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Balance is Key! The Contrast Meditation

Balance is Key! The Contrast Meditation

04/26/2020 - 15:01 Submitted by Lola Jones


Balance is Key!

Hi Loves,

Right about now, we're all probably saying, "Enough solitude!" 

It is true -- balance is key.

Extremes of any kind aren't great for spiritual evolution.
Long, forced solitude gets you out of balance, just as much as constant outer world focus prevents deep inner connection.
Forced meditation actually creates resistance to meditation, makes it harder.

You're in this world -- enjoy it fully!

I use deliberate contrast in our retreats, to great effect.

We use the contrast, alternating between sound and silence, movement and stillness, outer focus and inner focus, physical and Non-Physical focus. 

Alternating between contrasts actually makes it easier to learn to go deeper, faster, establishes balance, and helps your Large Self be more in charge of your practical daily life.

Deliberately going inside and coming out.... 
going inside, and coming out...
going inside, and coming out.... 
can take you deeper
than any long meditation.

Play with this Contrast Meditation every day this week.

Use your phone alarms to remind you it's time: 

  • Meditate for 10-15 minutes in the morning. Then get up and walk around raving about every little thing.
  • In a few hours, put on music and move your body in wild, weird and wonderful new ways till you're breathing hard. Then lie down flat on your back on the floor and feel the contrast between the sound/movement and the silence/stillness.
  • In the afternoon, meditate for 10-15 minutes or longer. Then walk around witnessing your physical body from Large Self. Rave some more.

Watch what happens.

Write about it in your Positive Results Journal.

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