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Blind Spots and How to Get the Spot Free Rinse of Spiritual Enlightenment!

Blind spots are things we're not yet ready to see in our current stage of spiritual enightenment. Some persist even quite some time after enlightenment.

They hold us back or cause us pain.

Other people can see them. It's obvious to everyone else, but we not only don't see them, we cling to them despite all the trouble they cause us.

Revving up your sense of humor helps. Blind spots flourish in dark, humorless spaces.

Just laugh at yourself, "Why do I keep this messy parrot (chip, burden, devil) on my shoulder, and then constantly 

complain about my dry cleaning bills?"

piratedrycleaners 1989 webWe'll always have some blind spots as long as we're human, but The Presence can see right through them. Talk to The Presence.

Good EQs (Effective Questions, from Portal 2 Online, and the book Watch Where You Point That Thing):

  • "How can I give myself the spot free rinse and evolve past my blind spots?"
  • "How can I without shame or guilt see the parrot on my shoulder?"
  • "What am I complaining about, but not wanting to see how I'm creating it?"
  • "What next level of spiritual enlightenment will dealing with this blind spot bring?"
  • "How will my spiritual growth rocket ahead without this blind spot?"
  • "How can I appreciate the contrasts this blind spot is bringing me, take the hit, and move on up the Instrument Panel?"

Some blind spots aren't so invisible, we just turn a blind eye to them because it would require change, or doing something uncomfortable at first. It might even require admitting we were wrong--we hate that!

The rewards are great, and you can spend the money you were wasting on dry cleaning bills for something fun.

Lola Jones

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