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An advanced look at the vibrations of gratitude, giving thanks, appreciation, and beyond

An advanced look at the vibrations of gratitude, giving thanks, appreciation, and beyond:

Vibrationally, gratitude is a medium-high vibration, giving thanks is a bit higher, appreciation is even higher than that.

Feeling these distinct energies will be good practice for you: feel how gratitude has some tinge of "I'm lesser than the entity who is giving this to me." When you're on your knees in gratitude, for instance, you are not feeling very powerful. You are "less than". There can even a hint of unworthiness in it.

Then feel the vibration of giving thanks. Again, it's usually as if you are looking "UP" to Heaven, rather than thanking a Larger aspect of yourself.

Now, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with any of this. Any place on the path is a great place. But you are presumably here to go to higher levels of consciousness.

Appreciation has more of a feeling of equality to it, yes? When you appreciate something or someone, there's no sense of beholden-ness. There's no sense of you being more lowly. You appreciate as an equal would appreciate another equal. There's nothing you owe anyone for. There is no hierarchy.

When we move into appreciation, we stop praying like beggars. We begin to declare what we want with authority, and know it's coming. We begin to look upon what is good with power. We feel powerful. We're looking at this world as the Creator does, with authorship. We do experience pride, awe, and wonder at our creations.

Raving is full out celebration. It moves you beyond appreciation into bliss and ecstasy. Read the next blog entry, "Rave About It," to find out more.

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Don't get too attached to the flashy bliss. Stay grounded, learn to appreciate the mundane with the sublime. Embrace every experience, don't chase the highs, and you'll have more of them.
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