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  • Move, meditate, and sing to it

    Move, meditate, and sing to it

    Divine Music

    Lola's music is Divinely inspired and you can feel the vibration in your body and soul. You can even intend to receive a Divine Opening from it.

High Vibration, Fun, Spiritual Music

Lola Jones's music is is not ordinary music--it conveys a powerful energy called Divine Openings. If you listen with the intention to receive a Divine Opening, you will. Or listen simply to enjoy and be uplifted. It's OK to listen all you want, and to let kids listen. FREE song below! (Read the book to get the full benefits of Divine Openings.)

"Lola, I DJ for local ecstatic dance events. Your tracks are wonderful. I especially enjoy Heaven, and Power.... I put those on quite often and just bliss out at the beauty of life. Thanks for all that you do!" Emily Headley

Here In My Heart, Lola's free gift for you

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Lola's Gift: Download this original song by Lola Jones and Charley Cook.
Please click to download the song and SAVE it to your hard drive or music program.
Here In My Heart    

It's a powerful, heart-opening song, so she plays it at every 5 Day Retreat.
Learn about the retreats that change lives!

Learn more about all the music from Lola here. 

Enjoy this video with the original song by Lola Jones and her old friend Charley Cook:


Here In My Heart, Lola's free gift for you


"Just watched your Here in My Heart video. I was wondering how you were gonna top yourself! Thank you. Thank you." Speechless and blissed out, Monique

Burning CDs

When you burn your iTunes downloads or Divine Music on some computers, you find the CD won't play on your stereo or car stereo. Bummer!

That's because some CD's don't accept the burn as well as others. And home and car stereos are "picky" about the media they read (the CD or DVD).

So we asked around, and found these Taiyo-Yuden CD's tend to play on everything. (Of course we can't guarantee that, but it's been our experience.)

Amazon has a good deal, and if you belong to their premium program, shipping is free.

Happy listening!


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The Sacred is in the ordinary... in one's daily life ... in one's neighbors, friends, and family, in one's back yard... travel may be a flight from (it). To look everywhere for miracles is a sure sign of ignorance that everything is miraculous.
Lola Jones