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Portal 1: The Foundation Online Course

Feel lighter fast with Portal 1 Online. Raise your vibration instantly in live interactive webinars with Lola Jones. Log in and light up 24/7 at your own pace. Enlightening audios and videos train your mind to be peaceful and happy while Grace Energy raises your frequency effortlessly! Now with less reading, more multi-sensory learning. Interact on the Forum with kindred spirits in the comfort and safety of home. Ask questions, share, get a Divine Openings buddy.

Learn more. Course is in English or German.
Lernen Sie mehr. Kurs in Englisch und Deutsch. Das Taschenbuch ist nur auf Englisch--kaufen Sie bitte die deutschen Bücher in Europa.

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Portal 2: Ease and Flow Online Course

Learn more. You get the English paperback book, Living Large: Mastering Your Power of Intention free, with free shipping.
Mehr. Duetsch und Englisch. Nur der Verlag kann das deutsche Buch verkaufen. Sie müssen das deutsche Buch in Ihrem örtlichen Buchladen bekommen.


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Portal 3: 21 Days of Deepening

Learn more. Enjoy 21 days in a row for a powerful intensive, or savor it more slowly at your own pace. This easy, breezy online experience helps you put all the pieces together and assimilate at a deeper level.

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Portal 4: Jumping The Matrix Online Retreat

Learn more about the Portal 4 course. 
Lernen Sie mehr. Kurs in Englisch und Deutsch.

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Portal 5: Mastery Online Retreat

Learn more about the Mastery Online Retreat.
Erfahre hier mehr. Kurs in Englisch und Deutsch.

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5-Portal Lifetime of Spiritual Evolution Package

Learn more. English & German. The 5-Portal Lifetime of Spiritual Evolution Package is everything you need from awakening to mastery. Keeps you steadily focused and on the path, so you get those big results you read about, and you stabilize into a whole new reality. But don't rush! With Divine Openings you learn by experience that it's the enjoyment of the ride that counts, not getting somewhere.
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One way you're 'made in His image' is that you love hide and seek games. Children in every single culture ever studied spontaneously play hide and seek without being taught the game. God hides in a human body as you, forgets His/Her omnipotence, and then you seek and find yourself, over and over and over.
Lola Jones