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The Bliss Sponsorship Program is discontinued...

Here's Why:

The Bliss Sponsorship Program was suggested by two Divine Openings Guides in Germany who were using it for their events.

People who love and appreciate Divine Openings used to donate to the Bliss Fund, which sponsored people who couldn't afford it to attend retreats for a very low downpayment, or no downpayment.

Lola agreed to try the program worldwide.

The graduates were to demonstrate their increased empowerment by "paying it forward," i.e. paying it back into the sponsorship fund over time so others could attend a retreat.

The percentage of people who paid it forward was just too low. We would see people on social media talking about vacations, and purchases they made, instead of paying it forward.

It showed that too many didn't appreciate what they'd received. It did not honor the people who had donated money to sponsor them.

Lola was not really surprised. People often don't value things they are given free, while people who pay for the retreats make the most of their investment, and appreciate it vastly.

Lola had found in her many years of previous experience that when you "give people fish" instead of "teaching them to fish," you are not empowering them.

Lola stopped giving away fish long ago, and still believes in teaching people to fish instead.

We observe that the life progress of people who work their way up slowly through the books and online courses and then one day attend a retreat is much higher.

It works, and Lola is dedicated to what works!

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I was telling my story of limitation, so factual, so proven, so true, then I heard the God in me laughing.
Lola Jones