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    Talk Audios

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    Talk Audios

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The Classic Essential Talk Audios

When Divine Openings began, Lola created Diving In. It was and still is a breakthrough method to get relief from any unwanted emotion. Soothing yourself is a core skill that serves you for life. Learn more about these basic practices, and how to get them.

Dive In Audios

Move any Emotion with "Diving In"

Release Resistance, Raise Vibration, Get Relief from Negative Emotions

Dive In Audios


You'll use the Classic Diving In/Body Scan Audio and Video Set Over and Over!

  • The introductory 'how-to-use-it' tracks are short. Don't skip those!
  • The 40+ other Diving In/Body Scan sessions range from 22 minutes to one hour. They were all recorded in live courses and sessions, not cold in a studio, so the Divine Energy is flowing full-on. You will usually feel invigorated and happy, or soothed after listening.
  • Each track takes a different perspective, and gives teaching, as well as leading you through the Diving In process. Some of them have Divine Openings at the end. Try different tracks until you find relief.  You'll learn from all of them!

Instant access to Audios Page upon completed purchase! You download the tracks. You can either stream them, burn your own CD, or listen to them on your phone, computer or device. Look for the new menu item "Diving In Audios" after logging in.

You can begin lightening up TODAY!

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