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In these videos, feel the powerful transformative energy vortex Lola Jones creates.  

From a retreat in Europe:


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Best Silent Retreat... Wondering "Why Silence?" Watch this video:

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Rare glimpses inside the retreat that never ends...

Lola Jones shares an insight about how chronic spiritual seeking delays enlightenment.


Get a taste of how Lola makes spiritual enlightenment, awakening, and personal and spiritual growth a joy, not a grind. Lola is not dour and over-serious--it's en-light-enment, not en-heavi-ment! You'll laugh as much as you meditate.

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Or read on and feel the energy....

best silent spiritual personal development retreats Europe

Quantum Leaps In Your Spiritual and Personal Development

Profound Differences In Your Daily Life 


Spiritual teacher Lola Jones says: "A teacher should do far more than cause temporary blissful states--the teacher must truly liberate the student, not make them dependent on her to get the high."

At a recent retreat, two participants shared that when friends first sent them to this website they thought, "That woman is just too happy. This can't be real." After being drawn back to the site many times, they finally read the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, applied it consistently, and they "got it." Then they came to the 5 Day Retreat to sit in Lola Jones's powerful field of resonance, and went higher still. So much happens when you get out of the way for just five days! They went home and their radiance lit up the people around them. Now they are that happy.

man at personal development retreat GermanyThe Five Day Silent Retreats allow you to relax into an energy vortex of Grace and let The Divine do the heavy lifting for five beautiful, pleasurable days. People confirm that it actually does begin when you register--energy moves--you feel it. By the time people get to the retreat, big things have already happened for most of them.

Everyone falls in love with the silence as they encounter their true selves deep within it--a self that's been hidden by mind chatter and outer noise. You do talk early on the first day and late on the last day. The rest of the days are delightfully full of silent activities, inspiring music, liberating movement, great food, field trips, solitude, deep meditation, and lovely surprises.

best spiritual retreats california


Initiate awakening, or deepen your enlightenment,
at the spiritual retreats that never end.


The Five Day Silent Retreat takes you to a whole new level of living, no matter where you are in your personal growth and spiritual development now. If you're high you go higher. If you're enlightened, you'll bring it down to earth more in your life.

If you're in chronic frustration, fear, anger, sadness, boredom, anxiety, grief, powerlessness, depression, pain, and other lower vibrations, you'll move up to peace, joy, or even bliss by the end of the retreat.

Lifelong issues resolve, then outer circumstances morph to match your new, higher vibration--and it actually keeps expanding forever after. We include lots of testimonials below so you can hear it straight from the participants.


En-JOY Yourself in This Spiritual and Personal Development Retreat

By the end of this retreat, your awakening or enlightenment is initiated (or deepened) and you continue to experience rapid evolution automatically from then on, without having to seek and work on yourself. As your vibration rises, issues resolve themselves, and your practical life flows with more Grace, ease, and velocity than ever imagined. Nothing you can do or learn with the mind can make enlightenment happen or stay, but Divine Openings gives you that boost that only Grace can give.

Best Spiritual Development Retreat, Awakening Retreats, CaliforniaUnlike most spiritual or holistic retreats, with Divine Openings The Divine really does do the heavy lifting--we know--it might be hard to believe, but it's true. And there is no processing, no revealing of sensitive issues, no spilling your guts to strangers, no special diets, no austerities.  There is no "working on yourself," nor being worked on. You'll communicate only with Lola, and your privacy is respected.

Lola Jones took this photo from her retreat home. Retreat with us up where the hawks fly, in the sacred majesty of nature.

spiritual retreat in nature


Healers and Teachers, Upgrade Your Power

Give yourself the nurturing and benefits you're always giving others. Become more intutive, open up your prosperity, and get the big dose of self-care and rejuvenation that healers much need.

Lola Jones is a leading edge "teacher of teachers." People who are advanced find new heights of personal and spiritual development, and finally get to live the good lives they've helped others achieve. Lola constantly brings in new energies, and acts as a transformer to make them useable on this plane in a grounded and stable manner that works in practical life. She invokes an energy vortex of creation in which miracles happen.
All healers and teachers say their healing power amps up after this initiation.

If you feel called, take this course just for personal reasons - to make a quantum leap in your own life -- or to take the first step to becoming a leading edge Giver of Divine Openings as a Certified Guide.


Personal Development and Spiritual Bliss Awakening
Enlightenment Deepening

Deep spiritual retreat helps you reach or maintain bliss in this contrasty world. It is only when we get beyond the mind, get still, and revel in pure experience without speaking that we can suddenly see, hear, feel, and directly experience the infinite miracles of Life that were there all along. And it's easy with Divine Openings. Even those who think it will be difficult fall in love with the silence, and their Divine Self Within.

Have you wished that bliss would last longer after meditation? The pure Bliss of Being is experienced directly, even when you're not meditating!

One woman had just attended a ten day retreat with some other spiritual teacher, and she had struggled mightily to quiet her mind. Their process was very complicated, and everyone left the retreat with instructions to meditate two hours a day! She was so frustrated she kept seeking, and found Divine Openings--and she was deep into the silence of a quiet mind after about a half hour. Divine Openings works faster, easier, and better than hard work and discipline. Hard work actually puts you in a vibration that is NOT conducive to bliss.

This vortex of Grace and the one pointed focus of it is also completely unlike merely "being alone" at home or work.

spiritual bliss in retreat


Lola gives a bliss-inducing kiss to a participant. Just being with Lola for five days changes your vibration, and that's just the beginning.


Enlightenment and the life you want is not ultimately found in words, study, talk, seeking, processing, or learning intellectual concepts. Even the most vivid and true words are "fossilized representations," and seeking actually denies what is already there. Getting still inside allows a direct experience of The Presence beyond what words can convey or describe.

To experience spiritual enlightenment AND practical life results, people come from all over the world to these holistic retreats. Advanced retreaters and beginners alike go to new heights. Even those who have difficulty meditating go deep and make that connection. It's so much more than a regular meditation retreat--this is potent energy.

silent spiritual retreat setting in CaliforniaLife keeps getting better and better after the retreat as your opening continues, assisted by Grace, and the multi-media post-retreat course: Bliss Maintenance.

Even longstanding abuse and trauma disappears. You can begin LIVING immediately, rather than "hope to get there one day." This is leading edge personal and spiritual development, and it's a joy, not work.

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Your Company May Pay For Your Retreat as Training

Don't tell them it's about bliss, tell them about how much more focused and productive you'll be! Your company may be willing to pay your tuition for this as a business development course, because it powerfully impacts EVERY area of your life. This document gives the benefits in business language. Present it to your manager.
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What's included in the retreat?

  • It really does start when you register. The energy amps up. Many have quantum leaps before they arrive.
  • Begin your free Online Self-Paced Pre-Retreat Preparation Course immediately.
  • Get 3 FREE 1st Aid For Special Topics Online Retreat Courses automatically upon registering.
  • Bliss Maintenance Course to do online after your retreat, keeps you up and expanding ongoing. Includes many hours of audios and videos from past retreat talks and key activities. People say they get more each time they visit, long after their live retreat. New videos posted regularly, exclusively for retreat attendees.
  • Healthy meals.
  • Every detail including travel tips, logistics, lodging, room and car sharing with others, what to bring, is provided after you register.

Who is ready for this retreat?

  • You must be 18 or older.
  • Most are ready to take the 5 Day Silent Retreat after reading the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. Reading the ENTIRE book before the retreat is mandatory.
  • You must not be pregnant past five months when you arrive.
  • You need not be in a high vibration to do this retreat, but you must do the Pre-Preparation Online Course, and take responsibility for yourself before and during the retreat.
  • Decide whether to register by where your Large Self pulls you, not by what your mind says.
Tuition payment, other costs, deadlines?
  • Retreats usually fill months in advance, but not always. Get on the waiting list if it is full.
  • You get better airfares when you register in advance.
  • You pay your own lodging and transportation costs in addition to tuition.

Take the Retreat Just For You, or Get Trained To Help Others

Everyone takes the basic 5 Day Silent Retreat for their own awakening or deepening first, because Divine Openings is decidedly different.

Then take the Certified Guide Online Training to become a Divine Openings Guide.

People love the retreat so much they often want to do it again at a higher level even though they don't "need to".


Certified Divine Openings Guides make a life-changing difference for others with Divine Openings. This retreat is step one toward that. Read about the program. Some find their special gift is assisting others with physical healing, while others give Divine Openings only.

Some graduates are lifting the entire collective consciousness just by being quietly happy, or giving Divine Openings just to friends, family, and needy people. Others are doing it professionally, or using this power in non-healing professions like law and accounting.
*** Note from Lola: There are other wonderful sources of Grace, but the name, the reputation, and the complete system I created called "Divine Openings" is trademarked. Like many discerning leaders, I am very, very picky about what gets to be "called" Divine Openings. I care about what goes out into the world under that name. Divine Openings Certified Guides are leading edge spiritual counselors. To be listed in the Divine Openings Givers Directory with Lola's personal endorsement, additional requirements beyond this retreat do now apply.

 Your Enlightenment Continues to Unfold

It's like a delightful vacation,
except it permanently changes your life.

Think that's impossible? We understand--in the old paradigm it was impossible. But with Divine Openings, the days of work, processing, struggle and toil on the spiritual and personal development path are over. Grace does the work--you practice letting go and enjoying. You'll also learn precisely how "working on yourself" and "processing" held you back.

If you're new to Divine Openings, you might now know how it works and what Divine Openings does for you. Please read our home page, then return to this page to learn more about these most blissful of life transforming silent retreats.

 End suffering, struggle and seeking.
Begin full out living.


After the 5 Day Silent Retreats

The best part is there is no "returning to the real world," unless you choose to. Ease into a new life of Heaven On Earth, enjoying and surfing all the contrasts this physical dimension provides, as your consciousness continually expands into greater and greater bliss, peace, and joyful productivity.

You become a natural catalyst without "doing" anything--just by being you, whatever you "do" in the world, you'll change others' lives without trying, despite your human imperfections, right in the career where you are, doing what you naturally do.

Spiritual enlightenment, and awakening retreat california

Jesus and a few saints, gurus, masters, and mystics throughout history gave direct infusions of Grace, or healed through Grace. Up until now, there were only a few who could do it, yet now, more and more ordinary people like you are becoming channels of Grace through our Divine Openings Certified Guide program. The prophecy was, "You will do all that I do and more."

This is that time. Now YOU can be initiated to heal with a simple touch or intention. You just savor this lovely retreat, and learn to let The Divine do the heavy lifting.

If you become a Certified Divine Openings Guide you too can give Divine Openings and initiate enlightenment. After this retreat empties you and gets you to an elevated level in your own life, you're ready to do the conscious mind training to help others. Even if you just attend this retreat, you'll still be a light to all around you afterward. We need enlightened people in all walks of life.


It's  for spiritual evolution--
and for human evolution.


California personal and spiritual development retreat We call the 5 Day Silent Retreat a "Honeymoon with the Divine"

But this honeymoon doesn't end--it expands and deepens with time, like a marriage with your soul mate.

We know your mind wants to know the whole agenda, but instead you need to come with the open mind of a child and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Don't worry, you don't have to reveal anything private or do anything risky or hard. People call this silent retreat the most wonderful experience of their life, and the last seminar they'll ever "need."

Retreat participants walk out of the retreat at "full power." Lola quickly gets the participants ready to give healings to each other, and a woman who could barely walk when she arrived was dancing by day three. A woman with Parkinson's began to immediately and steadily get better.

The Five Day Silent Retreat culminates in a beautiful initiation ceremony that becomes a cherished memory of merging with The Presence, like a marriage. The happiest phase of your life so far begins.

You'll receive advanced types of Divine Openings and deep processes in the 5 Day Silent Retreat that we don't do in any of our other programs, online courses, or spiritual retreats. Some of the Divine Openings are like being embraced by The Divine Mother. One participant said, "I found the Stairway To Heaven." Another said it felt like she was being "beamed up to the mothership".

You'll find the 5-Day Silent Retreat a rich, sensory, enjoyable experience that leaves you completely relaxed and feeling exceptionally good, as you would after the perfect vacation--except this can last a lifetime if you stick with it. You'll have a deeper, more intimate experience with The Divine Presence in you than you've ever had before, and it keeps getting better.

It's impossible to explain how so much can happen in one five day silent spiritual retreat--without talking about your issues, without you or anyone else working on you. Grace does the "work".

Your only job is to make the decision and commit, show up, do some lovely activities, feel, and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Things shift and transform miraculously back home in your world in your absence--sometimes people go home to people who have mysteriously transformed. Your everyday life accelerates after this course, and the people around you begin to reflect the change in your vibration immediately.

 "Things get done" in the quiet and stillness. We help you get out of the way, and The Presence takes care of it. That’s why so many of you experienced being virtually “knocked out” after reading only a few pages at a time of Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

Listen to a streaming Audio - A man talks about what happened in his marriage within a week of completing the 5 Day Silent Retreat. It's about 3 minutes long. Bradley - 1 week after the 5 Day


NOTE: Lola Jones is currently the only person initiating
people to be Divine Openings Guides and give Divine Openings.


You can feel the essence as these retreaters speak after their 5 Day Silent Retreat experience, even if you don't speak German.


Catch the wave of Causeless Bliss that hit the folks during the 5-Day Retreat in April 2009 at City View Ranch in this 3 minute video. (Be with the feelings that might come up that might not be so funny.) You CAN go from anywhere you might be now to that kind of bliss and joy. Working on yourself won't ever get you there. Let The Divine do the heavy lifting.


Lasting new friendships form in the silence, and the last day is full of laughter and celebration. An amazing variety of people take the 5 Day Silent Retreat--there have been dentists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, writers, electricians, lawyers, police officers, teachers, dancers, artists, horse trainers, engineers, internet entrepreneurs, corporate trainers, salon owners, chefs, moms, retirees, massage therapists, a military helicopter mechanic, arborist, and pharmacist.