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Blessings from Lola's Hair, a humorous story

This was so fun we decided to share it with you!

Hi Divine openings team!
Here's a bit of light hearted verse...it's for Lola. Would you bring it to her attention, ie if you think it's OK to do so.  x
Hi Lola,
For some years I did my spiritual practices with Sat Guru Swami Shivkrupanand.  Mostly I worked energetically/remotely with him, but on a few occasions I met him and was absolutely fascinated with his long silver locks. His hair was like a magnet to me & set up a real longing in me to have more hair, thicker hair, curly hair .
 Mmmmm hair, hair, hair!
Anyway , after Swami  told me that 'longing overheats the liver', I managed to surrender this hair-longing........... that is, until I met you! Oh NO! Another Guru with abundant, beautiful locks cascading over her shoulders . It's just not fair!
But it's OK now-- I've dived in and my liver's cool!
Below is the verse I wrote at that time. I'd like to share it with you, just for a chuckle. I've changed some of the words, changing  from 'Swami' to 'Lola'.
Sent with Love & humour,  

J W,  S.Wales UK
Lola’s Hair
I used to long for Lola’s hair; I yearned for just a sliver.
Then, one day, Lola  told me –
‘longing over-heats the liver,
Abandon all your longing, become more satisfied.
Hot livers make you sluggish and your progress will subside.’
Now... spiritual advancement had been my first priority,
See! I’m compliant with this Texan girls authority,
So I let go the longing, the aching in my heart,
I knew I had to change my ways, this yearning must depart.
I willingly surrendered my desire for Lola’s hair,
But, in truth, I know there’s still a little longing left in there...
If I could have the strand of hair left on her pillowcase,
I’d keep it wrapped up safely in a bag of silken lace.
If I could have the coil of hair that falls upon her gown........
When her hair is not tied back, but loose... cascading down.
If I could have the lock of hair that lies on Lola’s shoulder
I know t’would keep its’ lustre and its youth while I grow older.
If I could have a tress of hair with Lola’s full consent,
My heart would be at Peace and I would be content.
If I could have the hair that Nature causes to depart,
I’d keep it in a locket and wear it at my heart.
There’s just the shadow of that longing now, just a little residue
Of all the longing I surrendered
In my desire to be true.
Well......... almost all, I cannot lie, there’s still some left that’s calling,
Still a little part of me that thinks your hair’s enthralling.
So Lola, if you hear this plea, please send me one small curl.
I’d love a little present from a genuine cowgirl!

Lola responded by sending her a Non-Physical "lock of hair" in the form of a blessing of Grace. Tune in and you can have one too!

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Humor is the antidote to over seriousness on the spiritual path. Can you think of a single passage in any ancient text that had even an ounce of humor in it? God is laughing at the thought. Join in.
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