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The power of saying YES to release resistance, flower awakening

Read about some miraculous experiences I created by saying YES to something I didn't like with powerful intention. How can you say YES to things and find less resistance meeting you?

Saying YES Awakens

by Lola Jones

I've given Divine Openings to dogs and watched them "wake up" on the spot. It is somewhat comical as their eyes widen, and they look at me as if to say, "How long have I been on this planet?"

As animals get more conscious, persistent fears, issues, and bad behavior disappear or fade away rapidly.

Obviously some (not all) animals are willing to become more aware. Animals that come to me always end up softer, more conscious, more like humans and less like instinct-driven beasts.

When we go on walks, there are dogs in our neighborhood that bark quite crazily and unconsciously every single time we go by, and never stop, as if they’d never seen us before. This had been going on for two and a half years, so it was a habit set in stone.

Usually a natural human reaction would be to be displeased at the disturbance of a perfect morning, to say "What a dumb dog," or say NO, shut up, at least internally if not out loud.

About half of those dogs have responded to this:

  1. I have the soft and light intenton of awakening them, but with no attachment to it. As if it's just for fun.
  2. I really SEE them for who they really are and what they’re capable of.
  3. I stop walking, focus on them intently but softly from a distance, with appreciation, and say, “Yes, yes, yes….” to them very soothingly.

They stop barking and calm down and just look at me.
Next time we go by they don’t bark.

Long ago I found that if I a said "NO" when my dog Honey barked when someone knocked on the door, she was sure I didn't get her message and would keep going. If I said, “Yes, good job, Honey, thanks for letting me know someone is here,” she would stop, satisfied that her duty was done.

  • How many human or self-talk situations could this apply to?
  • How often do we resist people, animals, and events, when saying yes would soften everyone, and the interaction would go better?

Say YES!

Love, Lola

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