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The Blissful Mundane

The Blissful Mundane

05/16/2021 - 15:26 Submitted by Lola Jones

The Blissful Mundane

When you cherish the mundane, you’re there.

What does that mean?

It means that when you're at the place in your spiritual development where mundane moments are the sweetest, you find yourself deeply happy.

You’ll know you’re truly flowering when “causeless bliss” visits in the most ordinary of moments...

...doing chores, a scent in the air, a soft conscious breath, the touch of a soft blanket, the sound of leaves rustling, a glance at your mother (smile.)

It's an immersion experience...

When the big things happen, it’s a bonus - and you were already happy anyway. Happy from within - with the kind of happiness that can’t be taken away.

You’re not always waiting for some big deal, some spectacular event to bring you joy… those events are only tiny fractions of your life anyway. 

They pass so quickly, and then what… wait a long time for the next one?

Chasing profound spiritual experiences is a lot like chasing butterflies - they're hard to catch when you're trying too hard.

But when you slow way down and be present, they alight on you.

Chasing the extraordinary while rejecting the ordinary
is merely spinning in delusion.

When you savor the "ordinary" moments with appreciation and Presence, you’re happy years before the big career breakthrough happens, long before you find your soulmate, well before you reach your ideal weight.

Yes, this "being happy now" tends to attract all those other things to you. But you don't need them.

So how do you get “there”?

There are many ways, but I can only tell you how it happens with Divine Openings, because it’s what I (and my many thousands of student/friends around the world) have done for 15 years. Immersing in Divine Openings attunes you physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically to flow and Grace.

It's not an intellectual learning, it's an immersion experience that leads to steady vibrational shifts. It builds and builds and builds. It's still building for me, too! Yes!

It keeps you focused on what's real, eternal, and fulfilling.

The website is like your own 24/7 ashram, but you don't need to go anywhere, and you don't have to renounce the world. No, you enjoy the physical world more fully, but you're not OF this world. It doesn't run you.

In the sacred, nothing is mundane.

When you choose to focus upon and attune to what's real, the Non-Physical Larger You, the world can't get attune you to its small, trivial, lower vibrations, although it always tries.

Choice is a powerful thing.

We make them millions of times a day.

You just made a choice to expand... with pleasure.

Good choice!

Love and Grace, 


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