension and resistance, which is out of alignment with your Large Self. Then you're in the way, and that slows you down.

Much love in our unfolding,

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