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Break Through to Unbreakable Happiness

This free audio at the end of this article shows you that you can claim your power on this path. You can even be happy regardless of what other people and outside circumstances bring.

it hurts When you lose your happiness.

Lynn's (name changed for privacy) daughter mysteriously stopped talking to her and other family members. They had been very close but now there was nothing she could do. Lynn was in a very low state, near suicidal, when she emailed me for sessions. Her whole foundation was shaken. I was so surprised because she's been soaring happily along for years with Divine Openings and I didn't hear from her that often - just a happy hello here and there. 

After only one session she was back up in her usual high vibrations again, and this second session was mostly celebrating her recovered happiness, and then delving into her next evolutionary steps. 

We celebrated the ability she's gained to be detached rather than letting her heart be broken by anyone. She lets people do what they want, and that's a recipe for happiness, because people will usually do whatever they want, and sometimes it's not what we want! We can't let our happiness hinge on other people and circumstances. We must hold the sole power over our own happiness.

She's learned to self-soothe.

Self-soothing is so necessary, because again, others can't or won't always soothe us. It's an adult skil we all must master if we want our happiness to be Unbreakable.

She got her worthiness in this second session, and that's another MUST for everyone. You can't earn it, you can't ask for it. With so many things, you have to make a Key Decision and claim it. There's more on that in Portal 2 for you Portal 2 Members. See Module 4 and the audio "Portal 1 Treasures."

You'll be inspired. Keep in mind - she wasn't always this empowered. She wasn't always so much in command of her life and emotions.

she's Unbreakable

Last year I taught so much about ways to program your mind for happiness and not taking on the collective fears of 2020 to 2022, and those videos and audios are in the Portal 5 - New Methods Module. Learn all about the powerful path of the Portals here. Or if you're a Portal 5 member, go check it out!

Lynn didn't get caught up in those collective fears because her vibration was too high and strong. It took that rejection from her daughter to cause such a big dip, but she has bounced back big time, and she knows how to soar even higher from contrast. It feels good to succeed on your path, and that grow your confidence even more. 

You'll get where Lynn is if you just keep enjoying this pleasurable path.

Don't stop.
Don't get distracted.
Stay with it and you get to the good stuff!

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Much love,

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