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    Living Large: Mastering Your Power of Intention

    Living Large follows the groundbreaking book, Things Are Going Great. Along with Online Portals 2 and 3, it leads you to a next level on the Divine Openings path.

3 Ways to Get Get Living Large

Living Large follows the groundbreaking book, Things Are Going Great. Along with Online Portals 2 and 3, it leads you to a next level on the Divine Openings path.

The Essential Paperback

The Essential Paperback

When you have the paperback you can see it, and are constantly reminded to open it and enjoy. See the video, and read all about it below.

We can only ship to the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. It is printed in those areas, so shipping is reasonable. If you live outside those areas please support your local bookstore or get it from your online retailer.

Get Living Large FREE with Portal 2 Online Cours

Get Living Large FREE with Portal 2 Online Cours

Give yourself everything you need to move through Portal 2 and beyond on your Divine Openings journey. Enjoy the rich, juicy videos, audios, and text, with next-level teachings and energy from Lola. Move into ease and flow, and soar higher.

Preview Portal 2 Online, see sample text, audio & video. Then when you order it, we'll send you the paperback book FREE!

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Save on Both Foundational Books

Save on Both Foundational Books

When you order both books together, the postage is the same as one book--two for one. Plus we give you $6 off. Both books are essential as you enjoy your Divine Openings adventure through the Portals of Awakening. Lola loves seeing the well-loved and dog-eared books at book signings!


Phillippa shares what Living Large did for her

Phillippa has soared higher and higher for many years with Divine Openings, making particularly dramatic transformations in her career, which has become a dream job with her dream team gathered around her. She says it best.


Advanced Manifesting & Living as Your Large Self

Who is Living Large for?

  • Those who wish to go deeper, immerse in high vibrations, and continue evolving and expanding.
  • Those ready to learn to simply "intend" and it manifests.
  • You are ready for this after reading Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

How is Living Large different from the preceding book?

  • Completely new leading-edge material!
  • More than sixty brand new topics, including Soaring, Effective Questions, Zapping Condradictory Intentions, and many more.
  • Raises your vibration to a higher level.
  • Helps you stabilize in ease and flow.
  • The focus alternates between practical, everyday, physical focus and living more as your powerful, Larger, Non-Physical Self, to get you accustomed to living fully in both the physical and Non-Physical.
  • 32 activities with real-life applications bring it down to earth in your daily life.
  • Special Bonus Book-Within-the-Book, The Mantras, with over 60 potent sayings that bring you into alignment fast. You'll be happily saying the Mantras to yourself as you sail through your day!

What makes this book so powerful

  • The Grace piece is theadvanced vibrational field of resonance lifts and attunes your entire being.
  • The Conscious Mind Piece is the next-level concepts and fun activities that retrain your mind.
  • Grace does 90%. You just do your 10% and enjoy. The intellect alone cannot take us to that mystical place.
  • Living Large guides you joyfully and effortlessly through Portals 2 to 4 into ease and flow, and beyond. Take the Online Portals with it to get the maximum.
  • You tap even more into your own power, live into more of who you are rather than it being just a concept.
Start Living Large! Lola Jones spiritual author awakening

This is advanced personal and spiritual development on the leading edge.

Lola's groundbreaking book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence gave you ten enlightenment initiations and moved you through Portal 1. That book gave the necessary preparation for this book. Now you're off of that hamster wheel of seeking and suffering, or at least not constantly working on issues. You're enjoying life more.

Keep moving through the Portals and keep your evolutionary momentum strong with Living Large and Portal 2! Balance your physical and Non-Physical focus until you prioritize the more powerful Non-Physical, for greater freedom and power. And get the paperback FREE! Our gift to you.

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