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Breathing 'Let It In' and 'Let it Go,' and the Relaxation Pose

Here is a very simple and effective breathing technique that I am enjoying this week. It has totally blown me away on how much it relaxes me. A lot of us breath for pleasure and to go deep into our core. This time as you breath in, say soothingly to yourself to "Let it In" and as you breath out, gently and sleepily ask yourself to "Let it Go".

Guest Post by Amit

  • Gently focus on whatever you want to Let In with your breath. It could be something in your reservoir, an inspiration, or just more grace and ease in your life.
  • As you breath out, let go of your resistance, tension in your body or words in your mind. Be creative and soak into the joy of it. Its not work.

You can do it while lying on your bed after an eventful day or before you get up each morning. Or just while sitting in office or your couch. It even works in midst of a life contrast. Rather than giving in to the stress hormones of "fight or flight", stop, lie down, and "Let it In" and "Let it Go".

Come back and let us know how it feels ;)

Love Amit

NOTE FROM LOLA: I love it Amit! I also do this method called the Relaxation Pose. It sends the message to your nervous system to physically shift gears into the relaxation response like meditation does.

relaxation pose with dogIt shifts your nervous system from the sympathetic nervous system mode (daily stresses, rushing around, activity, fight or flight) to the parasympathetic mode (rest, calm, serene, all is well.) Great for after lunch pick me ups, or even to start or end the day.

Here's a demonstration. Start with the legs low and keep it to ten minutes until you get used to the increased blood flow to your head.

That short amount of time does a lot!

As the days go by you can raise your legs up to a regular chair height or sofa and go for 40 minutes if you like. I get so relaxed I keep going longer than I meant to, and I'm a go, go, go kind of gal.

Add a dog for increased relaxation.

There's Honey relaxing, to help.   > )


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