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Divine Openings™ 5 Day Silent Retreat - Photos from Cornwall by Joachim and Michaela

The appreciation keeps pouring in from the Cornwall Divine Openings™ 5 Day Silent Retreat!
These photos were like looking through the enlightened eyes of Joachim and Michaela from Germany.

First the glowing couple, at left.

Our beloved dining hall where Tiggy delighted us with a huge variety of English gourmet retreat food three times a day.
We cleared away the tables to do Divine Openings special brand of non-habitual movement most days.
Wild daffodils on the tables.

dining hall cornwall

Photos of the fireplace that kept us warm in the meeting room.

The garden gate to the sea.
garden doorway cornwall

The rather austere entry door to this castle-like place.
Three floors went downstairs in back from the streetside ground level.

Another building where some slept.

cottage cornwall copy

A gold rock. How did Joachim create this among all the black rocks?

This one appears to show the phase shift as spiritual enlightenment unfolds. When he saw this David Etheridge said this very spot was truly a phase shift for him!

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