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Beauty of The California Northern Coast at the 5 Day Silent Retreat

Whew, it took awhile to catch up after being gone for 11 days....

Of course, you know the 5 Day Silent Retreat at Sea Ranch in California was awesome. They all are. It's one of those guaranteed things. Everyone gets lit up. We have a great time going within into the delicious Presence, laughing, eating, dancing, singing. Lifelong friends and memories are made, even without talking.

I'll just let the pictures tell the story.....

Scroll down......

The view from our deck
California Northern Coast

Adoring and singing to the Divine Within

Our group
California Northern Coast

California Northern Coast

Even the carrots were dancing before being made into salad....
We spent a lot of time laughing in the kitchen at the shapes the
carrots took on.... yes, they came like this.

Relaxing on the deck
California Northern Coast


California Northern Coast

Tricolor beach
California Northern Coast

California Northern Coast

California Northern Coast

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