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Here's How to be a Bliss Sponsor
and Help Change Someone's Life

The Bliss Sponsorship Program was inspired by Angelika Stadler and Gabriele Kingwill, Divine Openings Guides in Germany. Anonymous angels just like you who love and appreciate Divine Openings donate to the Bliss Fund whenever and in whatever amount you choose. Now we also offer FREE GIFTS to donors!

bliss retreat scholarships, donationsSo you've benefited enormously from Divine Openings, your cup runneth over, and now many of you want to "pay it forward" by contributing to someone else's chance to have it.

It's feels so good to overflow your blessings.

Thanks to you, partial aid can be awarded to select applicants with serious financial challenges, who otherwise could not attend a retreat. It feels good.

Guess who's contributed the most by far? Graduates of the retreat, and Guides, who have attended the retreat two or more times!

"It was such a pleasure and brought a feeling of expansion to my evening to give to this." Love Carina, Divine Openings Guide in Sweden

Three ways to donate: 

1. Donate, get music! Singer songwriter Lynda Collins (at left) has donated her CD of 8 uplifting, high vibration songs! All proceeds go to sponsoring people to attend the retreats! When you purchase, you're helping change someone's LIFE in a big way!  Hear samples and purchase    Thank you Lynda!

2. Donate $80, get the new Divine Openings Sterling Silver Pendant at right with elegant French rope chain. It's 1 and 3/8" wide and bursting with Divine Openings energy. Donate now!

3. Just give money. No gift is mailed to you. Want to give more than $100? Just add more to your cart.
$25 Bliss Blast     $50 Bliss Blast    $75 Bliss Blast    $100 Bliss Blast

spiritual retreat scholarshipsHow to Be Sponsored

*Please note: At this time sponsorships are being offered ONLY for retreats at our Germany location.

Apply to Get Bliss Aid!

First time retreaters with true financial harship may apply below to have the Bliss Fund advance a portion of your tuition for a 5 Day Retreat.

Our angels wish to help those who could not attend a retreat without help.

Sometimes it just takes the big Grace boost of a retreat to help you get your nose tipped permanently up with financial, health, or other challenges.

Recipients and sponsors remain anonymous.

To receive this priceless blessing one must commit to a timetable to pay the Bliss Aid back after your retreat. We will nudge you if your commitment isn't kept. Keeping your word increases your power.

It's actually paying it forward because as this works, it allows us to sponsor more people. It's empowering for you when you become the Bliss Sponsor. It's a powerful spiral and everyone is lifted.

Becoming a Bliss Sponsor expands you, so set your intention to be one soon, even as you apply for Bliss Aid!

How to Apply for Bliss Aid!

Carefully read and agree to the following before applying:

  • The Bliss Fund can only be used for your partial tuition. The energy wouldn't be right if you didn't contribute what you can. You'll pay for your travel and lodging in full.
  • Have you ever previously received a Bliss Sponsorship for a Divine Openings Retreat?
    If so, you are not eligible. Only for first time retreaters--one sponsorship per person.

  • This is not to get "a better deal, or a discount." People are pleased with the value they receive from retreats--and 99% have paid full tuition. Participant comments: "it was priceless," "worth much more than the full tuition," and "Lola underpromises and over-delivers."
  • If you make good money but have spent it all on other things, please do not apply--you have misplaced priorities.  Take the online courses, raise your money vibration, improve your money habits, and prioritize your evolution and what's really important.
  • If you can charge it, stretch your finances, or borrow money to attend, do that!
  • Appreciate the retreat with the maximum tuition you can give up front. Financial commitment is powerful commitment, so honestly commit what you can. Lola's commitment to you before, during, and after the retreat, in dreamwork, and in the Non-Physical is 1000%.

  • Of course, we do not sponsor people who are committing any money at all to other modalities, seminars, counselors, therapists, coaches, healers, psychics, modalities, or books. We sponsor only those who've been 100% committed to Divine Openings for some time.
  • You're expected to "pay it forward" after your retreat, and help the next person who needs sponsoring.
  • Now, ready to apply?
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Please copy these questions into an email to Fill in with short, clear answers.

Applications with long stories will not be read.

  1. Have you completely read, done all of the exercises, and applied Things Are Going Great In My Absence?
  2. How has the book helped you?
  3. Give an example of how you use your Instrument Panel?
  4. How did you create your concept of God?
  5. Have you dropped habits like complaining and talking about what you don't want?
  6. Explain the conscious mind piece vs. the Grace piece.
  7. Have you opened your love pipes with all your family members, living and dead? List the ones you got resolved with:
    *** If you haven't done all of the above, please go back to the book, and apply later.
  8. What state and country do you live in?
  9. What do you do in your job?
  10. Your total gross monthly income before expenses and taxes:
  11. Does your spouse have a job or other income? Gross monthly amount:
  12.  Are you self-employed, or do you (or your spouse) own a business?
  13. How many people are in your household?
    Does everyone in your household who is able-bodied contribute to bills?
  14. How much of the tuition can you pay yourself, up front? Must be $600 or more:
    (You pay your full lodging and travel--no exceptions.)
  15. Do you have an unusual expense or handicap?
  16. What other modalities are you using?
  17. How long have you been doing ONLY Divine Openings?
  18. After your basic rent, bills, food, and gas are paid, do you agree to pay this sponsorship forward first, ahead of everything else, so someone else can be sponsored?  (Before clothes, shoes, entertainment, travel, treats, meals out, vacations, toys, cosmetics, business expenses and items, or household items.)
  19. Must pay forward at least $200 a month or more. Amount you agree to pay forward monthly:
  20. Do you give your word that you will pay it forward on time each month?
    *** If you cannot commit to the above, please take your next level online course and apply later.
  21. Do you always keep your word and fulfill your commitments?
  22. With many people applying, why do you feel you should get a Bliss Sponsorship?
  23. Which retreat at our Germany location and date would you like to attend?
    (We must have space available.)

Paste the above questions into an email to: 

The Divine Angels

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