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Excuse Me, Do You Know Where Grace Lives?

I'm constantly writing, and today I was looking for a way to convey how important follow-through and stabilizing is, even after you've had the blazing flashes of enlightenment. Today, The Presence just flowed these words from my fingers, and gave me two ways to say it. As always, I was as delighted as you to hear them:

You know how when you've moved to a new house, sometimes you might accidentally "go on autopilot" and start to take the old route back to the old home at first, out of habit. Once you get used to your new address it becomes your new habit.

With Divine Openings, you "learn the address" of Grace. Immersing yourself in repeated readings of the book, and perhaps taking a course, keeps guiding you back to that address until it becomes your new habit to go there. The online courses serve as your GPS turn-by-turn directions to it.

While it's usually out of your comfort zone at first, you eventually come to feel "at home" in this new frequency, then it's easy and natural to return to it rather than your "old address". When you revisit the old address it will feel uncomfortable - not like home anymore.

If one is still feeling like there's a real world "out there" that they're
trying to deal with, they are not yet stabilized in the new reality.
When people say to me, "Well, what about the real world?"
I am genuinely amused. There is no real world except the one you choose and create.

Taking one of our online courses holds your attention powerfully while you build all your new habits that keep you in the new world of your choice, in the flow of Grace, and creating your life in this pleasing way. Until you are secure in your new "real world".


A similar analogy is the stations on your radio. Your old reality is one frequency on the radio  dial. Divine Openings shows you a new radio frequency of Grace to tune to. The online courses play that station for you loud and clear until it's natural for you to find it daily, and tune into it by yourself, and until the old stations and the old reality no longer have the power to distract or tempt you.

Habit can work for you or against you. It works for you once you're firmly esconced in the new reality.

Even later on down the road, most of us like to find people, places, and resources that match our chosen reality. We want vibrational matches in our friendships, entertainment, reading, and watching.

Many come to this site regularly, read the quote of the day, enjoy the blog, take an online course, soak up the frequencies in this powerful and soothing field of resonance. It keeps you full to the top with good vibes. When you go about your day already full, the stuff you don't want to absorb just runs off the top.

You want to stabilize until there is no other reality for you. The past fades away, and nothing can make you go back, no matter what others around you are doing or what reality they're inhabiting.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and your mind can't stand that blissful emptiness Divine Openings gives you for long. It rushes to find something to fill the sweet, but transient emptiness. And if you don't give it something of high quality to put in there, it will fill itself up with whatever is handy, and you know that may not be so good.

The car radio may be blasting random (not deliberate) vibrations, the TV may be offering negativity about the economy, bad news, and world "disasters", and people at work may be complaining (vibrational pollution)...

...but when you come here to this site, it's all good, it's clear and bright, there is no confusion, and you're constantly reminded of who you are and how powerful you are.

It's real, and it's 100% the reality we choose to live in.


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