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    Want more than an ordinary meditation, vipassana, or yoga retreat?


    This isn't just a temporary escape or vacation. It's a profoundly deep experience, a long-term investment in your spiritual and personal growth that keeps growing long after the retreat. As your vibration rises, your outer world changes to match it. Life just keeps getting easier, happier, more satisfying.

5 Day Retreats - USA

life-changing retreats - now registering!

Sedona, arizona - September 12 - 16, 2023
San Diego, california - January 15 - 19, 2024

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Since 2006, thousands of people have come from around the world to be in Lola Jones's powerful healing vortex. In more than 60 5-Day Retreats in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany, lives transformed, and new lives began.

Grace does 90% of the work. All you have to do is show up. In the new paradigm, there's nothing painful, difficult, or embarrassing you must do.
You'll let go of the old paradigm of hard work, struggle, and forced meditation. This is the new energy of ease and grace.

What will you get from YOUR retreat? You'll get what you want and much, much more. Shed years of fatigue, trauma, suffering, pain, and stress.
Your mind quiets, then powerful Grace energy opens you up, switches you on, and ignites your bliss body. In this state of grace your manifesting ability skyrockets.

energy healing lola jonesBeing with Lola Jones in this powerful vortex is indescribably life-changing. And it just keeps getting better and better:

"Lola, thank you again for such an astonishing, life-changing retreat. Every day I melt more and more, as well as letting my eyes be "windows" to take in the world.  The letting go, combined with the rush of feeling completely fulfilled, is incredible." Jennifer, Business Owner, California

"I attended the Retreat and my Long Covid symptoms were fully gone afterwards!!!! In the wideness of the stillness everything is possible. Even Miracles - for everybody." Parvana, Designer, Germany 

"My retreat in May 2022 took me to a whole new level and is still having an impact on my life. I am deeply grateful to you, Lola, for this path." Bettina, Legal Counsel, Germany

lola purple heashotyour retreat package lets you begin precisely when you register

  • The Pre-Retreat Course helps you get the most from the retreat. It's included.
  • The energy begins working on you in the Non-Physical, right NOW. No waiting.
  • BONUS Portal 1 online course, included FREE, starts NOW, and it keeps you growing and evolving after the retreat!

This retreat changes you at every level: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healings often occur. When Lola focuses on your specific needs and desires the healing energy is off the charts. Miracles happen.

If you haven't already heard about the miracles that happen in these retreats, see the videos and info below and on the main retreats page.

"A decade later, I vividly remember my first live initiation with you. You looked into my eyes, and my entire life and reality changed." Hilda, physician, Germany

PLEASE Register Early! The lodging fills up even before the retreats. 
Sedona and California retreats are smaller and more intimate (Germany retreats are large.)
You'll receive your venue address after registration.

REGISTER NOW for sedona, Arizona

First-Time Retreaters



Pay a deposit of $900.00 per item

Pay balance after deposit

Returning Retreaters: $1,499.00
see requirements, REGISTER FOR SEDONA

REGISTER NOW for California (near San Diego)

First-Time Retreaters



Pay a deposit of $900.00 per item

Pay balance after deposit

Returning Retreaters: $1,499.00
see requirements, REGISTER FOR california 


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  • Days 1 - 4: Meet 9am to 9pm or later each day. Healthy lunch and dinner are provided.
  • Day 5: Ends at 4pm. No early departures please. The last hours could be your biggest breakthrough.
  • Plan NO other activities during this entire retreat. 
  • Presence Guides each retreat according to YOUR needs, so the activities vary. Relax into the flow and allow grace to carry you.

You'll select, book, and pay for your travel and lodging separately. It's easy, here's how.

"This retreat was the best thing I ever did for myself." Andrea Bacher-Steiner, Austria

Need more info before You make the best decision of your life?

More about what the retreat does for you, testimonials, etc. - below!
There's more on the main retreats page.

Retreat Results

Hear from Lola and high vibration retreat participants. Results in all areas of life: love, career, mental and emotional balance, resilience, health, happiness, fulfillment, family harmony.

What Participants Felt After the Retreat

The most recent retreat in California had everyone high vibing. Here Nicole shares what she got, including increased ability to receive, healing, and more power and clarity.

More Opening, Clarity, Ease

Jill is a personal development leader herself, and has been expanding with Divine Openings for many years.

THE California retreat vortex

We'll add Sedona images later.

Lasts Far Longer Than a Vacation

Lasts Far Longer Than a Vacation

Because you take it home with you! Our California venues give you special spots to be still and dive deep within. Soak up the tropical sun and sweet air, or relax weightless in the pool.

"I'll never forget this week - it changed my life." Gina, California

The atmosphere is magic because wherever we meet, it's bathed in Lola's energy - you're in Lola's vortex, surrounded by quiet, and in communion with nature.
Profoundly Powerful Practices

Profoundly Powerful Practices

Let Grace do 90% of the work for you while you rejuvenate and rest. You experience Lola's freshest, new leading-edge methods and energies. Our many return retreaters always say, "This was the best one ever!" Divine Openings is a path of ease and Grace, not work and struggle.
Yummy Food Made with Love

Yummy Food Made with Love

Everyone raves about the food because Scott prepares it with love. Variety for all, vegetarian, meats, seafood.
Activities Heal You and Take You Deeper

Activities Heal You and Take You Deeper

Energy healing, live Divine Openings, Divine Mother Hugs from Lola. Lola shows you how she does it, and you may actually learn to heal others if it is right for you.
Pleasure Practices Pamper You

Pleasure Practices Pamper You

Depending on the venue you might soak in sparkling spa waters, or receive floating Divine Openings. Your mind will be boggled at how easy the retreat is when you experience how profound the results are.
Nature Walks and Hikes

Nature Walks and Hikes

We may take field trips to meditate at nearby parks or lakes. Every venue has places to walk in solitude nearby, from easy strolls to challenging hikes to spectacular mountain vistas.
Dine Indoors or Out

Dine Indoors or Out

California weather usually allows outdoor dining and food tastes so good in nature with hummingbirds buzzing. More photos below, and links to register or learn more.
Sometimes We Meet Outside

Sometimes We Meet Outside

We always meet in stunningly beautiful surroundings. Each retreat agenda is completely different because Lola intuits and meets your specific needs. You'll get more than you ever imagined.

Divine Openings help GermanyGot more questions? Need personal help registering?

We're here for your questions about courses, events, and retreats.

For English help, kindly call 1-619-722-6369 during USA Pacific time business hours. If you're international, leave a message with your time zone and full country code, and we will return your call. Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To be sure you get our reply add us to your address book, check your spam filter, whitelist this email. 

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