Assimilating Big Energy Downloads on the Leading Edge of Spirituality

by Lola Jones


Those of us on this leading edge of spirituality often feel like we have a tiger by the tail, or that we're always a little behind in assimilating the massive downloads of energy we're getting. It can be bliss when you're up to speed. When you're not it can make you tired, tightly wound, irritable, or sleepless, even if there are no thoughts in your mind. As always, it all leads to good things. If something breaks down in your life, it needed to break down so something new can take it's place.

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Yes, The Divine does the heavy lifting, but we are operating in human bodies, and that body is part of the system we're using, which by definition means we still have density and resistance. The body often has to literally rewire, acclimate, and catch up increasingly more often.

You may have flashes of lightness that feel like all density has dissolved, and then have times of feeling very dense by contrast. The body can of course feel quite dense after experiencing extreme lightness.

Your ears may ring. You may have hot flashes as more energy heats up in you (regardless of age or gender), or dizziness, or things around you may break so you'll upgrade to things that match your new vibration. Old friends, partners, systems, jobs, and structures may fall away. It is for the best, so begin to look for the best in it.

Your memory may fail, although you find you don't need it so much anymore because you're living in the moment. Let it go. It will be there when you really need it.

If you're not sleeping, relax and smile, knowing you are supposed to be awake, and you will rise refreshed.

Deep, out of control feelings may arise that you thought you were over and done with. As always, just feel the feeling and drop the story. It will rise.

To assimilate spiritual energies more easily, just use your ability to intend--no fancy techniques are needed. (I am presuming you've read the foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, which fires up your power of intention. The follow up book, Watch Where You Point That Thing further increases power of intention.)


  • For your body and neurology to be upgraded (we often make this too complicated)--just intend it!
  • That no new energy is downloaded until you are caught up. There is no glory in chaos and pain, although it may look impressively dramatic.
  • Time in silence and quiet to go within
  • To move slowly, productively, and deliberately through your day
  • Breathe consciously
  • Be with supportive, soothing people
  • Choose non-resistance as much you can in any moment
  • Eat well and exercise
  • Drink lots of water
  • Take naps when you need them
  • Have lots of fun
  • Laugh a lot
  • Don't get too serious about yourself or sit around for hours discussing big spiritual stuff
  • Do grounded mundane things
  • Keep it "light"!

For Healers on Healing

For those of you who are helping a lot of others in their spiritual awakening, or doing spiritual healing and asking for big energy to do that, we are often playing on the edges of what we can handle. Practice letting go, getting out of the way, and releasing resistance to the new energies and the expansive opportunities they bring, sometimes in the form of challenges or contrasts. Give your human self a break for needing to catch up.

Take care of yourself first, which often means taking time off and not helping others when you get the guidance to rest or take an upgrade break. If you're letting Life support you, you can afford to take time off.

At the high voltage level of Edgar Cayce's sessions, his guides warned him at one point that if he continued to do more than two sessions per day his body would not be able to handle it, and that he would die. He continued to give eight sessions a day. Later he was told to take a year off, which he could not do because he was unable to say no to the sick people who continued to come to him. He died of a stroke soon after, and got the relief he needed. This is not a sad story, it's just a fact.

I personally am not afraid of death, yet I do want to take care of myself consciously--I like it here. I often take breaks from giving sessions, because they are that high voltage type of session. My whole being just says no to them sometimes with no explanation, and I heed that.

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