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"Anchor It" to Manifest It:  Bring It from Thoughts to Physical.

"Anchor It" to Manifest It:  Bring It from Thoughts to Physical.

06/17/2021 - 14:39 Submitted by Lola Jones

Lola Jones spiritual online study sticky note method

"Anchor It" to Manifest It:  Bring It from Thoughts to Physical.

  - You know it in your head.
  - You think you'll use it.
  - But it can get lost in the hustle and noise of daily life if you don't anchor it quickly.

Knowledge doesn't always turn into manifestations - no big news there, right?

You "know" so many miracle-producing methods from the 5 Portals, the webinars, and the retreats. 

So what makes the difference between those of you who are soaring, manifesting rock stars, and those who "know it but don't manifest it?"

The difference is simple: some immediately and joyfully apply it in their lives, and it sticks. That's doing your 10%. But others simply read it and rush on, and it may not stick at all. 

Make a sticky note to help you anchor it

Anchor it to help you reach manifesting mastery:

  • Learn just one thing from a Portal video, audio, or text each week, but STOP before rushing on to cram more concepts you'll never apply.... more is NOT better.
  • Jot it down on a sticky note. Focus on that one thing until it becomes a habit. Let's use the example of "witnessing." (Beginner Witnessing is introduced in Portal 1 and gets advanced in Portal 5. It's not in the book.)
  • Witness several times a day for a week or two, breathing it in, savoring the awake feeling or even the bliss of it after a while.
  • Apply it to ordinary life situations, replacing the old habit (in this case the old habit is autopilot, not being awake in the moment.) 
  • As you witness it slowly becoming a new habit, smile and rave (appreciate it, which raises your vibration even more.) If you criticize for not being perfect at it yet, down you go.
  • People say it all the time: "Once it's a new habit it will pop up when you need it."
  • After that one is a habit, pick something new, and you steadily learn and grow in an easy, fun way, without getting overwhelmed or working hard. 

Consider this: if you don't significantly evolve yourself, next year will be the same as this year and last year. 

Well, can't I just "stay the same" and stay how I am now? Not ideal. Comfort zones lead to stagnation because the Universe is moving and expanding. Go with that flow or get moldy! "Ride or die" as the adventurous like to say.

Even though my life is great now, I'm not stopping... there's always more! 

When you immerse in steady evolution, you're not drenched by the turbulent waves of energy that wash through the collective consciousness. 

They wash off you because your focus is internal and you're already soaked in proactive thought and action. Your vibration is anchored, independent of externals.

Only momentarily did I dip from the pandemic. My solidly placed anchors held, my good habits kicked in. Even though the economic impact was significant, it's been the happiest year of my life.

You're always immersed in something - all day, every day. 
What'll it be?

Valuable thoughts, knowledge, guidance, intentions, and inspirations are fleeting, and can easily get submerged in the swamp of thoughts and energies that fill each day to the brim.

Anchor your new insights, habits, and vibrations to your practical life with passion for your evolution, focus, and practice. They become your new reality.

Learning + Immersion/Application = It's Anchored!

Simple, easy, not esoteric or sexy - but it works.

There's no easier path than Divine Openings. Yet witness your ever-shifting vibrations, thoughts, feelings, and actions constantly moving the compass needle, and changing where you were pointing! Use the tools to constantly course-correct. 

Do you stubbornly keep refocusing daily, re-pointing upward? Or are you blown off course by the winds of collective vibration, media, social media, and other people? 

If we don't choose our focus and immersion, outside influences will gladly do it for us.

YES to deliberate, joyful, liberating focus.

Grace and ease, 
Lola Jones

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