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Animals Do Gravitate to High Vibrations

Animals are tuned in to Spirit already. Their minds don't separate them from Source so they vibrate high. We humans have the free will choice of being tuned in or not.

I offer this teaching and relief for the humans, so thank you all for letting the Grace in! 

At my ten-acre City View Ranch in Texas, I was even more surrounded with animals than in Ojai or Alpine, California. Once I was making a video while holding the book, and horses, dogs, bunnies, chickens, and cats gathered around. My horse Royal was trying to EAT the book. It was so funny.

On our Facebook page, Divine Openings with Lola Jones, there were videos of the horses nuzzling me while I'm making "message of the day" videos.

Note from a reader:  "Lola, I just had to share these photos with you. Every time I pull your book out "Things Are Going Great In My Absence" to read, my little boy Phoenix, pictured here, curls up on top of it and goes to sleep! I swear these are not orchestrated. The 1st time I thought, awww isn't that adorable! But when it kept happening no matter where I was reading, I knew it could only be a testament to how powerful the Enlightenments truly are since animals have no resistance to begin with! Thank you for laying the ground work for us!" Marie, Clearwater FL

To Phoenix the cat I'm sure the book feels like "home." And it feels like home for us humans who are tuning in to Grace and letting it in like our animal friends do.

Thank you Marie for sharing this delight with us.


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