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Videos from Best Spiritual Development Retreat, Bliss Awakening, California, Europe, Germany

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Quantum Leaps In Your Spiritual & Daily Life

Now get a taste of what's possible for YOU.

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The Retreat for Spiritual Bliss AND Lasting Life Change

Initiate awakening, or deepen your enlightenment.

Hear and see more of what others received:

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In these videos, feel the powerful transformative energy vortex Lola Jones creates.

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Streaming Audio - A man talks about what happened in his marriage within a week of completing the 5 Day Silent Retreat. It's about 3 minutes long. Bradley - 1 week after the 5 Day

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"Thank you a million times, for the wonderful retreat. I was not expecting anything but to experience the "grand" initiation. With my eyes closed I could see all my fellow participants, and in the middle of all of them appeared an elderly man. I felt the sensation of him being my father, at the same time I felt it was me, my Larger Self. Then he emitted a rod of white Light from his centre to my centre, and telepathically he spoke: "start transmuting and creating now". This was the most fabulous experience I ever had, so vivid, I still see it. It is still with me. I not only felt the Presence. I saw It, and I heard It. A major breakthrough in my development. This really was an initiation, it's just started, and I am learning more and more. My gratitude, and appreciation for you Lola."

"The initiation was glorious. The Divine was holding and carrying me. My deceased mom came again, and she was reaching for me, to dance with her like we used to do when we were kids. She said to me, "I will do for you in spirit what I did not do for you in life. Trust God, for he is always with you, beckoning you to dance and love your life. I am blown away. Totally awesome."

Hi Lola! I’ve been wanting to give feedback after the retreat for a long time, but I don’t think I had the words. I might still not!  I wanted to express that that last eye-to-eye divine opening you gave me felt like it contained the whole of the potential of Divine Openings in it.  It felt like that "package of light" was … it."

"It was the BEST five days of my life, and life just keeps getting better without even working on it now."

"Being in this silent awakening retreat for 5 days is a relief, not hard at all, and to think I worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. Lola creates the best atmosphere--it's not solemn or austere, but warm, inviting and relaxing."

"I've been flying so high since the retreat .... Thanks for all of your help!!!"  

"I had just attended a ten day retreat with some other spiritual teacher, and had struggled mightily to quiet my mind. Their process was very complicated, and everyone left the retreat with instructions to meditate two hours a day! I was so frustrated I kept seeking, and found Divine Openings. I was deep into the silence of a quiet mind after about a half hour at the Divine Openings retreat. Now I know hard work is not conducive to bliss."

"Wow, this morning when waking up I decided to give some remote Divine healings. After giving a few I had to stop because I was overtaken with waves of joy and ecstasy flowing through my body ... whoooweee...  Divine openings are not only good to give, but also good to feel." 


"I've been giving regular Divine Healings. My parents both each have a terrible knee. My Mom's is almost completely healed and my Dad now is walking without a limp or brace! I have given multiple others to friends and family. I'm done with processing, clearing, counseling etc. I prostrate each evening and received an AMAZING Divine surgery in my upper left arm"  Lots of Love to you,   

"Hello Divine Beings, I feel so grateful to be a part of all of this with such beautiful souls. When Lola said, when you look back in a year you won’t recognize the past because of so many changes. Well, I’m not waiting a year; I didn’t even wait a day. On Sunday, the day after the retreat, I called my mother and who was upset with me because I was throwing away good money to be silent. I told her about my experience and she gave me some money to help me out and told me that she would never let me go. This was the person who never admitted that she loved me. This is miracle #1." Love and Hugs,

"Life just gets better every day. My love to all and thank you everyone for being in my life. You all are so magnificent!" Love, Diane Arsenault 

"I was taken back to the time of Christ, in a square where women were kneeling and washing the feet of men in tan colored robes. It was pretty spectacular."

"I feel as though I am emptying out. Lots of colors when I close my eyes. Last night I dreamt I was love and one with all, then my heart just burst and I felt real happiness, I would say bliss." 

"My first client healing session with Divine Openings: An amazing 64 yr old friend who is a highly intuitive, world-traveling dynamo has been living with constant daily pain for 50 years.  High school athletics left her with no cartilage between some of her neck vertebrae and lower back.  She has had severe fibromyalgia that also made her shoulders ache constantly.  She has had strokes.  And most recently just fell in her house and got a concussion and crushed bone in her back.   Her doctors told her she would need regular epidurals to control the pain.  Now she says, "I am a new person "I don't know who I am," (laughing.) 

"I have been so busy... many phone calls of people wanting massages (it was dead before).  I am totally enjoying my life and business so much more.  Divine Openings and hanging out with you for 5 days has had me high and blissful, everyone keeps telling me I look different and that my aura has changed.  I have been playing more and not being so serious. Things are not only going great for me but my family seems to be flowing and more blissful.  We all laugh easier.  Thanks for letting me experience first hand and showing me how life could be." 

"I've been absolutely buzzing at work.  Nothing seems to faze me and everyone is doing great!  Words can't express or describe my experience last week but it was certainly a life-changing event.  I think you're right (of course you are) - it will keep going for a long time - probably the rest of this life and into many more."

"You weren't kidding when you say it begins when you register! I woke up every two hours last night vibrating like I was plugged into some cosmic generator!  And the dreams!  Whew!  And my session with my client this morning was on a different plane! Wow, Lola!  I am enjoying this magical ride!" Love,

"I went to the 5-Day thinking I had three small obstacles that I wanted to move. Imagine my surprise (right...) when I realized that wasn't the issue at all! With the Grace and Love still radiating from every pore, I reached out to family members who have been out of touch for too long, and now doors have opened that I thought were bricked over, cemented shut, and covered with thick thorny vines. Not so! During the 5-Day it became intensely obvious for me that family is incredibly important and I missed my family so much! I do believe that my resonant frequency is now off the charts, but that's ok because new, better charts are being created every day!  Wow!!!" 

"I gave healings to my friend with MS - she says she's sleeping much better. As for me, the numbness in my face is now gone!  I had an appoointment w/ my doctor today and explained I was no longer eating my anger. . . . he loved it!  He said he was going to use that line on his patients!" Love you soooo much,


My dearest Lola, After some heavy emotions moved after the retreat, I have spent the last 2 days feeling really calm, open, blissful to the point of tears, all this whilst on night shift at work! My first experience with you in London was, about a minute after you placed you hands on my head, that I was sat under the blasters of a rocket, I felt my crown chakra open to the full width of my head and energy was just pouring. In the retreat initiation ceremony, my heart had exploded and the tears flowed like a river."

"I did one healing that at first scared me because of the physical effects of uncontrolled twitching and "vibrating" of the person for several days. When he went to his physician a week later that all stopped as well as the physical pain he had been experiencing for 10 months since an accident. The doctor could find nothing wrong with him. His father called me last week that he remains well and calls it a miracle. "

Give yourself the care you're always giving others.

Lola Jones is a leading edge "teacher of teachers." People who are advanced find new heights of personal and spiritual development, and finally get to live the good lives they've helped others achieve. Lola constantly brings in new energies, and acts as a transformer to make them useable on this plane in a grounded and stable manner that works in practical life. She invokes an energy vortex of creation in which miracles happen.

Healers and Teachers, Upgrade Your Power

All healers and teachers say their healing power amps up after this initiation. And they find their work easier rather than draining. Become more intuitive, open up your prosperity, and get the big dose of self-care and rejuvenation that healers and caretakers so need.

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Wondering "Why a Retreat that Includes Silence?" Watch this video:

Rare glimpses inside the retreat that never ends...

Lola Jones shares an insight about how chronic spiritual seeking delays enlightenment.

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Get a taste of how your spiritual path can be a joy

Lola makes spiritual enlightenment, awakening, and personal and spiritual growth a joy, not a grind. Lola is never dour and over-serious. It's en-light-enment, not en-heavi-ment! You'll laugh as much as you meditate.

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NOTE: Lola Jones is currently the only person initiating people to be Divine Openings Guides and give Divine Openings.

Your Enlightenment Continues to Unfold

Jesus and a few saints, gurus, masters, and mystics throughout history gave direct infusions of Grace, or healed through Grace. Up until now, there were only a few who could do it, yet now, more and more ordinary people like you are becoming channels of Grace through our Divine Openings Certified Guide program. The prophecy was, "You will do all that I do and more."

We call the 5 Day Silent Retreat a "Honeymoon with the Divine." But this honeymoon doesn't end--it expands and deepens with time, like a marriage with your soul mate.

We know your mind wants to know the whole agenda, but instead you need to come with the open mind of a child and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Don't worry, you don't have to reveal anything private or do anything risky or hard. People call this silent retreat the most wonderful experience of their life, and the last seminar they'll ever "need."

The retreat culminates in a beautiful initiation ceremony that becomes a cherished memory of merging with The Presence, like a marriage. The happiest phase of your life so far begins.

You'll receive advanced types of Divine Openings and deep processes in the 5 Day Silent Retreat that we don't do in any of our other programs, online courses, or spiritual retreats. Some of the Divine Openings are like being embraced by The Divine Mother. One participant said, "I found the Stairway To Heaven." Another said it felt like she was being "beamed up to the mothership".

Your only job is to make the decision and commit, show up, do some lovely activities, feel, and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Things shift and transform miraculously back home in your world in your absence--sometimes people go home to people who have mysteriously transformed. Your everyday life accelerates after this course, and the people around you begin to reflect the change in your vibration immediately.

You can feel the essence as these retreaters speak after their 5 Day Silent Retreat experience, even if you don't speak German.


Catch the wave of causeless bliss that hit the folks during the 5-Day Retreat in April 2009 at City View Ranch in this 3 minute video. (Be with the feelings that might come up that might not be so funny.) You CAN go from anywhere you might be now to that kind of bliss and joy. Working on yourself won't ever get you there. Let The Divine do the heavy lifting.

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What People Say...

"Why is the 5 day silent retreat a wonderful, completely fulfilling experience that keeps unfolding? Let me count the ways...
1.  Joyous and fun from day one. Laughter, movement, releasing emotion and celebrating being alive!
2.  Being silent for 5 days is a relief, not hard at all, and to think I worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. Lola creates an atmosphere that is not solumn or austere, but warm, inviting and relaxing.
3.  You really don't have to work or try to "get it". Lola has done the work, you just show up, and everything happens effortlessly.
4.  I came to the retreat hoping to free myself from long term problems, but those problems don't look like problems anymore. It is all about the major shift in perspective that I experienced and am still experiencing.
5.  Even though you are in silence and mostly focused within, you are deeply affected by the joy that eventually overtakes each person in the group -- it deepens your own joy even more! Thank you so, so much Lola for leading the way, for being the master guide that you are (with a great sense of humor by the way which made the enlightening process even lighter and more fun than I ever expected) and for creating the retreat "exactly" as you have. For me, it was perfect from beginning to end."  xoxo, Jody B. Los Angeles, CA

"I just want to share my delight at what is occurring in Nat-world. I am amazed at how things have turned around since I've returned home. Initially I dipped really low and I just sat with these feelings and stayed out of the stories (o there were many! my mind loves them!), the 5 day gave me so many ways to soothe myself and having contact with all of you really helped. Something big seemed to shift in this process. Then things that I had been loosely planning before I came away to the US suddenly started dropping in my lap!" Natasha, UK

Anand Sara, school teacher: Read what her students said about the breathing exercise she does with them. She gives them Intention Openings (special Divine Openings for those under 18) through the "breathing exercise".

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