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Bliss Maintenance on The Spiritual Path?

As I've helped people thrive on the spiritual path for 16 years, I see that mere maintenance doesn't actually cut it. Maintenance usually means staying in the same place, but if you try to stay in the same place you can't. You must move. Life moves.

You're either moving forward or backward at all times. Like the tightrope walker, you're always balancing, adjusting, adapting. You can't stand still.

The Universe expands relentlessly, nature constantly changes, and if we don't expand and change, we're left behind, feeling stagnant. 

Maintaining your bliss actually means "keep the energy moving, stay fresh, keep growing, keep learning and expanding." 

And you can't hold onto bliss - like a delicate flower, if you grip it you crush it. You have to let it ebb and flow, come and go.

This video was shot at the UK Retreat August 2015. It is so much fun and has so much meaty material in it that we wanted to share it with all of you.

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