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7 Keys Guaranteed to Raise Your Vibration

dancers7 Keys Guaranteed to Raise Your Vibration

by Lola Jones

Enjoy these easy ways to add high vibes to your days.
Get your summer off to a soaring start.
Move those stagnant emotions and zap those low vibrations.
Or if you're doing great, they'll take you higher and higher.

  1. Move your body in Non-Habitual ways. Get blissed out, or blow out resistance. How to's and video in free blog.
  2. Create your concept of God where The Presence is your best friend. See the book or Portal 1.
  3. To build that relationship, chat with The Presence all day, much more than with other people. Make The Presence your "first go-to" for advice, inspiration, and guidance.
    Patricia from the UK wrote me today: "I am talking every so often to God, often mentally. I notice I am being shown things when I ask, in a very matter of fact, visual manner." 
  4. Make a habit of raving to yourself with appreciation, all day, about every little thing.
  5. Make a Cheat Sheet (prompts you to practice these new habits till they become your new normal.) Detailed free article w/how to's. Or print this article out and place it by your bedside.
  6. For more advanced students: Witness your sensations, thoughts, feelings, and words with compassion, as your Large Self does, and vibration rises. Portal 5 has the comprehensive guide to witnessing. 
  7. For more advanced students: Focus on the Non-Physical several times per day, until the Non-Physical truly feels more real to you than the physical world. If you need help to do this, Portal 5 gives you hundreds of fun, pleasurable methods and meditations to bring it alive.

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Truth evolves. In Level 1, you develop a relationship with God. By Level 3, that seems silly, because you discover you are God. But to evolve too fast is upsetting; when you get the energy moving faster than you can keep up, your joy is lost, and it's all pointless without joy.
Lola Jones