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Living Large: Mastering Your Power of Intention

Phillippa shares how the second book kicked it all into high gear for her:

watch where you point that thing power of intention book

Formerly titled Watch Where You Point That Thing

Advanced Manifesting & Living as Your Large Self

Lola's basic book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, gave you ten enlightenment initiations and moved you through Portal 1.

Now you're off of that hamster wheel of seeking and suffering, or at least not constantly working on issues. You're enjoying life more.

So keep moving!


Who is Living Large for?

  • Anyone who has read the foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.
  • Anyone who wishes to go deeper, immerse in high vibrations, and continue evolving and expanding.
  • Those who aim to simply "intend" and it manifests.

How is Living Large different from the first book?

  • Completely new leading-edge material!
  • More than sixty brand new topics, including Soaring, Effective Questions, Zapping Condradictory Intentions, and many more.
  • Raises your vibration to a next level.
  • You stabilize in ease and flow.
  • The focus alternates between practical, everyday, physical focus and living more as your powerful, Larger, Non-Physical Self. This gets you accustomed to living fully in both the physical and Non-Physical.
  • 32 activities with real-life applications bring it down to earth in your daily life.
  • Special Bonus Book-Within-the-Book, The Mantras, with over 60 potent sayings that bring you into alignment fast. You'll be happily saying the Mantras to yourself as you consistently raise your vibration!

What makes this book so powerful?

  • The advanced vibrational field of resonance.
  • The concepts and activities retrain your mind, while the field of resonance lifts and attunes your entire being.
  • Grace does 90%. You just do your 10% and enjoy. The intellect alone cannot take us to that mystical place.
  • Living Large guides you joyfully and effortlessly through Portals 2 to 4 into ease and flow, and beyond. Take the Online Portals to get the maximum.
  • You tap even more into your own power, realize more of who you are.

This is advanced personal and spiritual
development on the leading edge.

"The new book is awesome! Lola's books are the top two bestsellers at the metaphysical bookstore here in Germany." Gabriele Kingwill, Rosenheim


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You're gonna die when you hear this! This morning I read in Living Large about thoughts and emotions needing to match, and how you become split when your intention is one thing , but emotions say the opposite. I realized that I have been intending to create more money, and two other companies have been trying to recruit me for more money, but what I didn’t realize is , what I really want is to create more money with in the company that I am already with. I don't want to leave. So I started to intend to make more money with in the company that I’m already with. Today I found out that if I can keep my numbers good and continue doing what I’m doing ( training new ppl) then in about two months from now, I will be promoted to director of sales! And will get a raise !!! Hahaha , isn’t that amazing!  Andrea K., Canada

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Lola is among those rare teachers who can do more than talk about it--she bathes you in a powerful field of resonance that boosts you, and helps you apply it in practical ways in your life. Allow the book to attune you. Receive a vibrational adjustment as you read the excerpt.

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Read testimonials:

A blissed out psychiatrist who works in a mental institution in South Africa says:

"...Watch Where You Point That Thing... is utterly amazing! Things Are Going Great in my Absence changed my life and took me to Austin (for the 5 Day Retreat) within about 5 months of first reading it. Your new book is however in a league of its own. It is almost as if I'm starting with Divine Openings for the first time. I'm currently on module 4 of JTM but have now decided to go back to Portal 2 in order to play with all the new stuff you've added. I don't really know how to express in words how powerful this new book is…from what I'm feeling right now it is actually a few notches above JTM…I don't know what will happen to me if you ever write a JTM (Portal 4) book. I might just fly off into a new dimension completely. Your expansion is so apparent in Watch where you point that thing. It is utterly blissful to realise that you (and me) are constantly evolving and that the things we thought yesterday belong to yesterday. When I read the introduction to Watch I got to a point where I thought…Hmmm, this might be a good point to take a break. When I looked at the next paragraph you said that it might be a good time to take a break and assimilate…The stuff you say about the non-physical and how we are evolving into a non-physical culture is just mind blowing…even though I already know it :)"   Johan, S. Africa

Here's a note from someone who had only just ordered the book (her intention to have it was already strongly in effect.) Now, we know her from her emails over the past couple of years, and she'd read Things Are Going Great In My Absence many times, and was already flying high, and primed to let this in. But that's what Watch Where You Point That Thing is about, flying HIGHER, and if you're already high, it will give you just that tiniest nudge--all you need to go to that next level:

"For the past two days, my intentions (in the form of QUESTIONS, a big topic in the new book and Portal 2) have been producing almost instant gratification. It's blowing my mind TOO.  Yesterday, after I wrote a 'god list', I was day dreaming about everything I want. It popped in my head to ask myself, "What action can I take today to get closer to these dreams?" I've been anxiously awaiting Lola's second book and was ready to leave the house to check my P.O. box when I was inwardly guided to stay home and go to this website. Within minutes, I found her free introduction to Watch Where You Point That Thing. WOW! The word/feeling that popped in my head/body was ZING! I felt like I jumped dimensions. I've always felt my emotions as intense energy in my body from my first divine opening, but something has drastically changed. Now, they just seem to flow with no resistance. The first feeling was uncomfortable, and borderline painful. However, because I could feel it so deeply, I actually enjoyed it just as much as bliss. I feel like I woke up AGAIN. I also lost my favorite, red, puffy jacket somewhere in my parents' house. Today, after two years, I declared that I was going to find it. I asked myself, "Where is my puffy jacket?" The idea of looking for it excited me. We had searched for it many times before. I wasn't attached to finding it, but I KNEW I would find it. Well, I not only found it, but it was stored with a brand new sweater, swimsuit, and winter hat. I felt like I went shopping. Also, the location was revealed to me in a very short time. I only looked one place. The pure joy I felt was more about realizing my power! Lastly, I don't fully understand the two remotes to the TV. I lost the sound and after pushing the usual buttons with no results, I asked myself, "How can I get the sound working?" I instantly turned it off and on without thinking, and BOOM there was the sound! I was also guided to reply to YOU! I hardly ever post, but I loved your question. EQs have changed my life. My cousin tells me that I have super powers:) !!!THANKS!!!! " Sandra (used to live in Korea, is now back in the states)

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