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In these videos, feel the powerful transformative energy vortex Lola Jones creates.  

From a retreat in Europe:


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Best Silent Retreat... Wondering "Why Silence?" Watch this video:

Ready to upgrade your entire life?

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Rare glimpses inside the retreat that never ends...

Lola Jones shares an insight about how chronic spiritual seeking delays enlightenment.


Get a taste of how Lola makes spiritual enlightenment, awakening, and personal and spiritual growth a joy, not a grind. Lola is not dour and over-serious--it's en-light-enment, not en-heavi-ment! You'll laugh as much as you meditate.

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Or read on and feel the energy....

best silent spiritual personal development retreats Europe

Quantum Leaps In Your Spiritual and Personal Development

Profound Differences In Your Daily Life 


"It was the BEST five days of my life, and life just keeps getting better without even working on it now." Candace, UK

"Being in this silent awakening retreat for 5 days is a relief, not hard at all, and to think I worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. Lola creates the best atmosphere--it's not solemn or austere, but warm, inviting and relaxing."  Jody, performer, Los Angeles

"I've been flying so high since the retreat .... Thanks for all of your help!!!"   Vince, martial arts studio owner, Reno

Spiritual teacher Lola Jones says: "A teacher should do far more than cause temporary blissful states--the teacher must truly liberate the student, not make them dependent on her to get the high."

At a recent retreat, two participants shared that when friends first sent them to this website they thought, "That woman is just too happy. This can't be real." After being drawn back to the site many times, they finally read the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, applied it consistently, and they "got it." Then they came to the 5 Day Retreat to sit in Lola Jones's powerful field of resonance, and went higher still. So much happens when you get out of the way for just five days! They went home and their radiance lit up the people around them. Now they are that happy.

man at personal development retreat GermanyThe Five Day Silent Retreats allow you to relax into an energy vortex of Grace and let The Divine do the heavy lifting for five beautiful, pleasurable days. People confirm that it actually does begin when you register--energy moves--you feel it. By the time people get to the retreat, big things have already happened for most of them.

Everyone falls in love with the silence as they encounter their true selves deep within it--a self that's been hidden by mind chatter and outer noise. You do talk early on the first day and late on the last day. The rest of the days are delightfully full of silent activities, inspiring music, liberating movement, great food, field trips, solitude, deep meditation, and lovely surprises.

best spiritual retreats california


Initiate awakening, or deepen your enlightenment,
at the spiritual retreats that never end.


The Five Day Silent Retreat takes you to a whole new level of living, no matter where you are in your personal growth and spiritual development now. If you're high you go higher. If you're enlightened, you'll bring it down to earth more in your life.

If you're in chronic frustration, fear, anger, sadness, boredom, anxiety, grief, powerlessness, depression, pain, and other lower vibrations, you'll move up to peace, joy, or even bliss by the end of the retreat.

Lifelong issues resolve, then outer circumstances morph to match your new, higher vibration--and it actually keeps expanding forever after. We include lots of testimonials below so you can hear it straight from the participants.


En-JOY Yourself in This Spiritual and Personal Development Retreat

By the end of this retreat, your awakening or enlightenment is initiated (or deepened) and you continue to experience rapid evolution automatically from then on, without having to seek and work on yourself. As your vibration rises, issues resolve themselves, and your practical life flows with more Grace, ease, and velocity than ever imagined. Nothing you can do or learn with the mind can make enlightenment happen or stay, but Divine Openings gives you that boost that only Grace can give.

Best Spiritual Development Retreat, Awakening Retreats, CaliforniaUnlike most spiritual or holistic retreats, with Divine Openings The Divine really does do the heavy lifting--we know--it might be hard to believe, but it's true. And there is no processing, no revealing of sensitive issues, no spilling your guts to strangers, no special diets, no austerities.  There is no "working on yourself," nor being worked on. You'll communicate only with Lola, and your privacy is respected.

Lola Jones took this photo from her retreat home. Retreat with us up where the hawks fly, in the sacred majesty of nature.

"Lola, it was so wonderful to do the 5-day.  Things were already wonderful for me most of the time (when we talked about the 5-day, you said, “You don’t NEED it”, and that’s right) but the 5-day was an unbelievably rich experience anyway.  I find back at work that I can’t remember how things work, which is really funny, and I’m just being open to maybe doing things a new way.  Yesterday I found myself laughing at loud at some of the things my husband told me about people, rather than getting impatient or irritated about their stories—it just seems hysterical that folks have THAT reaction rather than seeing the truth of the way things are! I love you so much, and again, thank you for the beautiful, uplifting, energizing, humbling, soft experience." Cindy Sehr, legal counsel for hospital corporation, Arizona

"The miracles continued long after I attended a couple of years ago. At the end when you held my hand, Lola, and looked into my eyes, I swear your eyes looked to be an intense luminous golden color. (They're actually green.) I had to look away, and you had me refocus. Years later I still remember that profound Divine Opening!" Gina Ristow

spiritual retreat in nature


Hi Lola! I’ve been wanting to give feedback after the retreat for a long time, but I don’t think I had the words. I might still not!  I wanted to express that that last eye-to-eye divine opening you gave me felt like it contained the whole of the potential of Divine Openings in it.  It felt like that "package of light" was … it.  Way beyond the books, the online courses, the Matrix – after that all of those things seem superfluous and almost detracting from the essence and from what I "got."

The initiation may have ruined me for being a Divine Openings Guide – I wouldn’t know what to say to people beyond “just feel, enjoy and live!, lol.”  The suckage and the ecstasy - same-same.  

It actually took me a while to re-understand that the books and courses are good preparation for what can happen with a large influx of light into the system and more Presence, not to mention just plain ol’ good guidance for life.  And I’m grateful that they have helped me learn to just ride and enjoy the dark nights and the good days like passing waves in this experience.

Oh – fun fact, after the five day, I took my car in for some maintenance, and it ended up costing $1000. When I went to my bank account to check how much money I’d have to borrow from my partner, I have no idea how, but I had the extra money in my account and was able to pay cash. I haven’t been working more or focusing on saving, so I kept trying to find something “wrong” with my calculations for several minutes, and then I remembered how ecstatic I was swimming in Santa Barbara  ; )   I know that I am Life, the creator, *and*, somehow as that understanding gets deeper, I become more certain that as a human I can also play in other realms with other beings and that the dualities can coexist with the one, and freedom and fate can play together… and that it’s all more fun and beneficial if we have our sovereignty solid and in place.

I can still feel that deep place in me that was activated or touched by the initiation. It's silent, quiet, powerful. It just *is.*  And it's sometimes confusing, hahah...  feels like I'm going through a fundamental rearranging, questioning even more of my subtle identities and attachments -  very much craving a withdrawal from outer interactions so I can explore and be with this self.  The turning to goo phase of the caterpillar turning into butterfly.  It ain't pretty or fun all the time, and there have been dark nights.

There's so much more I'd love to tell you - I know you have little time for emails, and this is already so long, so remind me the next time we speak.  Especially regarding the pleasure-practice and femininity thing we talked about. Spoiler: cosmic orgasm is a powerful healer ; )

with immense love,

Spiritual teacher Lola Jones, enlightenment initiation, California


Healers and Teachers, Upgrade Your Power
Give yourself the nurturing and benefits you're always giving others. Become more intutive, open up your prosperity, and get the big dose of self-care and rejuvenation that healers much need.

Lola Jones is a leading edge "teacher of teachers." People who are advanced find new heights of personal and spiritual development, and finally get to live the good lives they've helped others achieve. Lola constantly brings in new energies, and acts as a transformer to make them useable on this plane in a grounded and stable manner that works in practical life. She invokes an energy vortex of creation in which miracles happen.
All healers and teachers say their healing power amps up after this initiation.

If you feel called, take this course just for personal reasons - to make a quantum leap in your own life -- or to take the first step to becoming a leading edge Giver of Divine Openings as a Certified Guide.


Personal Development and Spiritual Bliss Awakening
Enlightenment Deepening

Deep spiritual retreat helps you reach or maintain bliss in this contrasty world. It is only when we get beyond the mind, get still, and revel in pure experience without speaking that we can suddenly see, hear, feel, and directly experience the infinite miracles of Life that were there all along. And it's easy with Divine Openings. Even those who think it will be difficult fall in love with the silence, and their Divine Self Within.

Have you wished that bliss would last longer after meditation? The pure Bliss of Being is experienced directly, even when you're not meditating!

One woman had just attended a ten day retreat with some other spiritual teacher, and she had struggled mightily to quiet her mind. Their process was very complicated, and everyone left the retreat with instructions to meditate two hours a day! She was so frustrated she kept seeking, and found Divine Openings--and she was deep into the silence of a quiet mind after about a half hour. Divine Openings works faster, easier, and better than hard work and discipline. Hard work actually puts you in a vibration that is NOT conducive to bliss.

This vortex of Grace and the one pointed focus of it is also completely unlike merely "being alone" at home or work.

spiritual bliss in retreat


Lola gives a bliss-inducing kiss to a participant. Just being with Lola for five days changes your vibration, and that's just the beginning.


Enlightenment and the life you want is not ultimately found in words, study, talk, seeking, processing, or learning intellectual concepts. Even the most vivid and true words are "fossilized representations," and seeking actually denies what is already there. Getting still inside allows a direct experience of The Presence beyond what words can convey or describe.

To experience spiritual enlightenment AND practical life results, people come from all over the world to these holistic retreats. Advanced retreaters and beginners alike go to new heights. Even those who have difficulty meditating go deep and make that connection. It's so much more than a regular meditation retreat--this is potent energy.

silent spiritual retreat setting in CaliforniaLife keeps getting better and better after the retreat as your opening continues, assisted by Grace, and the multi-media post-retreat course: Bliss Maintenance.

Even longstanding abuse and trauma disappears. You can begin LIVING immediately, rather than "hope to get there one day." This is leading edge personal and spiritual development, and it's a joy, not work.

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Special tuition for couples, Europe only!

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Basic travel planning

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Your Company May Pay For Your Retreat as Training

Don't tell them it's about bliss, tell them about how much more focused and productive you'll be! Your company may be willing to pay your tuition for this as a business development course, because it powerfully impacts EVERY area of your life. This document gives the benefits in business language. Present it to your manager.
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What's included in the retreat?

  • It really does start when you register. The energy amps up. Many have quantum leaps before they arrive.
  • Begin your free Online Self-Paced Pre-Retreat Preparation Course immediately.
  • Get 3 FREE 1st Aid For Special Topics Online Retreat Courses automatically upon registering.
  • Bliss Maintenance Course to do online after your retreat, keeps you up and expanding ongoing. Includes many hours of audios and videos from past retreat talks and key activities. People say they get more each time they visit, long after their live retreat. New videos posted regularly, exclusively for retreat attendees.
  • Healthy meals.
  • Every detail including travel tips, logistics, lodging, room and car sharing with others, what to bring, is provided after you register.

Who is ready for this retreat?

  • You must be 18 or older.
  • Most are ready to take the 5 Day Silent Retreat after reading the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. Reading the ENTIRE book before the retreat is mandatory.
  • You must not be pregnant past five months when you arrive.
  • You need not be in a high vibration to do this retreat, but you must do the Pre-Preparation Online Course, and take responsibility for yourself before and during the retreat.
  • Decide whether to register by where your Large Self pulls you, not by what your mind says.
Tuition payment, other costs, deadlines?
  • Retreats usually fill months in advance, but not always. Get on the waiting list if it is full.
  • You get better airfares when you register in advance.
  • You pay your own lodging and transportation costs in addition to tuition.

Take the Retreat Just For You, or Get Trained To Help Others

Everyone takes the basic 5 Day Silent Retreat for their own awakening or deepening first, because Divine Openings is decidedly different.

Then take the Certified Guide Online Training to become a Divine Openings Guide.

People love the retreat so much they often want to do it again at a higher level even though they don't "need to".


"I'm doing fantastic, like I'm surfing on top of a 35 foot wave.
I may dip down and glide through the tube but I am soon on top again. Life is spectacular. I haven't been the same since I attended your retreat. One day at a time, I create the life of my dreams."

Mario Rocha, San Ramon, CA

Certified Divine Openings Guides make a life-changing difference for others with Divine Openings. This retreat is step one toward that. Read about the program. Some find their special gift is assisting others with physical healing, while others give Divine Openings only.

Some graduates are lifting the entire Spiritual enlightenment in silent retreats in California, Germanycollective consciousness just by being quietly happy, or giving Divine Openings just to friends, family, and needy people. Others are doing it professionally, or using this power in non-healing professions like law and accounting.
 Elizabeth, a therapist, demonstrates the ease and relaxation that led to the profound results of this retreat. It's not work at all!


Elizabeth, therapist: Back at work the day after her intensive ended, she reported, "Wow, and thank you so much!  I have already given a Divine Opening to 5 patients, I called it a blessing prayer, and they were all fine with it! I am amazed at the fire in my hands, and it comes on every time, in just a moment. Just amazing grace! Got alot to be doing now, but it doesn't feel overwhelming at all!" (She had been exhausted when she arrived for the 5 Day.) Later she wrote: ".... how different my life is from a week ago!  I feel like I am walking on cloud nine since I left on Sunday... the biggest boost of all came from GIVING the Divine Openings.  I am blown away... just blown away... I want to spend the rest of my life living in your new world.  I am in heaven....right here on earth.  Thank you a thousand times over."

"Dear Lola, I had my second heart operation last Wednesday, all went well and 3 more stents were installed. During the operation I felt as really being at the party, the energy field was so high that the doctor, his assistance and myself just were raving – if I would’nt have been fixed with belts to the operation table I would have jumped around. As it looks now I will be able to participate at the retreat and I hardly can wait to do so.
The nights are intensive, so much energy is coming in. Love and hugs, seeing you soon."
Uli and Anita


*** Note from Lola: There are other wonderful sources of Grace, but the name, the reputation, and the complete system I created called "Divine Openings" is trademarked. Like many discerning leaders, I am very, very picky about what gets to be "called" Divine Openings. I care about what goes out into the world under that name. Divine Openings Certified Guides are leading edge spiritual counselors. To be listed in the Divine Openings Givers Directory with Lola's personal endorsement, additional requirements beyond this retreat do now apply.

 Your Enlightenment Continues to Unfold

It's like a delightful vacation,
except it permanently changes your life.

Think that's impossible? We understand--in the old paradigm it was impossible. But with Divine Openings, the days of work, processing, struggle and toil on the spiritual and personal development path are over. Grace does the work--you practice letting go and enjoying. You'll also learn precisely how "working on yourself" and "processing" held you back.

If you're new to Divine Openings, you might now know how it works and what Divine Openings does for you. Please read our home page, then return to this page to learn more about these most blissful of life transforming silent retreats.

 End suffering, struggle and seeking.
Begin full out living.


After the 5 Day Silent Retreats

The best part is there is no "returning to the real world," unless you choose to. Ease into a new life of Heaven On Earth, enjoying and surfing all the contrasts this physical dimension provides, as your consciousness continually expands into greater and greater bliss, peace, and joyful productivity.

You become a natural catalyst without "doing" anything--just by being you, whatever you "do" in the world, you'll change others' lives without trying, despite your human imperfections, right in the career where you are, doing what you naturally do.

Spiritual enlightenment, and awakening retreat california

Jesus and a few saints, gurus, masters, and mystics throughout history gave direct infusions of Grace, or healed through Grace. Up until now, there were only a few who could do it, yet now, more and more ordinary people like you are becoming channels of Grace through our Divine Openings Certified Guide program. The prophecy was, "You will do all that I do and more."

This is that time. Now YOU can be initiated to heal with a simple touch or intention. You just savor this lovely retreat, and learn to let The Divine do the heavy lifting.

If you become a Certified Divine Openings Guide you too can give Divine Openings and initiate enlightenment. After this retreat empties you and gets you to an elevated level in your own life, you're ready to do the conscious mind training to help others. Even if you just attend this retreat, you'll still be a light to all around you afterward. We need enlightened people in all walks of life.


It's  for spiritual evolution--
and for human evolution.


California personal and spiritual development retreat We call the 5 Day Silent Retreat a "Honeymoon with the Divine"

But this honeymoon doesn't end--it expands and deepens with time, like a marriage with your soul mate.

We know your mind wants to know the whole agenda, but instead you need to come with the open mind of a child and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Don't worry, you don't have to reveal anything private or do anything risky or hard. People call this silent retreat the most wonderful experience of their life, and the last seminar they'll ever "need."

Retreat participants walk out of the retreat at "full power." Lola quickly gets the participants ready to give healings to each other, and a woman who could barely walk when she arrived was dancing by day three. A woman with Parkinson's began to immediately and steadily get better.

The Five Day Silent Retreat culminates in a beautiful initiation ceremony that becomes a cherished memory of merging with The Presence, like a marriage. The happiest phase of your life so far begins.

You'll receive advanced types of Divine Openings and deep processes in the 5 Day Silent Retreat that we don't do in any of our other programs, online courses, or spiritual retreats. Some of the Divine Openings are like being embraced by The Divine Mother. One participant said, "I found the Stairway To Heaven." Another said it felt like she was being "beamed up to the mothership".

You'll find the 5-Day Silent Retreat a rich, sensory, enjoyable experience that leaves you completely relaxed and feeling exceptionally good, as you would after the perfect vacation--except this can last a lifetime if you stick with it. You'll have a deeper, more intimate experience with The Divine Presence in you than you've ever had before, and it keeps getting better.

It's impossible to explain how so much can happen in one five day silent spiritual retreat--without talking about your issues, without you or anyone else working on you. Grace does the "work".

Your only job is to make the decision and commit, show up, do some lovely activities, feel, and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Things shift and transform miraculously back home in your world in your absence--sometimes people go home to people who have mysteriously transformed. Your everyday life accelerates after this course, and the people around you begin to reflect the change in your vibration immediately.

 "Things get done" in the quiet and stillness. We help you get out of the way, and The Presence takes care of it. That’s why so many of you experienced being virtually “knocked out” after reading only a few pages at a time of Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

Listen to a streaming Audio - A man talks about what happened in his marriage within a week of completing the 5 Day Silent Retreat. It's about 3 minutes long. Bradley - 1 week after the 5 Day


NOTE: Lola Jones is currently the only person initiating
people to be Divine Openings Guides and give Divine Openings.


You can feel the essence as these retreaters speak after their 5 Day Silent Retreat experience, even if you don't speak German.


Catch the wave of Causeless Bliss that hit the folks during the 5-Day Retreat in April 2009 at City View Ranch in this 3 minute video. (Be with the feelings that might come up that might not be so funny.) You CAN go from anywhere you might be now to that kind of bliss and joy. Working on yourself won't ever get you there. Let The Divine do the heavy lifting.



Lasting new friendships form in the silence, and the last day is full of laughter and celebration. An amazing variety of people take the 5 Day Silent Retreat--there have been dentists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, writers, electricians, lawyers, police officers, teachers, dancers, artists, horse trainers, engineers, internet entrepreneurs, corporate trainers, salon owners, chefs, moms, retirees, massage therapists, a military helicopter mechanic, arborist, and pharmacist.

The Grace begins to work on you precisely when you register. Preparatory activation energies begin immediately, and they amp up 16 days prior to the 5 Day event. This creates a smooth 21 day process. From ancient times, 21 days has been a sacred initiation period, but Lola found that she could do the early part of it remotely, with no loss of power or effectiveness.


Become a Certified Spiritual Counselor

If helping and uplifting others is your true calling, after your first 5 Day Silent Retreat you can apply for our training program to become a Divine Openings Guide. You'll become a powerful healer and be initiated at a deeper level so that you can initiate other people's enlightenment. It's one of the most powerful leading-edge certifications you can receive anywhere. Take one step at a time. You'll receive information on this program only after you've attended the 5 Day Silent Retreat.


5 Day Silent Retreat registration at top of page

Notes From 5 Day Retreat Participants (there are now far too many now to post them all):

"I've been giving regular Divine Openings and Divine Healings. My parents both each have a terrible knee. My Mom's is almost completely healed and my Dad now is walking without a limp or brace! I have given multiple others to friends and family. I'm done with processing, clearing, counseling etc. I prostrate each evening and received an AMAZING Divine surgery in my upper left arm that's made my Divine Openings more powerful. Finally, I'm feeling amazing, free of those depressed feelings, and ready to 'rock Canada with Divine Openings.' You are right - I didn't know the full extent of what I got from that amazing retreat until later. It's unfolding daily, effortlessly. I still use my Instrument Panel if I need to increase my vibration and don't attach 'the story' to it. I also am reading and will continue to read and re-read the book. Next stop is Online Retreat Level 1."  Lots of Love to you, Rob 


"Hello Divine Beings, I feel so grateful to be a part of all of this with such beautiful souls. When Lola said, when you look back in a year you won’t recognize the past because of so many changes. Well, I’m not waiting a year; I didn’t even wait a day. On Sunday, the day after the retreat, I called my mother and who was upset with me because I was throwing away good money to be silent. I told her about my experience and she gave me some money to help me out and told me that she would never let me go. This was the person who never admitted that she loved me. This is miracle #1." Love and Hugs, Cathy

"Life just gets better every day. My love to all and thank you everyone for being in my life. You all are so magnificent! Any time you are in Maine, please look me up but you better hurry I’ll be in California in Simi Valley come September or sooner." ll Love, Diane Arsenault  207-838-6757


We only post this one to say that these things can and DO happen, but please don't think it's necessary. Lola's experience is not like this--she has her own, unique, and usually more subtle experiences:

"I was taken back to the time of Christ, in a square where women were kneeling and washing the feet of men in tan colored robes. It was pretty spectacular." Julia


New Jersey: "I feel as though I am emptying out. Lots of colors when I close my eyes." "Last night I dreamt I was love and one with all, then my heart just burst and I felt real happiness, I would say bliss."  "The Divine Opening last night gave me fire scalp! I was awakened during sleep by my hands -- they were so hot."  "The initiation was glorious and beautiful. The Divine was holding and carrying me. My mom came again, and she was reaching for me, to dance with her like we used to do when we were kids. She said to me, "I will do for you in spirit what I did not do for you in life. Trust God, for he is always with you, beckoning you to dance and love your life. I am blown away. Totally awesome."

California, electrician: "The Divine Opening put me out. I kept falling asleep, then when I'd wake I felt like I was still dreaming." "The Divine Opening Hug last night brought out more laughter in me, and the one this morning had me crying. It's great. I'm releasing emotions from all over."

"Two weeks after her 5 Day Silent Retreat: The other night I had a dream that a bobcat, lion and lioness, a panther, a domestic white and tan cat and many monkeys where at my house with more on the way. I heard bells again, like I first did at the 5 Day Silent Retreat. This dream was so vivid and colors so intense. Soon after, I got a great job at a spa called Los Gatos, Spanish for cats. I have been so busy... many phone calls of people wanting massages (it was dead before).  I am totally enjoying my life and business so much more.  Divine Openings and hanging out with you for 5 days has had me high and blissful, everyone keeps telling me I look different and that my aura has changed.  I have been playing more and not being so serious. Things are not only going great for me but my family seems to be flowing and more blissful.  We all laugh easier.  Thanks for letting me experience first hand and showing me how life could be."  Love and causeless bliss, Dinorah

"I've been absolutely buzzing at work.  Nothing seems to faze me and everyone is doing great!  Words can't express or describe my experience last week but it was certainly a life-changing event.  I think you're right (of course you are) - it will keep going for a long time - probably the rest of this life and into many more.  Did a Divine Opening yesterday with a client ...profound." Cathy

"Wow, this morning when waking up I decided to give some remote Divine healings and Divine Openings. After giving a few I had to stop because I was overtaken with waves of joy and ecstasy flowing through my body ... whoooweee...  Divine openings are not only good to give, but also good to feel."  George, electrician and Divine Openings Giver, California


Silent retreat for spiritual awakening and happiness, California, Ireland, Hawaii

"You weren't kidding when you say it begins when you register! I woke up every two hours last night vibrating like I was plugged into some cosmic generator!  And the dreams!  Whew!  And my session with my client this morning was on a different plane! Wow, Lola!  I am enjoying this magical ride!" Love, Anne

Susan, Geophysicist: "I went to the 5-Day thinking I had three small obstacles that I wanted to Move. Imagine my surprise (right...) when I realized that wasn't the issue at all! With the Grace and Love still radiating from every pore, I reached out to family members who have been out of touch for too long, and now doors have opened that I thought were bricked over, cemented shut, and covered with thick thorny vines. Not so! During the 5-Day it became intensely obvious for me that family is incredibly important and I missed my family so much! I believe and feel in my heart that I am now creating the most wonderful, loving family situation and that it is, and will continue, to get better and better! I do believe that my resonant frequency is now off the charts, but that's ok because new, better charts are being created every day!  Wow!!!" Thanks and much Love, Susan

"Hi Lola! I imagine you’re inundated with emails after the retreat, but I just had to send you a “final” thank-you for a truly amazing experience last week. I’m still blown away when I think of all the moments, large and small, that were filled with beauty and awe and peace and contentedness and true bliss. (And I could even detect the Divine Presence as I experienced feelings that were a bit further down the altimeter!) The initiation ceremony was beyond words; I felt so honored and cherished and open and expanded. I gained a profound appreciation for the wisdom that resides within me, and always has. I’m thrilled to say that my intention to experience the deepest levels of self-love and self-trust I have ever known was met, and continues to expand. I cannot wait to offer Divine Openings to my clients and students, present and future! Thank you for giving and sharing your gifts with such grace and energy and humor. You are the real deal – a perfect embodiment of your teachings and Openings." From my heart to yours, Suzanne Eder, Solid Ground, life coach

"Hello Dear Ones, let me share my first client healing session with Divine Openings. An amazing 64 yr old friend who is a highly intuitive, world-traveling dynamo has been living with constant daily pain for 50 years.  High school athletics left her with no cartilage between some of her neck vertebrae and lower back.  She has had severe fibromyalgia that also made her shoulders ache constantly.  She has had strokes.  And most recently just fell in her house and got a concussion and crushed bone in her back.   Her doctors told her she would need regular epidurals to control the pain.  At this point she was ready to try anything.
We met every morning for three days and I gave the physical healing followed by Divine Opening.  It felt very natural and easy.  By the second morning my friend reported that she had been at dinner and suddenly become aware that her neck did not hurt anymore. Highly unusual. She was also not concerned about her resignation or major future plans and happily went swimming and snorkeling later on.She had big craving for water and had to visit the restroom often and noticed she was detoxing.    On the third morning she had major clairvoyant experiences during and after the Divine Opening including seeing the Divine.  She is now completely pain-free for the first time in 50 years!!!!!  At lunch on the third day she shook her head vigorously from side to side to show me now much range of motion she now had.  She said I am a new person "I don't know who I am,"  (laughing.)  So yes Divine Openings works with even very daunting situations. I noticed that giving the session you also seem to get a session.  I was very tired afterwards and had to sleep but then the following day soaring with high energy.  My friend paid for the session and the book and will continue to receive benefit.  This has been a wonderful opportunity to help someone and build confidence in bringing through the Grace."  Lots of love, Melinda

"I gave healings to my friend with MS - she says she's sleeping much better. As for me, the numbness in my face is now gone!  I had an appoointment w/ my doctor today and explained I was no longer eating my anger. . . . he loved it!  He said he was going to use that line on his patients!" Love you soooo much, Ev

"First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you....a million times, for the wonderful 5 day retreat, and the Divine Openings. I was not expecting anything but to experience the "grand" initiation. The moment I was put to sit on Lola's chair, I closed my eyes, started meditating. With my eyes closed I could see all my fellow participants, and in the middle of all of them appeared a larger person. It was an elderly man with a white beard and white hair. I felt the sensation of him being my father, at the same time I felt it was me. It was my Larger Self. Then he emmited a rod of white Light from his centre to my centre, and telepathically he spoke: "start transmuting and creating now". This was the most fabulus experience I ever had, so vivid, I still see it. It is still with me. I not only felt the Presence. I saw It, and I heard It.
This is a major step, and breakthrough in my development. This really was an initiation, it's just started, and I am learning more and more. My gratitude, and appreciation for you Lola, and Divine Openings." Oswald, physician

"Here's my take on "life after the 5-day": For me, the 5-day opened up a whole new way of being in the world, but it was up to me to step into it. Previous to that, I had already created a life full of magic and ease....but I had no idea, really, how much freedom I had to create EXACTLY what I want. The last year has been a process of testing the waters, and really feeling the complete command I have of my life.
It's okay to want what I want, and it's okay to not want what everyone else wants. Also, in this act of reality-creating, I am more and more realizing that there is no artificial separation between my inner and outer lives. Ha! I didn't realize I emerged from the 5-day completely and utterly ready, no extra lining up required. One year ago, I wanted: to live on the west coast and to be learning videography. (I have NO previous experience with videography, just a life-long deep appreciation of the creative possibilities.) Two months ago, I started filming short business videos, and learning how to edit them. I love it. So one month ago, I started to simply act on my dream. Today, I have lined up a place to land in stunningly beautiful Victoria, I have sold my home in Alberta, and I am finalizing arrangements with an experienced documentary maker (been doing it for 30 years) who is willing to take me on as a student/intern. He lives on Salt Spring Island, and I will be joining him and his wife there, in a series of short retreats, learning by doing. He doesn't know it yet, but my intention is to eventually collaborate on a documentary with him. Also, because I love magical and sweet surprises, I have left lots of room for other fabulous stuff to just happen. There's lots of interesting things cooking that I'm not even mentioning yet. Now that I've ironed out those little kinks, life after the 5-day ROCKS!!!! Love to you and your fabulous divine openers!" Donna

"Dearest Lola, I bless you every day when I visit your website and read one of your posts, or a blog, or just look at your paintings.  And talk about laugh out really crack me up sometimes on your audios. I love your sense of humor! My life is a wonder, I have a new joy and peace, and my feelings on just about everything have risen. Most especially, my fiance has been ill for a few months, and yet we are now happier than ever before! I have found a new compassion for him and what he is going through. In a way the blessing that has come out of my being more in my own happiness is that we are closer and more open with each other. He asked me to give him Divine Openings, and has become so much stronger that he is now ready to go back to work. It has been pretty dramatic to see the improvement, and I am still amazed at the power that can flow through me from the Divine.I would love to work full-time in Divine Openings, and as my life unfolds, I see that as a huge part of it. I love the empowerment it gives every one of us, and want this joy and happiness for all those I know." With love and great appreciation, Grace

"Why is the 5 day silent retreat a wonderful, completely fulfilling experience that keeps unfolding? Let me count the ways...
1.  Joyous and fun from day one. Laughter, movement, releasing emotion and celebrating being alive!
2.  Being silent for 5 days is a relief, not hard at all, and to think I worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. Lola creates an atmosphere that is not solumn or austere, but warm, inviting and relaxing.
3.  You really don't have to work or try to "get it". Lola has done the work, you just show up, and everything happens effortlessly.
4.  I came to the retreat hoping to free myself from long term problems, but those problems don't look like problems anymore. It is all about the major shift in perspective that I experienced and am still experiencing.
5.  Even though you are in silence and mostly focused within, you are deeply affected by the joy that eventually overtakes each person in the group -- it deepens your own joy even more! Thank you so, so much Lola for leading the way, for being the master guide that you are (with a great sense of humor by the way which made the enlightening process even lighter and more fun than I ever expected) and for creating the retreat "exactly" as you have. For me, it was perfect from beginning to end."  xoxo, Jody B. Los Angeles, CA

"I just want to share my delight at what is occurring in Nat-world. I am amazed at how things have turned around since I've returned home. Initially I dipped really low and I just sat with these feelings and stayed out of the stories (o there were many! my mind loves them!), the 5 day gave me so many ways to soothe myself and having contact with all of you really helped. Something big seemed to shift in this process. Then things that I had been loosely planning before I came away to the US suddenly started dropping in my lap!" Natasha, UK


"I have kicked the cigarettes and only drink once in a while.  The alcohol is not a problem.  Cigarettes still call to me once in while, but I am not smoking.  Instead I feel the desire and frustration and let it go.  I am in a new relationship with Melissa and drew her to me with my desire for a conscious loving relationship.  I asked God for a beautiful and conscious woman and found her online living only 5 minutes away from me.   We practice staying in the present moment and keeping our hearts open, no matter what comes up. Fear, anger and sadness still come up for me once in a while, but I am being honest and feeling my feelings. Then they move and I go back to bliss. This honest revealing of my feelings has become my strength.  My new love is reading your book and really gets it.  We are also taking space to keep ourselves centered.  I have told her I do not want to live with anyone for at least a year and she completely understands. My life is so much more calm and relaxed since the 5 day retreat and I wouldn't give that up for anything.  I am so grateful to you Lola.  You are changing so many lives with your work and have definitely changed mine.  Even my work is more calm and conscious.  I still get frustrated, but bounce back to love so much quicker now." Brooke, California


Even more notes from participants (so you know it can happen for you too:)

School teacher: Read what her students said about the breathing exercise she does with them. She gives them Intention Openings (special Divine Openings for those under 18) through the "breathing exercise".

With the 5-day starting tomorrow, I know you're getting centered and ready, but just wanted to share an amazing dream I had last night: I found myself suddenly plopped down in the middle of the 5-day - and for their physical activity, you had the participants painting and redecorating the house.  Several other initiated Givers also showed up - it was if we were checking in from time to time to see how it was going and to pick up a paintbrush and help add a few strokes to the paint job. Fun, huh? Enjoy your week! Love, Cathy

Harmoney Riley: It has been one year since I started reading “Things Are Going Great In My Absence – How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting”, a practical enlightenment handbook by Lola Jones, and it has changed my life for the better in many ways. As a result of using the tools in Lola’s book, including the Divine Openings, and attending her 5-day Silent Retreat in January, I have fulfilled a 6 year wish of living by myself, apart from my husband of 27 years. I am happy to say that we are still married and have a wonderful friendship that I cherish! Living alone has given me a new appreciation of my life and I have been able to pursue my creative endeavours in a larger way. I’ve been writing songs and poetry, taking voice lessons, and I am even taking acting and modeling classes, something that I wanted to do in my 20’s and I am now 59 years young…so it is never too late to fulfill ones dreams! Material things come into my life with much more ease and Grace now, including a beautiful car. I feel a greater sense of peace, joy, and harmony in my life and am eternally grateful to Lola for having the courage to be in silence for 21 days and bring forth these awesome teachings. The best part is that I am paying it forward to my friends and family. Many people comment on “my glow” since I’ve being receiving and giving Divine Openings. It is such a blessing to be able to help others realize more of their potential by waking up to who they really are – Divine Beings in physical bodies. August 19, 2011


 Susan, Geophysicist: There have been non-stop breakthroughs for me and my entire family since the 5-Day in January!!!! I couldn't begin to list everything, but the energy is still so high, and so pervasive, that everyone I visit with comments on 'there's something different - so alive - about you lately...." so I tell all about your wonderful book and website!!! But best of all, I went to the 5-Day thinking I had three small obstacles that I wanted to Move. Imagine my surprise (right...) when I realized that wasn't the issue at all! With all the Grace and Love still radiating from every pore, I reached out to family members who have been out of touch for too long, and now doors have opened that I thought were bricked over, cemented shut, and covered with thick thorny vines. Not so! During the 5-Day it became intensely obvious for me that family is incredibly important and I missed my family so much! I believe and feel in my heart that I am now creating the most wonderful, loving family situation and that it is, and will continue, to get better and better! 'Thank you' just doesn't do justice to the gratitude I feel for you bringing this Grace to all of us. It is the missing link, and the powerful, empowering message you share and give has changed every ion in my existence. I do believe that my resonant frequency is now off the charts, but that's ok because new, better charts are being created every day!  Wow!!! Thanks and much Love, Susan

Sam works in the UK prison system: My dearest Lola, I have held off emailing you since the 5 Day Intensive in Austin in January, primarily because I was in so much doubt after my return to the UK ... I was coughing up depression, anxiety, rage. This confused me, as I was expecting bliss & calm ... I was in total doubt about your teachings. I have spent the last week re-reading the book from scratch and 'working' through Level 1 online and, oh my God, things are starting to lift! It is probably too early to take score but I wanted to let you know that I feel things are starting to change .... I have spent the last 2 days feeling really calm, open, blissful to the point of tears, all this whilst on night shift at work and, by rights, at a time when I should be raging due to hormones! My first experience with you in London was, about a minute after you placed you hands on my head, that I was sat under the blasters of a rocket, I felt my crown chakra open to the full width of my head and energy was just pouring in, I felt like I received a download ... what that download contained I have no idea, but I don't feel the need to know. I came away feeling so calm & happy. Texas was a similar experience ... nothing for the first 4 days except doubt and anger ... then in the initiation ceremony, I felt like I'd been punched in the chest, like my heart had exploded and the tears flowed like a river ... it was beautiful! I think previously I have been expecting Divine Openings to work without actually doing as you advise, now I am doing what I am supposed to do the results are feeling phenomenal. I am so excited!

From Dorothy, a psychologist: I did one healing that at first scared me because of the physical effects of uncontrolled twitching and "vibrating" of the person for several days. When he went to his physician a week later that all stopped as well as the physical pain he had been experiencing for 10 months since an accident. The doctor could find nothing wrong with him. His father called me last week that he remains well and calls it a miracle. The father did not know of the divine healing and I do not think the son remembers. When I got out of the way God truely performs miracles.

From Dinorah: Lola, OMG! OMG! OMG! I gave Aurora (radio talk show host) Divine Openings. She was so amazed by it that instead of having me on her show once, she decided to make it a series as she experiences the three Openings.  We did the first one just after her opening and massage. It will air this Sunday. The recordings (two of them) will be played two consecutive sundays and will be a teaser and build up for my live interview on December 13  which will be after her third Opening. She was talking about maybe making me be somewhat of a regular on her show.  She was saying such wonderful things about her experience and how much she loved my massage. She is receives massage often and has never felt one quite like it.
I am so excited!!  Dinorah

From Stephanie: Hello Dearest Lola!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!!!!!  Really no words to Thank-You for all you do.  The 5 day intensive is by far THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!!!! Many Miraculous Healings since I returned.  Old, painful, chronic conditions have beautifully just melted away!  Just this week a lady with frozen shoulder after her Healing was able to put her arm behind her back (to snap her bra :) ) which she hasn't been able to do for months with no pain, she said after her session " I know that this sounds wierd but, I got up off the table and just knew that I could do it!", a chronic tennis elbow in which this person had had since March, couldn't hold a cup of coffee and in one session had no pain, another client said at the end of their massage that they forgot to tell me that they had been waking up in the night because of shoulder pain.  So I asked if she was open to doing things differently than what we had done in the past and she said yes, so I gave her a healing for just a few minutes and she says, WOW that was very strange, I wasn't in pain at that time but I could feel it leave my body!!!!! Thank-You! Thank-You! Thank-You Lola!!!!
Much Love to You!!!!  Steph

Cyndi Bullock: Holy Guacamole, I am so enjoying reading everyone's experiences. They are all so delicious! I came home Tuesday evening and my lover had a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me. My soon to be ex-husband came by to bring the boys home. We sat down and had a long conversation about the divorce and negotiated solutions that worked for both of us. As he talked, I kept feeling to see if any feelings were ignited and it was so awesome because they weren't. His mouth was saying the same stuff that used to drive me bonkers..... and nothing but acceptance of his choices. While we were talking finances, I realized that I was going to get $37,000.00 more than I thought. Oh yeah, that's right, you heard me. He walks out the door and my phone rings. My mom called to let me know that she and my dad had just put a check in the mail for $5,000.00 and that it should be arriving the next day. They just thought I could use the money. Bom bom chicka bom bom!!
The next day I went to a mortgage broker that a friend of mine recommended. (I need to refinance so the house is just in my name) Because I'm self employed, my taxes show that I make much less than I really do. The mortgage broker said, "You won't be able to get a loan for 2 years and you will have to pay about $20,000 in taxes to qualify. Thanked me for coming and said there is nothing I can do to help you. As I'm leaving he said, "hold on, let me make one phone call." Calls a local banker and sets up a meeting for me. I went home and prostrated and felt all my fears. (I cried so much that the carpet was all wet when I stood up) I felt the energy move and was ready to meet with the banker the next day. He's currently looking over my finances. Today, I had a coaching session with my client. I shared my banking dilemma as an example of when to prostrate. When the session was over, my client said, "Cyndi, call me if the bank won't give you a loan. I will either hold the loan for you or co-sign a note." I couldn't quit smiling all afternoon. The forces of the Universe are sprinkling fairy dust wherever I go. The silence calls to me like a lover and i'm so happy to fall into that precious space. I've been dancing, singing, and crying. Living in the magic is so fun! My pipes were really expanded at the 5 day. It is taking me a bit of time to adjust to this higher vibration. Sometimes I feel like I'm stoned. I'm in my body but everything looks different than it did before the 5 day. I'm finding myself to be really deliberate about the words I choose. My lover says that my eyes are much clearer and more blue. Thank God he can still see my face. LMAO!!! He also is concerned that I am not as connected to him. I think that my connection with myself got so clear at the 5 day that I am not relying on him as much. That will be a process of finding a new normal as well. Those are his feelings to adjust to.
Please keep sending these delicious morsels. They are so fun and lovely to hear.

Hi Lola, So much good news... I will try to be brief but I have to rave. Since my 5 day, I have lost, gained, lost, and gained new friends as I have become clearer on what is acceptable in my life. I am not attached to outcomes and feel much more in the flow. I have felt more at peace, more loved, and more happy than I have ever felt. David (husband) is much happier, has lost about 100 lbs and is bringing in money and now that he feels better, lighter and more with it, he is looking forward to making his once lost dreams come true. Devin (son) Graduated from high school and was accepted to apprentice for an electrician client I have and also for a special needs care home were he plays video games, bowling, or other entertainment for the clients. This while some of his friends have been putting in apps everywhere and still can't find a job after months of looking. some even a year. Jazzlin (daughter) Won a second place award for a film she produced. Got in the news paper for her participation in raising money for school by dancing salsa. and just got in to a special school for the arts. I am relaxing and becoming more clear about what I want to do and have.  I have signed up three people for a course, and 4 more are about to sign up in a couple days. The crazy part is they are coming to me. I am having so much fun talking and sharing info and then they ask me how do they get involved. I am not even thinking about it most of the time. I recently had a shift.  I intended to live through my large self and a last week I truly felt it.  I said and did things with much more confidence and ease and with way more knowledge.  Your book and I have a blast. It won't let me work on (translating it to Spanish) unless I have played and am in a joyful playful mood when I do work. Something I intended from the beginning so that the message would not be lost.  My phone once kept texting me over and over with the last message a friend had sent me that read "you crack me up" -- after the first 3 times I would crack up laughing. The whole time I sat on the computer translating it sent that to me and each time I just kept laughing harder and harder. I stopped going to your website for a couple months as life just didn't allow time on the computer but still went within and still used the book.  I got back on and I felt amazing. the energy is so amped.  I love all the work you have done to the site. Love you mucho, Dinorah

Lola!!! Wow, wow, wow, WOW!  So I really got the whole instrument panel thing, and had a big ah-ha! with the diving in- you know, really experiencing how it actually is about feeling good, not feeling bad (because it feels good to be with what is), and it is such a loving myself sort of experience, but this: This is amazing!! I've been in the Level 1 online course, for I don't know 7, 8 weeks maybe?  I'm in module 6 now.  And I GOT it about focusing.  (wow, wow, wow).  This is so hugely huge for me!  When I reread the bit about about just intending to lift my vibration, to tip the nose of my plane up, something clicked this time and I really started playing around with it.  I have this quality of feeling now when I go inside, it is like this very soft, gentle expanding pulsation in my heart and it feels really loving.  I did notice some pretty quick shifts.  But then, tonight after giving a Divine Opening session for a client, I was driving home and suddenly noticed I was feeling all icky anxious (of course before that I was flying on the vibe of the session.)  And it felt so familiar- like oh, back to 'normal life' where I've got all this stuff to fix and worry about.  And I just said to myself, 'tipping the nose up': and poof, it was GONE!  No cultivating a loving feeling, no massaging it upward, just turned my attention up and I was UP!  I was shocked!  Nothing to do, nothing to figure out, no process: Just choosing UP.  That's it.  It is really that simple.  THAT SIMPLE!!  Wow!  Lola, this is so huge! 
I could sort of feel the echo of that old story behind me, almost like a scene disappearing in a rear view mirror as you drive away, and I could feel how that small self wanted me to believe that somehow I needed that story, that worry, that constant evaluating/analyzing/worrying/weighing/assessing attitude.  But I was just DRIVING AWAY.  Then I remembered that part in your book, where you that exact thing: Just Drive Away.  And I had never really quite got that.  And it felt (feels) so GOOD to just drive away from all that drama, knowing none of it is real, and none of it I want, so I am not giving it any more of my attention- I am just UP!  And then it was like perma-grin because I was playing around with it and it was just going UP and UP and UP and UP! Lola, more people need to experience this!  People can be free!  They can be happy, healthy, having fun, loving their families... Lola, wow, thank you, thank me, thank God!  This is amazing!!  I just had to share it with you... Up and away!  Anne Belliveau
Melinda Gates:  I've had the opportunity this week, since home from Austin a few days ago, to work on both a mom and her daughter -- the mom's back went out, and the daughter burned her hand (2nd degree burns) this weekend after picking up a frying pan that had been in the oven without an oven mit.  These friends know me fairly well and know about my "out there" beliefs and practices, and they were fairly open minded to receiving healings from me although I know they had some pretty hefty scepticism as well. Well, Dianne just called to say that her back is 1000% better today.  And that she could not believe how great her daughter's hand looked.  Dianne is a nurse and saw Jen's hand Monday morrning (before I worked on her) and thought that it was going to scar up badly.  When we both saw the hand last night, it was incredible; there is almost no scarring!  I was pretty shocked myself! Dianne called to thank thank thank me.  I really appreciated the feedback; I know it's not "me" that's doing the healing, but the confidence can only help me in a positive way to get out there and share.  Confidence has been something that's been lacking in my life...but it's a whole new world now I'm finding!

It was such a Blessed time with you all a year ago today. I was so bottled up inside when I arrived at the ranch- and now I am so free and well- whole if you would. Thank you Dear Lola Jones for the gift that you are to planet earth. I was in the grocery store tonite- and someone I know came up with a very troubling type story- and I just stood there- and thought Wow--was that really me a year ago? - that calls for a WTF. lol- any way- I was compassionate with her, and offered to light a candle and pray for her and I changed the subject. The subject is- be joyful, happy, grateful- and find something to exclaim about- I stay so happy that a teller at the bank said- you are almost laughing. Sure enough- I Am that I Am. Since the retreat- I have been to Hawaii, Bermuda, and on a cruise to Jamaica!!!!! The energy flows into me so fast my teeth chatter- as they always have with energy flowing- guess it just opens the pathways to flow better. So much to be Thrilled for.
Debra Ann of Nottingham (smile)

From Bev McCaw: A man (Bill Carter) from Alaska traveling on the same airport shuttle gave me this beautiful cross of Grace (a certain shape that represents Divine Grace) that is white with Rhinestones in it on a small pedestal because he did not have money.  It is about 9" tall x 7" wide.  He was inspired to bring it on his trip to Port Angeles, WA (he is seeing his very ill brother) and was flabbergasted to meet me on the bus as it was an answer to his prayers.  He has been trying all different modalities for enlightenment and not getting results and having difficulty with depression which he does not understand. He really saw how the synchonicity was no accident and is so excited about how valuable the Divine Opening is to him and the book, that it is beyond words.  After he received the Divine Opening, he had to hold his precious cross one more time but he was filled with so much joy for me to have it.  So now I have something representing Divine Grace for my alter! What a nice beginning as a new D.O. Initiate. So I gave him the book and one Divine Opening as I was inspired to do and he is going to contact me for follow up.  I gave him the D.O. while we were on the ferry ride (we were all alone)and then he got to lay down completely on the back seats of the bus afterwards. It was perfect. Thank you so much! Bev McCaw
Massage therapist: I feel I have been back from retreat longer than a month because of all the things that have happend since then. Like a life time away.  I started receiving about 10-20 calls a day for a week, I was doing more massages than I have done in a year or two....I was asked to leave the place I was doing massages because of zoning and ended up in a beautiful spa (as an employee) in a good part of town.  Life is moving fast yet I don't feel I'm doing anything.  I feel more at peace yet lots of changes. Dinorah

Semi-retired salon owner in her 40's:  I feel so blessed to have met you and know you a little better. I have an incredible story to tell you. I'm raving!!!!! About a year ago I got a hold of your book. I then went on line to buy it and started reading it. At that point in my life I thought I was going to die, or at least wanted to. I just broke up with the love of my life, Micheal. I remember clinging on to every word of your book. I so desperately wanted to feel better but I didn't know how. I was in a very low vibrational state. I read the book in a few days and decided to sign up for the level one on-line course. The first things I learned were, where my emotions were on the instrument panel and to write down everything I wanted. The first thing I wrote down was that I wanted restoration in my relationships. Micheal's name was the first one I wrote down. Since then I have read your book several more time and have had a few private phone calls with you and have had the privilege to go through the 5-day silent retreat and to help with one. I have felt so happy and have been enjoying life. I have been giving Divine facials to people and have seen first hand what Divine Openings have done for me and for others. I always knew that the love I shared with Michael was Divine and cherished it. I have not heard from him in almost a year and have not seen him around either. It was just the other day I fully surrendered my heart and let go. One day after I let go, He called me. We met and it was like we were never apart. We were both on the same vibrational level. We shared our spiritual journeys and laugh when we realized that they were the same! Being with him feels so different but yet the same. Today I have been reunited with the love of my life. I have given him a Divine facial and he had what seemed like jolts of energy run through parts of his body. Through his one arm at first then when my hands were on his head he jerked like he was just shocked. He could only explain what it wasn't. He said it wasn't like starting to fall asleep and you catch yourself and wake up again. He explained it as electric shock. Have you ever heard of this? Can you explain in your words?Thank you my dear dear mentor. What you have taught me and have given me has change my life forever! And I know that I will always be happy because you showed me the way to my Divine within!!!!!  I love you, LeAnn, Erie, Pa


Divine Openings Giver in Denver: Lola, I think I started giving Divine Openings on a regular basis. One in particular is a 20 year old son of a girlfriend of mine. Her son stayed in his room, communicating only with the computer, was pretty surly, had no friends, had flunked out of college and was making life miserable for himself and his family.  She had him in therapy, but he resisted going and it wasn't helping. I made up my mind I was going to start sending healing to her and her son on a regular basis.  I didn't tell anyone.  Well, we all went out to dinner about 10 days before Christmas and KC's first words were "there have been 3 miracles where Ross is concerned."  I was stunned and never thought I'd hear "Miracles" and "Ross" in the same sentence.  She said he had read a book.  (He never read anything that he didn't have to for school work before).  He was excited about the book and communicated that to his brother who was home for the holidays.  He started going to therapy without hassle and started opening up.  And he asked if his friends could come over and watch a football game.  First of all, he'd never had friends before, and he'd never had anyone over to the house. These things were huge for my friend and her son.  She emailed me today to say that he is reading more (thus, spending less time on the computer).  Therapy is going well and one session a month his mother goes too and progress is being made there.  He is in a much better mood and is much more outgoing. This whole situation was affecting her marriage and she knew it was soon going to be time to ask her son to support himself and move out on his own.  He now understands that and is slowly starting to plan for a future for himself. Lola, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to help others through Divine Openings and healings.  I've been offering healing for a long time, as I am a Reiki Master and have worked with several other healing modalities. The Divine Openings and Healings open people up on a whole different level, so that more light can shine into every area of their lives. Love, Pat


Engineer, Mom, and Massage Therapist: "I am still amazed at all the wonderful things that are showing up- so much has changed in my life, in all our lives since starting with Divine Openings last November.   Blessings & goodness to you and all the critters." Love, Laura Witonsky (6 months after her 5 Day and 9 months since beginning Divine Openings)


Mom and intuitive Counselor, Austin: Dearest Lola, Thank you for being the "real deal" and offering the "whole enchilada". The strong conditioning of 40 plus years are fading and disappearing. My story is having less of a hold on me. I will say that before Divine Openings I was a perpetual seeker constantly exploring teachers and modalities. Soon after reading one of your articles in Austin All Natural magazine...Boom, there I was weeks later in your 5 day intensive. The silence, music, food (yummy), massage (ahhhh!), the initiation ceremony.... all synchronously flowed in a nest of Divine vibration and guidance. With the retreat an opening act, the post retreat energy continues to intelligently flow in my daily life. I love my new Divine eyes feeling more in tune with my inner knowing. For the first time I am available to more good than I have experienced or imagined before in my life. I am ready to uplift, guide, and support others to transform their lives with this healing energy from The Divine. Many years down the road on my tomb stone I want a glass hatch that encases a shiny red button that when pressed visitors will hear my voice saying "THAT WAS EASY!" (Lola has Easy Buttons everywhere.) Much Love & Gratitude, Kimber


Salon Owner, Pennsylvania: Hi Lola, I want to let you know I am so much in Love with the divine in me! My employees are asking for me to "touch" them. The energy in this salon is incredible. It's buzzing!!! Yesterday, one of my clients came in to get her nails done. When she was at the front desk paying she told my front desk manager how she felt great. We were all up at the front desk when I was sharing my time in Austin with them. She said she was going to gamble at the casino and if she wins she will split it with me. She knew I had my hands on hers for an hour. She called me later that afternoon and said she just won 2900.00! I wasn't surprised. Thank you for a beautiful experience. It is priceless!  Love and warm hugs, LeAnn


Man from Michigan, just out of grad school: Dear Lola, Just wanted to share something that happened to me as I returned to Michigan last night.  A guy walked past me in the Detroit airport parking lot. He was up there in years and seemed to rely heavily on his walker.  He stopped by a car and just kind of stood there.  I felt an overwhelming intuitive desire to send him healing and a Divine Opening.   I felt the energy rush through me and  started to tremble a bit.  Right then, I saw his body "jump" a little bit and he turned around and looked at me surprised, apparently sensing that I was sending him "something" :-P   (I was being inconspicuous about what I was doing, not wanting to draw attention). Shortly after that, to my ASTONISHMENT he walked right toward me without needing his walker at all -- his stride almost seemed brisk!  He started a conversation with me and we exchanged a few friendly words.  A few minutes later his son came to pick him up.  He said goodbye and said it was "good to hear from me" even though we had never met before.  The car drove away very slowly.  It was such an amazing feeling to know that I had helped someone "wake up" both physically and spiritually.  I wonder if his son was surprised to see his dad so lit up, but I have a hunch that he really was!  It is Such a blessing to be able to help people (in any way).

I also wanted to thank You for helping me wake up from a deep slumber I'd been in for the past half-decade!  You guys are truly life savers in every sense of the word. May You Always Be Blessed, Alfredo

College professor, California: "The past 24 hours have been amazing - starting with the Divine Opening last night by the fire. With Michael I felt a whirlwind of energy through the core of my body and with you a melting of my heart chakra. After that, a buzz - it was hard to sleep. Today was beautiful. I saw how grace surrounds and pervades everything in the universe - it was cool.


Medical doctor in Phillipines, nurse, skincare business owner, Catholic: "I could feel the energy when you touched the other people's heads." "Had funny, playful conversations with The Divine." "In the initiation, I really felt The Divine within me, and the lady Mary put flowers on my head! I reached the Stairway to Heaven, and saw beautiful white light with an angel welcoming me." And later.... "More money is coming to me. I spend an hour a day adoring the Divine. I'm addicted to it!"

Virginia: "The circuits are snap, crackle, poppin'." "Thank you thank you thank you." "Felt like the space shuttle ready for liftoff."  "I climbed a tree by the pond, and tossed in sticks. I'd never seen the ripple effect from above and it was very enlightening. The laughter in the afternoon was wonderful." "Yippee Yahoo. Keep it simple, girl!  Yours Truly, God"


Canada: "The spirit of my deceased husband came to me, swirled around me, and enveloped me with love and warmth during the Divine Opening from Michael. Lola's Divine Opening Hug shot love beams straight into my heart chakra, blasting it wide open." "The bulk of my neck pain is gone."


Writer, small town in Texas: "When we got to the throat chakra I felt an 'otherworldly' energy. Very STRONG." "Lots of whirling energy. Tingling in crown chakra. Had a brief, sharp pain that passed quickly. Vibrated at different frequencies all day. Looking forward to the laying on of hands. People in my dreams encouraged me to go all the way with the Diving In process." "I felt my mother's hand lightly on my head." "The pure, sweet, healing, loving joy that overtook me when Lola gazed into my eyes, I cannot describe. Lola's hug turned me into Divine jelly. I was so deeply affected, I could not sleep at all for buzzing. Thank you to Lola, Honey, Milk Dud, the horses, and the land." Then, "Yay! I am so happy! I am feeling more free, and am able to let in so much more of The Divine's love and blessings for me."


Then later she wrote: Darlin' Lola: I can't even think about the 5-Day experience without tears welling.  Oh, how very, very, very blessed I am.  My spine is vibrating as I write this.  I have so much more to say, but really, just need to say "love you all deeply and the connections are so powerful."  I love my photo of our group.  I'm printing it out and will use it as an attitude/altitude shifter.  More than that, I will just look at it and feel the Divine in all of us.  You know, I haven't ever cried tears of joy before, but I am this moment, this beautiful moment as I think of all of you. Thank you.  I could go on and on and on, but you all know....


Austin: "Last night's first Divine Opening was powerful, but I found I needed to somehow tone it down because I felt I couldn't take it as powerfully as I felt it initially. I felt pretty immobile and just sat for a long time, and my hands got very hot. I'm still experiencing fear and guilt but The Divine is giving me insights about it."   "The initiation experience was amazing... I was just enveloped in tears.... joy, feeling my pain healed. When your eyes met mine I felt I was looking at The Divine. Then I heard a voice say, "You are Divine too." Then I felt movement up my spine. Then I saw God and Goddess mingled together travelling up and down my spine. That was wild." "I can feel myself letting in more blessings in my life. Unworthiness is gone."


Singer, real estate investor, Houston: "I'm emptying out. I'm excited to take this gift to women in shelters and prisons. I think this unconditional love and Grace without the dogma can be received without fear and resistance. I'm floating on a cloud." "When you and Michael stood together before you began, I felt a wave of energy stronger than the Divine Opening." "Elated. Bliss. Awe! Can't speak. Don't want to." "Had a visit from loved ones who'd passed on."


Denver: "Warmth moved up my spine, and it asked permission to go all through me. Where ever that energy went was ease and peace. I never thought I could go so deep into the silence."  "The horses that were shy before, came right to me."  "My chronic head and back pain (I used to need medication) is gone."


Consultant, Austin: "The amount of colors and strands of light everywhere were beyond words of beauty."  "I became rooted like a tree and could not move my body for a long time. I am grounded now. I was used to flying around in the cosmos a lot and yet I knew that if I was going to fully get "on the playing field" I needed to get in my body."


"Dearest Lola, I am sitting here listening to one of your Level 2 audios and I just need to express my gratitude for everything you and The Presence has brought into my life. Everything you say zings! or resonates with me. Since the 5 day, I am doing really well, lots of small things taking place but I definitely feel something brewing! I have released resistance and dependence on outer things and last night I had a breakthru!  I am weaning myself off my prescription drugs with more ease than I had ever allowed before the 5 day! My physical healing is a given; it is manifesting itself daily in my life and it is doing so much better than i thought it could!!!! Haha! I have to stop and remind myself of all that's taken place :) I experienced my Self/Presence Witihin to a degree that was beyond words while listening to the Gayatri mantra (Sri Baba's). I have found what i have been looking for my entire life and I thank you for this blessing of Divine Openings that has made my life fun, exciting, interesting, challenging, and WORTH LIVING!!!  YOu have brought me back home and I love you for it!!!!!  I look forward to giving more Divine Openings and healings and expanding this. It is too good to keep to myself!!!!!"  LOTS OF LOVE, SIANA

"I just wanted to take a minute to express what I just couldn't on Day 5, there were no adequate words -- they seemed too small to encapsulate what I continue to feel, about you all and our time together. But at the very least I did not want to leave my appreciation, gratiutude and love left unexpressed. There is a Spanish saying my mom used all the time, "Ensenyame con quien tu andas, y yo dile quien tu eres" It basically means, show me who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are." And I am so proud and honored to have walked this adventure/journey with you all and overjoyed to be a part of our family of the heart and spirit. Lastly, "MI casa es su casa."  I believe we have created a unforgettable lifelong connection of deep love and appreciation." With great love and respect for you all, Zina, New Jersey


"I saw such magnificence in all of you. And I have a relationship with God that is intimate and supportive now, rather than that "authority figure" who didn't care about me." Sandi Abramson, Austin, TX


"Our daughter Aurielle was feeling sick - slightly dizzy, fever, weak, etc. I started to feel very light and tingly in my chest... so I figured I would give Aurielle a healing. Brooke, my wife who also took the 5-Day Intensive, had already started! I helped out, and within a few minutes the fever was broken, and Aurielle said she felt a bit better. Within 15 minutes she was up and bouncing around again, and she ran in to tell me that she no longer felt dizzy and was all better. It was amazing to feel her body cooling down as we gave the healing.  Brooke's mom had a problem with her shoulder over the weekend - she strained her rotator cuff and couldn't lift it above her head without a lot of pain. I gave her a healing. Brooke sent her a healing. She told me that it felt almost completely better, and she didn't think anything else needed to be done. Things are really getting fun, and we are really excited to be on this new level."   Lee and Brooke Northcutt, Austin, TX.


"I can't stop giving Divine Openings! I've sent healings and Divine Openings to many already, and I give about 25 a week. One relative who has had lots of problems for a long time is now already feeling very blissful and is calling me every 30 minutes to report new changes.” Erin Defieux, Retired Psychologist, Pennsylvania


"I'm flying on the river of fire. I'm moving with sentience." Then later.... "Now I am buying my dream home. It is very exciting. I really love this peace. I relate it to our initiation and how beautiful the experience was, in spite of the seemingly foul weather. I remember that sky opening and sending purifying waters to bless us all in our journey along the path of enlightenment. So many serendipitious experiences since our initiation in Divine Openings." Patrick McKee, Manager, Austin


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