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Bozeman, Montana, and Yellowstone National Park

The June trip to give a One Day Intensive in Montana was such a blast that I hope you get to visit Montana one day. Go river rafting, soak at Chico Hot Springs, walk Bozeman's unique Main Street, eat great food, go hiking, drive through Yellowstone National Park ..... it's fabulous. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Once again, scroll down...... and I save the best for last!

This buffalo at Yellowstone was apparently a commuter because he looked very purposeful as he held up traffic, trotting along on a mission, taking a whole lane to himself.

Meanwhile, back at the herd, the other less ambitious buffalo were munching contentedly.

See the two big buffalo sparring?

The rivers were all flowing high


It's Heaven for horses and people in summer.

Whee, a giant waterfall!

I wanted so much to see a grizzly, and someone saw one from the raft, but I missed it.

Then we happened upon a grizzly rescue center, where you could watch the grizzlies for hours while they played and swam. Much better than the brief glimpses in the wild, when this close ends up not being fun! They are happy as can be after being rescued from cages.

They even get dance lessons!

Nothing like a swim and some wrestling to round out the perfect day.

Is there a point to this blog post? Yes, swim, wrestle, dance, and travel. Lighten up and have a great time!

I told you I saved the best for last.
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