Are All Spiritual Energies Alike?


All spiritual energies differ in purpose and scope.

They also have different "strengths of dilution". For example, if Pure Source is a "100% concentrate", a lot of energy work is about a "20% tincture" of Pure Source.

First off, Divine Openings is not "energy work", it's much more than that.  Divine Openings is quite a broad spectrum of Divine Energy, so it does quite a lot.

It is a very high concentrate of Source Energy/Light/Intelligence and works quickly and en masse. But most important, Divine Openings energy is an activating energy, a spiritual awakening energy. It activates your Divine Self, your Universal Intelligence, and your Divine Blueprint. It isn't about working on details, it's about waking up the whole you. Then you don't need "working on".

Healing energies don't do that. Healing energies heal physical dis-ease. It's a new age myth that we all need "spiritual healing," and that's why it doesn't work very well. Your spirit is always happy and healthy, it's the human self that needs healing, not the spirit. If anyone tells you your soul needs healing, they don't know what they're talking about and are parroting a new age myth.

If your body is not sick, you don't need healing, you need to wake up. Actually, waking up can heal your body if you do the conscious mind piece too.

Divine Openings does activate the flow of kundalini energy, (read about kundalini) and other subtle and not-so-subtle energies, but there is more to it than that.

All your DNA strands are reconnected, new strands are connected and activated, the bliss body lights up, and so an awakening or quickening occurs, and you begin to live as who you really are. Without any "working on yourself" your inner child gets happy, parental issues resolve, relationships clear up, kundalini rises, old patterns and blocks disappear, naturally, by Grace, without analyzing, processing, or talking about it. Law of Attraction starts to make perfect sense, and you see your past and present clearly for the first time, in a bright, hopeful new light.

Divine Openings does more, faster and easier, than anything we've ever seen: from catalyzing spiritual awakening, to resolving emotional issues, to opening up practical life success, to physical healing. If we find something better, you will see this site change to reflect that. We are committed to staying leading-edge for our own selves and you.

Upon spiritual awakening with Divine Openings, your entire reality shifts. That's the power of this Grace. This Grace is more than energy - it's also light and intelligence, intention and pure power.
Looking back, you'll wonder how it happened, because you didn't work at it, but steadily your whole life changed. Questions you'd grappled with for a long time were answered as your Divine Intelligence awakens, or those old questions simply lose their meaning, because they were just mind-stuff.

Most people's lives begin to transform immediately, without effort while reading Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting.

You get more out of each reading of the book as your consciousness expands.

Some people choose to begin on a faster track with our online or live retreats along with the book to get that live effect that the videos and audios add.

Others might want or need phone sessions, or the delicious spiritual retreats.

Spiritual awakening or deepening happens through Grace with Divine Openings. Grace isn't earned, it's given. Then we show you how to sustain it. That is important, since you have free will.

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