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Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

How much blood, sweat and tears does it take to have things happen? How much physical effort does it take to get things done, make a living, or build a dream?

When I talk about Ease and Grace that doesn't mean I don't have to do anything. Well, Grace will do ninety percent of it for you if you get out of the way, and ninety-nine percent of all physical manifestation does happen on the non-physical level before it begins to materialize in the physical, so things can be accomplished easier than most people believe possible by letting Grace do a lot for you, and by putting more of your attention and focus on how you're creating it, or uncreating it, in the non-physical.

1. Grace, when you're open to it and can let it in, leads you to the easiest and best way possible, and causes options that aren't the best to fall through, and sends you better people and resources. (Divine Openings helps you open to it and let it in.)

2. On the non-physical level, you get the energy lined up before toiling in the denser physical world. It's easier because once you've assembled the energy template of any "thing" or experience, the manifestation is already 99% complete. Most people waffle at that stage, getting it almost complete, then doubting it; getting it almost complete, then reversing it by feeling bad about it; getting it almost complete, then remembering how it didn't happen in the past.

That last one percent is attracted to the template and causes it to become physical. It's easier once you have the non-physical components all lined up.

You get in alignment with your Large Self on the chosen intention, let go of all the roadblocks (resistances) you've thrown up in front of yourself, you know it's coming even when you don't see it yet, and you keep yourself feeling good all the way. Your main "work" is just that: keeping yourself feeling good and relaxed and "knowing."

That's called staying out of the way.

But folks, that last bit of it is physical, and somebody (that's you and me) has to draw up plans, raise the funds, hire people, and maybe even stack bricks and mortar ourselves. Or maybe it's apply for the job, paint your picture and ask to display it, or let people know you're there (spiritual people may have to get over biases and judgments about marketing, which is essentially "letting people know you can help them.")

You came here to do things, get your hands dirty, stretch your mind and your muscles, scrape your knuckles, stub your toe, and shape the clay of the physical world. If you'd wanted to float in ecstasy all the time you'd have stayed in the non-physical.

You wanted expansion and adventure.

You got it.

Enjoy it.

I like to reframe it: Toil and Struggle vs. Healthy Work and Challenge. You can easily stop toiling and struggling if you go within and really focus on Divine Openings. You really might not want to ever stop working and challenging yourself, though.

If you stop challenging and pushing your physical body's muscles, they can weaken and even atrophy and you age prematurely. But you sweat and push yourself--walk, lift weights, do yoga, do sports--and your muscles strengthen and grow and you stay young-feeling and healthy.

Same with your mind and spirit. You know what happens to a lot of people who retire and have no reason to stay vital. They die (withdraw their life force from their body.) When you go for expansion, challenge, and a bit of exertion in this life you keep energy flowing through you. It keeps you alive and vital and growing.

At my age, 57, it's particularly important to me not to stagnate in any way, body, mind, or spirit. I intend to keep learning, working, innovating, creating and challenging myself. Sweating, stretching, expanding my capacities. But I do not intend to toil or struggle ever again. There is no need to do that.

Recently I mowed my ten acres in the hundred degree heat. It took six hours. It needed doing. I could have hired someone, but I don't want to get soft. I want to revel in this body, feel its sweat, its straining muscles and tendons, and experience its marvelous sensations.

The ongoing process of selling one home and buying another has stretched and expanded me. It's a lot of work. Each day I learn new things about today's mortgages, and each physical step brings new understanding of how to align with my Large Self on the non-physical with this, and new awareness of my habitual thoughts and clinging attachments that need to change. Instant manifestation isn't always the point--the expansion it takes you through is often the point.

I really could just sit back and do next to nothing at this point in my life. The Presence doesn't judge or demand we fulfill some mission (that is New Age bunk or mistranslation of direct guidance.)

I do what I do because it's who I am, just like a bird flies and sings because it's a bird. I plan to keep doing it.

I work because I love it, because it feels good.

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