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Spiritual Awakening Art Posters, Transformational Art, Divine Mother Art

Art for your walls, your soul, and your enlightenment

Lola Jones Art Raises Your Vibration

The Goldfish, by Lola Jones, carries powerful healing energy. It gives a soothing, high vibration atmosphere to a room. Enjoy the art, and if you want posters, or a set of print-your-own art from the book, browse around!

Lola Jones Divine Art

Art with Potent Grace Energy

Each painting by Lola Jones invokes high vibration. This one uplifts and energizes with passion and purpose. Enter and simply enjoy your visit, or purchase art that brings Grace and good vibes to your home or office.

It's More Than Just Art

It's an Energetic Tuneup

Enjoy the galleries, let it soothe you, uplift you, whatever you need in this moment. If you want this energy to bask in everyday, there are several options from print-it-yourself art, to large poster-sized art.

Ways to Enjoy Lola Jones's Divine Art

divine art Lola Jones

Large Poster Size or Stretched on Canvas

Grace your home or office with Lola Jones's spiritual awakening and deepening art. High quality poster-sized Divine Art by Lola Jones. Stretch on canvas, frame, or simply stick them to the wall for a big energy boost to your space. Select your poster-size print, art stretched on canvas ready-to-hang, or commission a custom painting HERE.

goddess art Lola Jones

Print this Set of 8x10" Divine Artworks at Home

Purchase this set of 10 copyrighted Lola Jones artworks. Instant downloadable files let you print your own high-resolution 8x10" color Lola Jones artworks (if your printer can.) See art and order.

divine art souls dance

Enjoy the galleries

Come on in and enjoy free. See the color art from the book, and much more art from Lola. Enter Lola's Art Galleries

"I'm overjoyed about my last-minute decision to purchase 3 large prints of your paintings. My apartment seems instantaneously lit up with triple the amount of light bulbs! The change in energy is palpable!"

"A quickie RAVE: Yesterday I finally had my copy of "Gold Fish" framed.  The customers including the gal behind the counter kept taking peeks at the poster.  Finally ... the first gal commented several times how nice the poster was.  I told them the poster was designed to invoke a sense of peace. And they got it."


"I want you to know how incredibly much I love Soul's Dance in my home office, and how much impact having the picture there where I see it all the time has made.  You are a blessing in my life, and I am grateful beyond belief." 

"There are no words to even come close to explaining how we feeeeeel about the painting we commissioned from you.... it truly is an extraordinary painting. We have chills LOL. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the deepest part of our spirits. We are so looking forward to our next painting. We are blessed beyond measure. EXTRAORDINARY LOVE comes from this painting."

Wear Divine Energy

Divine Openings pendants

Sterling silver pendant - Small

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Divine Openins plated pendant

Sterling Silver Pendants - Large

  • LARGE  - shiny sterling silver, 1 1/4" wide. Go the the Pendants page!
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