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Beyond Law of Attraction? A Miracle Share

What's Beyond Law of Attraction?

by Lola Jones

Looking back, even before Divine Openings was born in 2006, I knew what flow was, and attempted to let the flow guide me.

Friends used to say the song, "I Keep On Rolling with the Flow" was about me.

But I wasn't always in the flow. It was hit or miss.

I didn't know how numb I was, but that story's already in the book.

I got better at feeling, thus finding the flow, with Divine Openings -- it wasn't hit or miss anymore.

Then I didn't so much set goals, or make things happen, as let it come to me. 

What comes from allowing, from being in the flow, un-asked-for, was always far better than what my mind cooked up anyway. 

Soon I stopped asking for anything at all, and yet more good unfolded... and more... and more.

When we ask for things, we're automatically
in the vibration of lack: "I don't have this."

Our minds are restless, always wanting something -- until they relax into service of the Large Self.

Law of Attraction is so often understood as a way to manipulate vibration to "make things happen."

That's pure mind, out of the flow.

I don't even use the term manifesting anymore. I'm not trying to make anything happen.

I'm feeling around for the flow, to follow it, or get back in it if I'm out.

You do NOT have to "be without desire"
to be at peace. 


Resisting anything, including desire, is a recipe for struggle.

But what happens naturally as Divine Openings takes you step-by-step to spiritual maturity: the restless mind quiets.

It stops bugging you to always change this, get that, have more.

  • You sincerely appreciate what IS here.
  • Right now is good, although you're open for change.
  • Right here is good, although you'd allow more.
  • You are at peace. 
  • You're relaxed, allowing, and soft -- and you get more and more, full, to overflowing. 

Being in the flow is far more satisfying than working at Law of Attraction, and best of all it requires No Mind at all.

In flow,
Lola Jones

My Miracle 

by the Divine Openings Team

One of the best things about working inside Divine Openings is the stories we get to hear.

An email rave just came in today:

"My best friend started avoiding me when I shared about Divine Openings.

"I wanted my friend to have this great life too, but when I talked about how Divine Openings changed my life, it turned my friend off even more. The friend just drifted away.

"After a while, I could feel that I was just radiating good vibes, because people everywhere just responded to me differently. 

"Next time I saw my old friend I wasn't talking about Divine Openings -- I was living it! My friend got curious about what had changed my life so dramatically and started coming to my Divine Openings groups. 

"Now my friend's life has transformed too! 

"Just a few examples:

  • Her spouse had been hard, cold, and unhelpful. Now the spouse has become loving, warm, and helpful.
  • Her family was always in conflict and not speaking to each other. Now they've come together and get along well.
  • Before Divine Openings, my friend was struggling with her artistic dreams, and now the work is just flowing out of her, she has shows, and it's selling!

"Now my friend is raving like crazy about the magic happening.... and now I have to rave to you! Magic happens everywhere! I can't say it often enough, Divine Openings was/is the best that has happened to me! Thank you Lola, thank you so much!!!"

We know the woman who wrote today quite well. She's had her challenges, as we all have.

She was committed to her happiness.

She did her 10%.

More and more each year she opened to allow Grace in.

She's constantly appreciating and raving, too -- that's key.

You get the message: how to uplift your friends, family, and co-workers?
It's how you radiate, not what you say.

Share your latest miracle with us. It makes our day!
Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Lola Jones