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Be New!

On our Mentoring webinar this morning, to celebrate and bring in the New Year, we played with this mantra:

Be New. 

How can we be new, fresh, open, innocent, every day, like a puppy or a baby? We got to see and feel the sweetness and innocence of Verena's new baby, Angel.

Verena said her baby is "Learning to be human, and is more energy than physical." It reminded us that we are learning to be a new kind of human, and that we too are mostly energy. 

I shared about my puppy Sophie's outrageous gusto for life, whether napping without a care in the world in Scott's or my lap, or speeding round and round the room bouncing off furniture. 

We celebrated 2019, including the contrasts that guided us to change or adjust. We tasted the vibration of 2020, enjoying right NOW the feeling of what's lining up for us right now. 

I recorded a 20 minute meditation called Be New. It's now in the Portal 5: Mastery Meditation Module, and the Mentoring/Guide program members also have access to it. (In English and German.)

It helps you Be New any day of the year.

It's wonderful that "things go great in my absence," and that the books and courses do most of my work around the world.

Yet the most rewarding and fulfilling things I do are the events where I get to know you, feel you, see your life unfold, and celebrate it with you... 

Be New, and create your best year ever!

Love and Grace,

Lola Jones

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Your focus is your paintbrush, and life is your canvas. Paint deliberately and consciously.
Lola Jones