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Lyrics to Lola's original film theme for Beautiful Faces

Hi all,

Many of you like to move to and sing along with Lola's Watch Where You Point That Thing music! Someone asked for the lyrics of Lola's song Beautiful Faces, written for my ex-partner Russell's heart-warming documentary of the same name.

Jose Garcia, a lit up and gifted singer from L.A. sang the Spanish parts. Tom Hopkins produced. Arturo Solar did the trumpet solo. What a gifted bunch of artists came together. Lola was in awe to be playing with them.

Then a precious angel transcribed all the lyrics for the rest of the songs. We moved them all to one place: this page, the Watch Where You Point That Thing purchase page.

There you can learn the lyrics, print them out, hear song samples, and purchase the music.

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In the film, surgeons in a Mexico City public hospital give severely deformed children new, normal faces.

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