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Anand-Sara's Breathing Exercise - Subtle Way to Introduce Spirit to Kids

Anand Sara is a school teacher in California. She has at-risk kids from poor neighborhoods and loves making a difference for them.

After taking the 5 Day Silent Retreat, she created a "Breathing Exercise" for her students to do each week, since doing Divine Openings might be construed as too spiritual for school, or even religious. She naturally radiates the spirit of Divine Openings just by being in the classroom, but this focused breathing time quiets the students and is conducive to their recieving.  They also gazed at the Divine Art.


Here are comments from her students (12-14 year olds) on the Breathing Exercise (They called it the B.E.) BE, get it?

The Breathing Exercise has helped me concentrate a lot on many things.  I can do my homework faster now.  It also helped me calm down easily, and I get to focus more clearly than ever before.  I don’t do things while I have to do some other things anymore.  I don’t delay my time.  I do everything fast without playing games or juggling my pencil anymore.   Phi Nguyen

Now that I got used to doing the B.E., I feel more confident and I don’t feel that stressed out anymore.  I am so happy I started doing it.   Claudia Medina

At the beginning of the semester, I thought the B.E. might just be way to take a break.  All we did was stare at something for a while, which I didn’t think would really matter.  Now, I think it did matter.  It kind of helped me calm down, if I had been mad.  I used to get mad a lot, but now, I don’t so much.   Juan Magallon

Lola's art, Vortex of Creation

When I started the B.E., I thought that it was boring, that it was a waste of time.  I thought that it wouldn’t even help me relax at all, that you were just trying to make us bored until you found or thought of something to do for the day.  Now, I’ve learned that the BE actually works when I look at the picture and listen to the music.  I actually do get relaxed.  It makes me feel that I’m flying in the sky or getting relaxed in the water.   Marian Martinez

Now that I have almost done the B.E. for 2 years, I still don’t get why Ms. Anand-Sara does the B.E.  Sometimes I want to ask her.  The thing I don’t understand about the B.E. is when we start to do it, tears always come out of my eyes.  Diana Sandoval

The very first time I did the B.E., I thought it was kind of silly to just sit down and listen to music I’ve never heard before.  When I sat down and the music started, I felt weird and many thoughts came to my head.  I was so confused, but then time passed, and I started liking it more.  I pushed the negative thoughts away and stayed with the positive ones.  So I really feel like a better person now.  Bianca Romo

The first time I tried the BE, I couldn’t take it seriously.  Now, when I’m doing the BE, I get a good feeling throughout my whole body.  I feel relaxed.  With nothing on my mind, all I hear is the music playing, and all I see is the image on the screen (Lola’s Divine Openings artwork).  I think the BE is something everyone should try.  This really helps my attitude toward class, and it gets me ready for all my work.  To me, this is my favorite part of class.  I am going to using the BE for the rest of my life.  David Perez

When I first did the breathing exercise, I said to myself, “Man, this is awesome.  I hope I get to do this all day” (he was a new student to the school).  I was excited because I had never done that.  Doing the BE helped me on my work at class.  It helped me not only to focus, but to get good grades.  It took all of my hard feelings away and helped me be a good person.  It took my depression away and gave me peace.  That was a wonderful experience.  Nery Ramirez

I want to be a comedian because I like to make people laugh, and I am really good at making people laugh, so it was really hard for me to concentrate in class.  But, in Ms. Anand-Sara’s class, when she first told us about the BE, I thought that it was dumb.  Now I see that I concentrate more and more on my work.  But the most cool thing is that I can feel peace in my life, and I like to feel happy.  Julio Ibares

The difference between the first time I experienced the BE and now is that I didn’t laugh and I could concentrate on the image on the screen (Lola’s Divine Openings artwork).  It feels awesome, like if I have a new brain, because it erases everything in minutes.  Jose Rodriguez

Every time I do the B.E. now,  I feel relaxed and calm.  At first I couldn’t even concentrate on the picture.  Now, I’m doing it to help me relax.  I will keep doing the BE even if I’m not at school.  Also, because of the BE, I have never been this relaxed and calm before.   Eduardo Hernandez

When I first did the B.E., I thought that it was just some type of relaxing thing, a type of relaxing thing that wouldn’t work.  Later on I started to get the point of it.  Of course, it was really hard for me to concentrate, since I get distracted real easily.  But, I was so surprised by the way I started finishing all of my work on time.  Karla Alvarez

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