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  • Move, meditate, and sing to it

    Move, meditate, and sing to it

    Divine Music

    Lola's music is Divinely inspired and you can feel the vibration in your body and soul. You can even intend to receive a Divine Opening from it.

High Vibration, Fun, Spiritual Music

Lola Jones's music is is not ordinary music--it conveys a powerful energy called Divine Openings. If you listen with the intention to receive a Divine Opening, you will. Or listen simply to enjoy and be uplifted. It's OK to listen all you want, and to let kids listen. FREE song below! (Read the book to get the full benefits of Divine Openings.)

"Lola, I DJ for local ecstatic dance events. Your tracks are wonderful. I especially enjoy Heaven, and Power.... I put those on quite often and just bliss out at the beauty of life. Thanks for all that you do!" Emily Headley

Watch Where You Point That Thing music (downloadable) 12 songs

Watch Where You Point That Thing

A musical co-creation of Lola Jones and Tom Hopkins

"I can actually feel my pipes/energy field stretching. ...more pliable, permeable, flexible and malleable than ever before." Love and appreciation, Deb
"POWERFUL, JOYOUS, TOTALLY DIVINE-A-LICIOUS SONGS!! What a fantastic collaboration! All I want to do is dance for joy, & sing along to these rockin’ songs! Love it!" Cath Edwards

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Watch Where You Point That Thing music (downloadable) 12 songs


Each is a different style, and a unique vibration:

  • - Beautiful Faces - Lola's theme song for Russell Martin's film of the same name.
  • - Heaven - Sensual, tantric, trance-inducing, hypnotic. Vocals by Lola, and Tibetan om chants by voice teacher Guy Monroe.
  • - You Might As Well Be Having Fun - Upbeat pop sung by Lola Jones, and she even talked producer Tom Hopkins into singing! It will have you dancing and singing along to the catchy, upbeat tune and uplifting lyrics. Tom and Lola collaborated so seamlessly she couldn't tell you who wrote what.
  • - It's Only Ecstasy - The essence of deep bliss. Great for tantric practice too.
  • - Power  - Claim more of your power. Powerful soaring music makes your body move and your vibration rise. Tehrah Taylor ripped that amazing power vocal in one take, exhausted, in her underwear.
  • - Watch Where You Point That Thing - Driving, danceable down and dirty blues beat and vocals take you high, and remind you to watch where you point your mind.

Plus 6 bonus tracks: instrumental versions of all six songs!

Listen in the car or at home. Exercise, dance, walk, run to the different moods.
Meditate to
It's Only Ecstasy.

Download now,
listen in minutes.

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You get each song in two versions--one with Lola singing or speaking, and instrumental only versions, PLUS the new song Beautiful Faces, for a total of twelve tracks. Get the lyrics below and sing along!

(Nothing is mailed to you, no printed cover, and no shipping and handling charges)
PHYSICAL CD NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE - Everybody wants downloads now.

"Just watched your Here in My Heart video. I was wondering how you were gonna top yourself! Thank you. Thank you." Speechless and blissed out, Monique

Burning CDs

When you burn your iTunes downloads or Divine Music on some computers, you find the CD won't play on your stereo or car stereo. Bummer!

That's because some CD's don't accept the burn as well as others. And home and car stereos are "picky" about the media they read (the CD or DVD).

So we asked around, and found these Taiyo-Yuden CD's tend to play on everything. (Of course we can't guarantee that, but it's been our experience.)

Amazon has a good deal, and if you belong to their premium program, shipping is free.

Happy listening!


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Too often we want it to be complicated, but it is not. It is simple. Heaven, God, enlightenment is already inside of you. To experience that, stop striving, be still, let go to the simplicity, become as a little child.
Lola Jones