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The Foundational Books in English

Everything in Divine Openings builds upon the first book: Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go and Let The Divine do the Heavy Lifting. The enlightenment initiations in it lift you with Grace. Your evolution continues with Living Large.

Things Are Going Great In My Absence

Things Are Going Great In My Absence

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This is not an ordinary book.

Unlike any spiritual or personal development book you've ever read, this energy in this book actually works on you. It opens you up, and expands your capacity to allow and accept Divine Grace. It is truly, profoundly life-altering. You'll feel better and life will begin to flow with more ease as you allow more Grace in. You'll learn what to expect in the process, and how to make the most of it.

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Things Are Going Great - 10 copies

Things Are Going Great - 10 copies


We've decided to give you this foundational book at our cost, so you can share, share, share! Or sell them in your store for $26 each retail. Enjoy this offer while it lasts!

You pay only $89 for 10 books, and this includes shipping! That's exactly what our printer charges us to print them and ship them to your door - we make no profit on them at this special offer price. (English books only. We do not sell the German books on this website.)

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Living Large, Paperback Book

Living Large, Paperback Book

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The book that follows Things Are Going Great

The first book opened you to a new way of being, and Living Large keeps you expanding to an advanced level. Balances your physical and Non-Physical focus for maximum spiritual and practical results in your life.
Learn more about Living Large
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Book Combo - Things & Living Large

Book Combo - Things & Living Large

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Purchase both foundational books, save $3, plus get 2 for 1 shipping saving another $7. Stay focused to see maximum evolution in your life. Now only $49!

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Audio Book - Things Are Going Great

Audio Book - Things Are Going Great


enjoy The increased energy and power OF Lola's voice

Get tuned to a higher vibration as you listen to Lola read the newly updated 2018 12th Anniversary Edition of the book. Reach new depths of understanding. Deepen the basics. Purchase it separately below or get it free with purchase of the Portals:


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"I credit Divine Openings for dissolving the blocks to my success, and for the explosive, fantastic growth and changes I’ve had in my life!"
Skip Powers
"Lola, you and your work continue to make such an enormous impact in my life. Though I've been on the "spiritual path" for about 30 years, I consider putting into practice what I learned from you the REAL start of my spiritual journey back in 2006. I am forever grateful to you."
"Dear Lola, Divine Openings continues to affect my life in wonderful positive ways. The Divine Openings journey is a constant source of love and unfolding.... Thanks for everything you do, it's unique and beyond measure."
"I have read many, many, many self help, enlightenment, and relationship books - none of them really spoke to my heart, my soul like Divine Openings did. I understood everything the other books said in my brain… yet the pieces never felt whole for me. Then Divine Openings brought everything together for me... with the missing piece of Grace. I really do feel that the world would be a much better place if everyone read your book, took your online courses and attended retreats.
Marlene Geschke
Austin, Texas
"I feel like I've come home. And now I know the way back home if I ever get lost."
New York
Peace no matter what... "Words cannot express my gratitude. How can all this happen in such a short amount of time? How can I be this happy after losing my mama, my best friend? (I know she's near when I'm vibrating sooo high) How can I be this happy when my husband has terminal cancer? I just AM."
You cannot know how much movement started in my body since the virtual retreat. I do the Instrument Panel exercise every morning and now really got how necessary and powerful it is to involve the body!... I am deeply grateful for you being here and sharing so generously your knowledge and path! My gratitude is beyond words as is your work!
"Career wise it's blown me away. Contracts were given to me without applying- contracts where my peers had double degrees, PHDs, years of amazing experience, working in breathtaking locations - people contacted me - and I have NO university education. My money vibration is higher than it's ever been, I have so much abundance, in ways that astound me."
Danielle Pearson
New Zealand
Whole life transformation... "what Divine Openings has done to me, for me?...loving myself for the first time in my life? Oh my heaven's where I was 4 months ago when 2 years of seeing 11:11s and synchronicities were driving me insane. 4 months ago I was near death, by choice. 11:11 finally led to me to Divine Openings website."
Julianne W
Debt free... "One of my greatest desires was to be debt free, and now this is achieved, except for my mortgage. I paid cash for a new car. I can only vaguely recall most of the other frustrations I had before Divine Openings (was unemployed 2 years.) All aspects of life are much better now. There are still challenges of course but I am usually happy and serene in the midst of them."
"My business is profitable in 'these times!'"
Out of suffering... "My life before Divine Openings was full of suffering and contradictions. 5 years later I cannot even count the good things that changed for the better. On the outside, but even more on the inside - feeling light, joyful, creative, safe, confident and so much more. Lola has created a method that opens up your true self - your Large Self. "
Verena H
"While the book is guiding the conscious mind to understand this process, you are stepping through portals of ever more knowing, seeing and experiencing life as it is meant to be: easy, joyful, full of love and positive adventure. It is actually not a process where you have to work hard on you, but a waking up step by step through allowing."
Divine Openings is definitely the 'real thing!'"
Heather Smitt
"Thank you for taking the time to answer me, for being you, and for all the love you help us feel. I would never have found the happiness I had with (the fiance who died) if it weren’t for you. Take care dearest Lola and know that you are absolutely appreciated all the way out here in the middle of Africa."
Angela Henderson
South Africa
"Thank you for the miraculous gifts of Divine Openings, and the energy that's in all you do. You've given me the Keys to freedom, and helped me to find myself--finally--after all that seeking! Thank you for guiding me on the path to my true self."
Jim Cochran
Spent seven months (of the quarantine) with my daughter and her little family... an amazing opportunity for me, and I'm filled with love and appreciation from my normally very reserved daughter... she's texting all the time. Everything I asked the Presence for was given me, and more... I’ve brought my younger daughter into the circle of love... grandson Tom FaceTimes me regularly... he wants to talk with Granny Great! We talk about how he FEELS. So precious. I am loving Portal 5... you connect me to my Larger Self!"
Grace G
I knew nothing about spirituality until suddenly, about five years ago, I had a big opening experience. On the very same day, Lola’s book, Things Are Going Great in my Absence, came into my life in a surprising synchronicity. I’m so glad it did. It helped me know what to do with this new realm that suddenly had opened before me! Lola has a talent for articulating spiritual ideas in easy & accessible language... I have loved the Divine Openings community, and made amazing friends who’ve expanded me too!
Amy W
Los Angeles
When you said Grace does 90% and I just have to do my 10% it sounded too good to be true. But it's been working in my life, Grace has been raining on me for five years now. Bless you Lola Jones."
Love... "Whilst at the 5 day retreat I set an intention to flow more love in my life... to bring my awareness to relationship. That has truly blossomed. My self esteem is higher than it's EVER been--not generated by what others think about me anymore. Just writing that I'm smiling, laughing, a bubbling in my heart. It brings tears to my eyes."
New Zealand

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Lola spent 21 days in complete silence and solitude in 2006 and emerged with a profound gift to change people’s lives. She lives a simple, quiet life in the mountains, and doesn’t travel much or seek a large following; nevertheless her work has spread to 150 countries through word of mouth—from people generously sharing with others about the changes in their own lives.



You don’t do all the work yourself: the magic of Grace does 90%, you only do your 10%.
~ There’s no processing, cleansing, clearing, or therapy. 
~ You’re not dependent on healers and practitioners.
~ Even long-standing issues fade with relative ease.
~ It’s not ancient dogma—it’s freshly downloaded, leading-edge energies.
~ Grace erases all karma.
~ Works on every area of your life en masse, not one issue at a time. Life is too short for perpetual processing!


Enlightenment is simply getting your Large Self in the driver's seat, as you gently place your small self in the back seat. Grace does most of the work for you once you learn how to allow it. Divine Openings guides you and supports you, step by step. As you awaken to that Large You (who you really are) you become more and more deeply connected, lit up, and fulfilled.

Take a deep, soothing breath. The search is over.

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