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best classic spiritual book

How is this book different?

  • It's not just a book you read--it's an experience you absorb over a few months.
  • Grace does 90% of the work--you just do your 10%.
  • Hard work on the spiritual path is over.
  • You don't work on this book. It works on you.
  • Your seeking for happiness and whole life transformation ends, and a fresh, new life begins.

Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting

What's new about this 12th Anniversary Edition?

  • Vastly updated text with clearer processes, so it works even better
  • Fresh, new material
  • Updated energy
  • New cover.

What's the same as the older editions?

  • All editions have the power to change your life!
  • It's now officially a spiritual classic, going stronger than ever 14 years after the first edition was published!
  • People still affectionately call it "The Book." Divine Openings can be the end of your seeking for spiritual awakening, or deepening your enlightenment, and expanding your consciousness.

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"This book changed my life... I am off the therapy hamster wheel." Jay Dub

"I felt the Divine Opening as soon as I held your book in my hands!  Words cannot explain what happened to me.  Life is already changing and I now know I am the author.  I was writing a drama and now my book is a comedy!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" All My Love, Danielle Perrino

"Within the first three pages of reading I felt what I have always hoped bliss would be... a constant tingling sensation throughout my whole body." Kathleen A

"I must say that in the first week I experienced a release of bitter feelings for people that I never thought I could ever stop hating - I simply woke up feeling instant release and it was the first thing on my mind. I  have no "hate". I found this rather "miraculous"! Thank you so much for your support. I look forward to the day I can attend a live retreat." Jullieanne Matheson

"I got a new job and started on Monday--everything I asked for and more! I get to comfort people, be a part of a team like family that supports each other and has the same goal... more money then I had asked for. I get to do what I love and get paid for it! I had written a list 4 mos ago when I started reading the book, and all but 3 things have already manifested!!!! It’s nuts!!! Who would of thought that we could do it by aligning ourselves with who we really are and experience such joy and fulfillment! I walk around feeling like the luckiest person on the planet! Thank you so much for writing and teaching and holding my vibration until I can hold it on my own, and for showing me the way! I am eternally grateful to you all!  I will continue to keep you posted." Andrea Knaak

30 Second Audio: Doreen's experience

"I'm a healer who's read many books on healing body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and this one is a ground breaker." Alana, Michigan

"I love Lola Jones. Her book changed my life. Thank you Lola for sharing so many good things, and they are bubbling over...into a fountain of splendor." Kelly Smith

"I threw all my other books away!!" Regards, Helen, United Kingdom

"....this book is already changing my life. I bought the kindle edition of this book about 1 week ago after suffering a a breakup. I was "devastated". I hurt. I cried all the time. I cried on my lunch break. I cried myself to sleep. I kept seeing the numbers 11:11 everywhere and one day decided to google them looking for some sort of answer to all my suffering. Your website was the only one I needed. I was on it for about three hours, just reading. I finally purchased the book and began to read it. A few days later I was sitting outside with my eyes closed when I saw a white light start at the bottom of my eyelids and work its way up. I mean, this was a WHITE LIGHT. I snapped my eyes open and looked around. Nothing abnormal. All I could think was "that was weird...". A few days later I had what I'll call "an emotional purge." I felt better than I had in months. I don't know what's changed. I feel better and more optimistic than I have in months. I still have negative thoughts that try and creep in but as soon as I notice them I give them to my Larger Self and say "deal with this please!" I can't thank you enough for saving my life." Kasey

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Lola Jones spiritual newsletterEight years after reading this book Cindy wrote: "THANK YOU for your work.  Your book spoke to me in such a meaningful way.  While I understood that what I believed about how the world and the universe works was not mainstream, your book gave me the words to use to more fully adopt it in my life and to explain it to others.  My kids, especially my daughter, understand and embrace this way of being and it has changed their lives as well.  I said once that when I first read the book my conclusion was, “This woman wrote this book JUST FOR ME!!!” I know millions have had that same experience and I’m thrilled by the success you’ve had.  More important, I’m thrilled that so many have been able to change their lives just by doing something as simple as focusing their attention.  Each one then impacts the world in such a wonderful way by living and being what they learn is the truth. Quite a legacy for you, my friend.  Humble thanks from me." Cindy S, attorney, Arizona

"Dear Lola, I had got out my last few copies of My Life Is Going Great in My Absence before Christmas because I wanted to gift a couple of new members in my women's group. I started reading it again, and it blew me away. I read it cover to cover...and that is for the 4th time! Either the whole book had been rewritten, or I had never really read it before!

Then I decided to get out Watch Where You Point That Thing again, and same thing. I am loving it, savoring it, and taking it slowly to make it last. So, to that end, I started doing the Portal two online course again, and once more, it's brand new! Tons of new fun videos, more focus on letting go, expanding our pipes, focusing on the non-physical. This is giving me a huge leg-up into 2016 and into the things I am calling in from my reservoir. Now all I have to do is sit back and relax...or jump up, have fun and enjoy the savoring. Wow, Lola! I SO appreciate you." Much love and blessings as always, Grace Goldberger

Dear Lola, Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have read your book in June/July/August (2015). It was the first book ever I read spread over such a long period of time. It was almost as if something inside me guided me to take it slow. At times I had to put it down after reading just one paragraph. I usually gobble literature down in the matter of a few days (sometimes hours) but always closed the books I read dissatisfied - hungry for more. Not with this one. It was like eating something incredibly delicious and I wanted to make it last as long as possible, savouring each bite to get all the flavours.
After finishing the book I signed up for the online course almost on auto pilot. After doing the 3rd module I got the diving in audios and they are a total blessing! After doing the 4th module of the portal 1 course, I suddenly hit rock bottom getting stuck in incredible sadness, grief and depression. Feelings so intense I did not even know I still had them inside me. No matter what I tried I did not manage to dive in. So a couple of days ago I gave up and simply let go. The same day I suddenly felt very attracted to the audio 'diving in Trauma and Abuse'. I started crying the second you started talking and could feel emotions moving fast. I went from crying to anger to joy and back to crying only to go back to anger and joy. It was like a roller coaster ride. It was like an unwinding of emotions. It was incredibly intense but all the while I felt carried through the whole thing - knowing I would come out of it a different human being.
This was the biggest shift ever, ever, ever! I tried so many things, working hard to get over the traumas of my childhood over so many years and nothing helped me to really let go of my childhood story.  I finally managed!!! Gosh as I am typing this pure joy and happiness is rushing through me in waves! There is no story anymore! I am connected to feelings I had longed for. I had almost given up thinking I am not entiteled to feel way up there on the panel. I can feel how it feels now! I never used to be able to connect to a feeling of pure joy, safety, appreciation and so much more. I had nearly accepted that feeling O.K is something I can live with. I am so glad my larger self kicked my butt and sent me to you. I am so excited! I totally love it! I keep jumping through my living room, dancing around and each time I do it my dogs join me immediately sharing this display of joy! It just feels fantastic! Thank you so so so much.
Warmest regards
Michaela, psychologist, Germany

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~ Living Large: Mastering Your Power Of Intention (formerly titled Watch Where You Point That Thing) follows Things Are Going Great In My Absence.
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