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Birthday wishes for Lola on her 60th!

It's my birthday, and it's so dear to get all the birthday wishes! This one from our coordinator of Divine Openings Germany I wanted to share with you:

Dearest Lola! It's the 22nd with me already, so I can celebrate you already now! I'm wishing you the happiest of birthdays yet with many more blissful ones to come and a fabulously luxuriating day together with your loved ones! May you have a whole new year of happy adventures, blissful ease, joyful laughter, physical pleasure and non-physical ecstasy, bright moments to marvel at in every single day, love to make your heart break and expand many times over, health to celebrate in every movement, smooth success in every endeavor, a super smooth website and so much more of what your heart desires... As you are keeping your beautiful body so strong and healthy to show us all what a fabulous 60 can look like (still aiming to get to that shape and given a few years I will.... thanks to your inspiration!)

I am sending you a cheerful morning exercise to keep it up:

Little Set of Morning Gymnastics

I get up on the right side of my bed,

open the window of my soul,

bow before all that loves,

turn my face towards the sun,

take a couple of leaps of faith

and laugh until I'm healthy.

It's a rough translation of one of my favorite German poems by Hans Kruppa. Rough translation as he loves playing with figures of speech and therefore the "leap of faith" should actually be you jumping over your own shadow... Hope you enjoy it. With a huge cheerful hug across the big water to you and so much.

Love! Gabriele

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It's not about being good, it's about being in alignment with your GodSelf--a very big difference. Being good goes by rules--alignment with your GodSelf is felt directly from within and may not follow the rules.
Lola Jones