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  • Move, meditate, and sing to it

    Move, meditate, and sing to it

    Divine Music

    Lola's music is Divinely inspired and you can feel the vibration in your body and soul. You can even intend to receive a Divine Opening from it.

High Vibration, Fun, Spiritual Music

Lola Jones's music is is not ordinary music--it conveys a powerful energy called Divine Openings. If you listen with the intention to receive a Divine Opening, you will. Or listen simply to enjoy and be uplifted. It's OK to listen all you want, and to let kids listen. FREE song below! (Read the book to get the full benefits of Divine Openings.)

"Lola, I DJ for local ecstatic dance events. Your tracks are wonderful. I especially enjoy Heaven, and Power.... I put those on quite often and just bliss out at the beauty of life. Thanks for all that you do!" Emily Headley

Watch Where You Point That Thing music DOWNLOAD, 12 songs

A co-creation of Lola Jones and Tom Hopkins

"I can actually feel my pipes/energy field stretching. ...more pliable, permeable, flexible and malleable than ever before." Love and appreciation, Deb

"POWERFUL, JOYOUS, TOTALLY DIVINE-A-LICIOUS SONGS!! What a fantastic collaboration! All I want to do is dance for joy, & sing along to these rockin’ songs! Love it!" Cath Edwards

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Divine Openings Chants by Sabine Faast DOWNLOAD

NOTE: German residents, you must purchase the music directly from Sabine. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Ask about her newest CD Happy Moments.

Sabine can mail you a PHYSICAL CD (to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)

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Here In My Heart, Lola's Free Gift to You

And please share it freely!

Lola's gift: Download this original song by Lola Jones and Charley Cook.
Here In My Heart    
Please right click to download and SAVE to your hard drive or your music program.
It's a powerful heart opening song, so she plays it at every 5 Day Silent Retreat.

Learn more about all of Lola's music here. 

Learn about the retreats that change lives!

Enjoy this video of the original song by Lola Jones and her old friend Charley Cook:

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Lyrics: Here In My Heart

Here in my heart, it’s quiet.
Here in my heart, it’s still.
Here in my heart, it’s peaceful.
Here in my heart, I…. am…. hooooooome.

The fountain it flows and floods me.
Bringing unending joy.
People I love surround me.
Here in my heart, they too …. have … a home.

Here in my heart, there’s magic.
Here in my heart there’s space.
Here in my heart, there’s beauty.
There is no sweeeeeee-ter plaaaaaaace.

Here in my heart, I know you.
See my own face in yours.
Here in my heart, we’re never alone
Here in my heart…. My love for you is pure.

Spoken: There’s a place inside You can always go
It’s warm, it’s sweet, and it’s always welcoming Come on home

Here in my heart, it’s quiet.
Here in my heart, it’s still.
Here in my heart, it’s peaceful.
Here in my heart, I…. am…. hooooooome.

Oooh…. Come on in come on home (layered)
Oooh oooooh…. Come on in come on home (layered) …. with me.

Hier in meinem Herzen

Hier in meinem Herzen ist es ruhig 0.51 -0.56
Hier in meinem Herzen ist es still 0.57 – 1.02
Hier in meinem Herzen herrscht Frieden 1.04 - 1.09
Hier in meinem Herzen bin ich zu Hause. 1.10 -1.22

Der Springbrunnen, er fließt und überflutet mich 1.28 - 1.34
er bringt unendliche Freude 1.35– 1.40

Menschen die ich liebe, umgeben mich 1.41 -1.46
Hier in meinem Herzen haben auch sie ein zu Hause 1.47 - 2.00
Hier in meinem Herzen ist Magie 2.06 -2.11
Hier in meinem Herzen ist Raum 2.13 -2.18
Hier in meinem Herzen ist Schönheit 2.20 - 2.24
es gibt keinen süßeren Platz 2.24-2.39

Hier in meinem Herzen kenne ich dich 3.09 – 3.14
Sehe mein eigenes Gesicht in deinem 3.15 – 3.21
Hier in meinem Herzen sind wir niemals allein 3.22. -3.28
In meinem zu Hause ist meine Liebe für dich rein 3.29 – 3.39
Gesprochen: Es gibt einen Platz im Inneren, wo du immer hin gehen kannst. 3.42– 3.46
Er ist warm, er ist süß und er ist immer einladend 3.47 - 3.54
Komm´ nach Hause 3.55 -3.57

Hier in meinem Herzen ist es ruhig 4.01 – 4.05
Hier in meinem Herzen ist es still 4.06 – 4.10
Hier in meinem Herzen herrscht Frieden 4.12 - 4.18
Hier in meinem Herzen bin ich zu Hause 4.19 -4.29
Stimme im Hintergrund: Komm nach Hause, Komm nach Hause, Komm, Komm nach Hause, Komme, Komm nach Hause, Komm nach Hause…. mit mir (come on home with me….)


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Beautiful Faces

Lola's theme song for Russell Martin's film of the same name.

Free sample

Lola Jones Sample Beautiful Faces.mp3

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I Love Honey

Music and lyrics by Lola Jones and Charley Cook

A riotously rude, non-PC (pre-The Donald) and funny "punkabilly" style song about a naughty dog who doesn't discriminate (she bites everyone regardless of race, religion, or lifestyle.) Get this one only if you have a broad sense of humor and won't take it too seriously. It manages to lampoon just about everyone, including religions. You won't be able to stop humming "I Love Honey".Free sample

I love Honey sample.mp3

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Lynda Collins Love Album

Get these 8 uplifting, high vibration songs! It will take you higher in minutes! Lynda is a lit up, high vibration law professor in Toronto working for environmental and other leading-edge legal causes, but makes time to write and sing. Thank you Lynda!

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Lola's Gayatri Mantra, 12 minute chant-along

Music and lyrics by Lola Jones and Charley Cook

This powerful 11:45 minute musical experience was created for you by Lola Jones and Charley Cook (producer and guitarist). In contrast to the heart opening of some of the other songs, this one takes you into other dimensions, expands consciousness, and is a Non-Physical high. Listen to it and chant along when you want to clear or empty your mind, go deeper, or soar off into new spaces.The vibration builds. Thunder cracks, gongs, chimes, and birdsong intensify the experience. Listen before meditation or watch the video as a meditation.  Hear 1 minute song sample

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Starlight Live

Lyrics and music by Lola Jones, Mike Brannon on guitar

Adore The Presence within you to a sensual bossa nova groove, or enjoy it as a romantic song about someone you love.
Recorded live in Lola's "home studio" (a guest room, a Mac, and a Peluso mic). Hear sample 
Downloadable single (2:24mins) - Starlight  $3

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The Lolabye

Music and lyrics by Lola Jones and Charley Cook

Rediscover the child in you, and love and appreciate yourself deeply. Listen before meditation or sleep, whenever you want to rest in the arms of Grace, rejuvenate, or be very kind and nurturing to yourself.  

"Dearest, most wonderful Lola, I have just listened four times in a row with my little one. I don't even know if I can describe it in words.... it opened my heart wide, and I found myself crying soft little tears. It's just beautiful, so sweet and clear, with deceptive simplicity. Your creativity and talent as a composer is exploding as outrageously and gloriously as your singing ability, yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!" Angeline, professional singer, UK

- Hear song sample     English only:
Purchase Downloadable single now! $3

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"Just watched your Here in My Heart video. I was wondering how you were gonna top yourself! Thank you. Thank you." Speechless and blissed out, Monique

Burning CDs

When you burn your iTunes downloads or Divine Music on some computers, you find the CD won't play on your stereo or car stereo. Bummer!

That's because some CD's don't accept the burn as well as others. And home and car stereos are "picky" about the media they read (the CD or DVD).

So we asked around, and found these Taiyo-Yuden CD's tend to play on everything. (Of course we can't guarantee that, but it's been our experience.)

Amazon has a good deal, and if you belong to their premium program, shipping is free.

Happy listening!


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The most powerful thing you can do is to give it over the The Divine within you, let go, and let it happen. There's no glory in struggle or hard work, and no rule that says letting it be easy is cheating. Let it be easy.
Lola Jones