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Beyond Law of Attraction, an Advanced Article

Western thought conditions us from birth to see the Universe as a bunch of parts, all bouncing off of each other and interacting, attracting and repelling. Law of Attraction is useful at a certain stage, and we won't throw it out, we will transcend it. Here goes... 

Beyond Law of Attraction

This is subtle, but it is huge and reality-altering. With this blog I'm giving you a little taste of the Jumping The Matrix Online Course - Portal 4.

We usually reserve the advanced material for those in the advanced Portals. There is wisdom in taking it slow and building a solid foundation. Too much too soon can be disruptive to one's reality. This gentle introduction will pre-pave your journey to Portal 4.

Law of Attraction assumes the Universe is a bunch of separate interacting parts too--but what if you stop and realize it is "all one"?

There are no separate parts to attract and repel, only the illusion of separateness and distinctions. We enjoy the illusion of separateness and distinction--it's part of what we come here to experience--but we don't have to see it that way.

What if you choose to experience it as all one Universe, your unique Universe to be sure, since there are many realities, and know that when you shift, the entire Universe shifts.

It's not that you so much attract different things when you shift, your reality IS different, there ARE different things in your reality when you shift. The people are different, and the events are actually different events.

Each time you shift your vibration, thoughts, and feelings,
your entire Universe is actually altered.

To illustrate this in a more visceral way, just imagine that before, your Universe looked perhaps like this:

Suppose that after you make a big conscious shift, it looks like this:

This helps you to see just how dramatic it can be, whether the subject of your shift was how you want to feel, or your health, or your finances. And it frees you to create more instantly.

You could spend your entire day reveling in this wonderful possibility.
Dive into it, savor it, dream about it, be it.

Use it to create more deliberately.
Create your Universe.

Keep it simple.

The Portals of Awakening get you on the track to Jumping the Matrix!


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