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How to Do the Blissout Workout -- with Non-Habitual Movement

Get loose, get free, raise vibration, and have fun.

Soar higher if you're already high, or move a stuck emotion or lower vibration.


Lola has a gift to get anyone in their body. She's led this fun practice daily in over 50+ retreats!
She's willing to look super goofy, and that frees you up from having to look "cool."

This is about bliss and freedom, not looking cool!

Here's the short version of how to do Non-Habitual Movement. Print this out:

  1. Put on music that moves you. Start on the floor with low vibration songs and transition to higher and higher vibe songs as you go up the Instrument Panel -- the vibration of the music is super important. If you don't know how to choose music, there's a Blissout Workout in the Kundalini and Pleasure Practices Online Course.
  2. Be an actor. Physically act out the vibration you want to move.
  3. Now stand up. Move your body in ways you've never, ever moved before, like a crazy, goofy person. Some call it Crazy Dancing. Make noise and breathe deeply. 
  4. After moving for twenty minutes to an hour, stop the music. Lie down on your back on the floor and go deep. Appreciate the contrast between sound/movement and stillness/quiet.

The effect of moving wildly and then lying down to meditate is dramatic. The mind goes blank and the body lets go. It is incredibly transformative. 

ORDER LOLA'S MUSIC, move to it, and get free!

Click the link for the powerful new 13-minute audio, ACT OUT YOUR FEELINGS WITH MOVEMENT.
More help in embodying your spiritual enlightenment in your daily life.

Hi Lola, I was watching one of your videos of a retreat and saw the non habitual movement and I thought 'I'll have a go at that'.  I put on some music, cranked the sound up and off I went.  The next moment I was joined by my three dogs (a Great Dane, a Springer Spaniel and a Terrier) the three of us happily galumphed around the room, they were jumping all over the place and between us we stirred up quite a dust and dog hair storm (housework is not my speciality). All four of us were thoroughly enjoying it and I reckon if dogs could grin their smiles would have been as broad as mine.  I think we almost went out of the top of the Instrument Panel - it was great.  It is becoming a regular activity and as soon as I crank the music up and get up they join me in great expectation and it is just as brilliant each time.  
I follow this up with some relaxation/meditation - the dogs lie down at this stage. After this I feel as if my small self has taken a holiday and at these times I am aware of the world and my place in it and it is all divine, the dogs seem pretty blissed out too!  The dogs and I thank you.
Love Alison, UK

Include Non-Habitual Movement in your Pleasure Practices. 

More Details on how to do Non-Habitual Movement 

Order the music and put it on your best stereo. Turn it up to a good volume so you feel the music.

Non-habitual movements increase freedom in the body. The idea is to move in ways you don't ordinarily move. Look goofy and stupid. Do ridiculous things, like acting like a monkey or a bird, roll on the floor, and jump around. Move head, arms, legs in ways you never have. Later when you're loosened up you can "dance", but first, lose your inhibitions and let go of limiting habits of movement.

People tell me that movement frees them in ways the mind cannot do, and transfers to all parts of your life.

Start the music. Get out of your head and into your body. 

Move your body in ways you would never in a million years move. Walk backwards, flop around, jiggle and jive, jump like a frog, walk on all fours like a knuckle-dragging monkey. Do backbends and walk around looking at everything upside down. Contort your body in funny and weird ways.

Do rhythms you never do. Hop, slide, scoot, skip, trip.

Dangle your arms, flop around like a grasshopper having a fit.

Hang your tongue out and grin. Grimace as you flap your arms. Go crazy! Make yourself smile.

It will raise your vibration and loosen you up a lot. It will release your inhibitions.

At the end, lie down and close your eyes. You'll experience the silence and the stillness in whole new ways after being so active. Or else you'll laugh till your stomach hurts.

Do 5 to 20 minutes of non-habitual movement each morning this week as you prepare for your day.
Imagine doing things with joy and creativity. Laugh at yourself.

Lola Beach

Perfect Music For Moving and Grooving!

Lola's original music collection, Watch Where You Point That Thing is the best music there is to do non-habitual movement to! Go hear the samples now. Order it, download it now, come back here and read ...... and have a blast!

Music has to move you, and Lola knows how to do that--she's a stellar DJ. She uses all types of music, popular and rare finds, and some of her original music. She'll keep you motivated.

  • Beautiful Faces  - Tune in and feel the love. Sing along and sway and turn, all around the room.

  • Watch Where You Point That Thing - Start with small movements and warm up gradually. Move non-habitually all over the room. Do things you never do, twist and contort as you move. Groove to the beat. Soak up the energy. Rest between songs. Sit, or stand and sway with eyes closed.

  • You Might As Well Be Having Fun - Bounce around and sing along with the chorus, smiling large. Rest between songs. Sit, or stand and sway with eyes closed.

  • Power - Move through the Instrument Panel from where you are now to higher. Your body soars with your feelings. Rest between songs. Sit, or stand and sway with eyes closed.

  • Heaven - Another great one to move you through the Instrument Panel. This one is long, 10 minutes, so prepare to go into a moving trance. Do graceful slow movements, and then sharp staccato movements. During the chanting at the end, gently lower yourself down on the floor. Continue to move, stretch and roll, twisting and unwinding your body. Make it as easy or strenuous as you choose. Toward the end it becomes a droning chant. Lie down with eyes closed and do some floor stretches and unwind all your kinks, letting your body luxuriate in the sensation like a cat. Then when it ends, there's some silence. Enjoy the contrast between the sound/movement and the silence/stillness. Lie on the floor during that last long chanting part. Stay down for the last song.

  • It's Only Ecstasy - To complete the experience, lie flat on your back, and let the music take you. Relax. Enjoy the contrast of the sound and the silence after it. Lie there in silence for five to ten minutes or more after the music is over.

Enjoy the contrast between the sound and movement and now the silence and stillness.

Think of it like this: you've done your 10%, now let Grace do 90% for you.

How Did Lola Create Her Original Music?

Tom and Donny Here's Tom playing with Donny Osmond

Lola had an inspiration to invite 5 Day Retreat graduate and professional producer Tom Hopkins to come to the ranch and make music with her. Well, they had so much fun that the creative juices runneth over, and it became six full blown songs of the quality you hear on the radio. Tom has limitless talent and can play an infinite number of musical styles. Lola and Tom co-wrote, both sang, and called in Lola's singing teacher Guy Monroe, and friend and singer Tamara Taylor, for other vocals.
Then Lola thought, "People could do non-habitual movement to each song, and then stop and savor the silence for a bit in between, like we do in live courses. Then on the last song, they can go into a deep meditative state."

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