First time participants, go to this registration page

Step 3: Registration

Returning 5 Day Retreaters ONLY

  • You'll go to the 5 Day Retreaters link in the footer to get your lodging and details.
  • NOTE! California retreats admit only 7 returners due to limit of 16 participants. Register early!
  • Europe retreats admit only 20 returners out of the 70 spaces available. Register early!
  • All payments are non-refundable, because you get so much: materials, resources, and  webinars right when you register.
  • Lola works with you in the Non-Physical as soon as you register, as you all notice!
  • No-shows forfeit tuition, and may not transfer it to a later retreat.

Please agree to these extra requirements for returners, before registering below:

  1. To register at this dramatically lower tuition you must be able to give service and help hold the space at a high vibration. If you can't, please register at full tuition.
  2. If you cannot agree to all of the items below, please register at full tuition.
  3. In Germany:
    1. Please come early to set up and stay late to take down.
    2. Returners may not come late or leave the retreat early.
    3. Bring a large bunch of flowers that will last five days in a vase.
    4. Sign up for tasks on the list at the retreat.
  4. In California:
    1. You don't need to come early and you could stay only an hour after the retreat to help clean up.
    2. Please help DURING the retreat: set out food, help clean up after meals, set up the room for activities and tidy up at end of sessions and at end of day.
    3. Bring a large bunch of flowers that will last five days from a local grocery. We have plenty of vases, so please don't buy one! Rosebuds last the five days.
    4. Sign up for tasks on the list at the retreat.
  5.  You must have taken this 5 Day Silent Retreat before and read the book at least twice.
  6. Don't make chit chat with Lola before, during, or after the retreat unless she initiates it. She is in a deep state even when you cannot tell that, and is not in the mode for idle chit chat.
  7. Go within, stay within, and be silent.  The organizing chart eliminates most of the need to talk.  Once silence begins, talk with other returners only as necessary for tasks.
  8. For socializing, arrive the day before, or wait till the retreat is over.
  9. If you see anyone talking, ask them to respect everyone's silence.
  10. Be responsible for your own reality, vibration, and experience. Dive in, take everything to The Presence. Annoyances, complaints, feelings are to be taken within.
  11. Give Divine Openings ONLY if you're Certified, and only when Lola requests. Reread the constantly updated Guidelines. Do not give eye to eye Divine Openings at all unless Lola specifically requests you to.
  12. Review the online Pre-Retreat Preparation Course again and watch the new videos before you arrive. It changes as the energies change.


NOW - Two Ways to Register!

  1. Register in full
  2. Place deposit + enroll in payment plan.

NEW! Once you register by either method, admin will give you full access to all info, materials, and your "live webinar with Lola reservation." Don't ask when--date/time will be sent to you. There will be a recording posted in the 5 Day Retreat area for you if you can't attend.

~ Register in full:

Full Returners California Tuition. An investment in your evolution - $1195.00

~ Deposit + Payment Plan:

Both Step 1 and Step 2 are required. Once you've completed both steps, we'll grant your account all-access to info, webinar, and online prep courses.

Step 1: Pay your $600 deposit and complete this transaction before you go on to Step 2.



Step 2: Come back to this page, and use button below to subscribe to the Auto-Payment Plan. It will take you to the PayPal site for a separate transaction. It automatically debits  $200/month for 3 consecutive months. No interest is charged by us! (Your credit card charges interest.)

You could pay off your retreat before you even arrive, or after the retreat.

Another option: Paypal's own payment plan to pay full tuition Do NOT use the button above--we are not involved in their plan--it's you and Paypal, but it's great! Its only for U.S. residents with good credit.

Choose Paypal at checkout and use their payment plan. 6 months, no interest, and then pay it off at your own pace with interest.

After you register, you can enter 5 Day Retreaters pages from the footer.
Roster, full travel details, and your Pre-Retreat Preparation Course to review is there.

To complete your Guide Certification at this retreat, be sure you do your Step 5 Discovery with Lola at least three weeks before the retreat. Don't wait until the last minute as Lola may be too busy!

Regular spiritual retreat is not just a luxury.

It's a necessity. Without a doubt, those who return to retreats are expanding faster and with more ease, soaring higher, diving deeper. Time spent in Lola's vortex always upgrades your vibration, deepens your inner connection, and expands your power.

Lola always changes the retreats, but 2018 has brought exciting new developments, more oneness and community, and more ease for you than ever. People are raving about the new California retreats at Lola's new home.

This video speaks to returners about how there is always MORE!


What will be New for You:

  • Different and deeper than your last retreat. The retreat activites are always changing, new concepts and methods are introduced, and the energy keeps rising.
  • Pre-Retreat Online Course is mandatory to take again, and it's fun and expanding.
  • Post-5-Day Bliss Maintenance Online Course is still included and is improved--REALLY fun.
  • Advanced levels of energy and intention by Lola. The second retreat occurs at a higher level from the moment you register, throughout the retreat, and after.
  • Have a next level refresher -- another respite in silence to reset and refocus. Just being in this field of resonance takes you deeper without doing anything.
  • Break through and let go in the next areas that are important to you in your personal and spiritual development.
  • A higher initiation from Lola.
  • There is no waiting until you get here. It begins the minute you register and things happen even before you get here due to the pre-retreat intentions, prep course, and energies.
  • Blissful service. You'll give Divine Openings if you're a Certified Guide. The old distinction of "Givers" is now retired, but all returners give service to all, and raise the energy level.
  • Good things happen after being here, as you know. You can get so much more out of the way on returning retreats. You start higher and go higher.
  • Deepen relationships with other retreaters.
  • A super-charged vacation that lasts -- lots of people come to these areas to vacation. If you want to play in the area, plan extra days.
  • Being in Lola's field has become so powerful that she doesn't put her hands on heads anymore. She will update you and let you know if and when to give hands-on Divine Openings. Fewer are needed overall now.

Become a Certified Divine Openings Guide.  Certified Guides Program members get first priority for Returning Retreater spaces.

Germany Retreat Returners Registration

*Note! The Germany retreats fill super fast.
Please email BEFORE you register below to see if there are still spots available for this retreat.

Register Now $1195 USD  

Germany lodging is paid directly to the NEW retreat center, Sonnestrahl at retreat time. They will happily let you book extra nights before or after. Please see this page for full information, or look in your 5 Day Retreaters section on how to book your room!

U.K. Returning Retreaters
The international retreat hub is now our beautiful Germany retreat location! Click here to find out more about the stunning Germany retreat center and to hear the many reasons why we are so confident about making it our international retreat hub.


"Dear Lola, Ahhhhhhhh…..(classic Divine Openings sigh).
In sum, the 5 Day Retreat was AMAZING. 
After... I was simply overcome with quiet bliss and deep peace. Even more so than my first retreat last July/August. The big shift this time is that I feel such a profound connection with the Presence, with the authentic knowing that I can go there, Be there, anytime I want. I feel it right now. It's lasting, permanent. Even though contrasts will happen, this time I know (I love how you put this) how to get back Home.
You are such a gift to me and the world. "Thank you" seems a ridiculously inadequate expression for what you've given and continue to give us. I'll say it anyway, with an avalanche of love and appreciation -- thank you, Lola, with all my heart!" Love always, Lydia

"A BIG shifted happen for me (after the second time at the 5 day.) Clarity is laser sharp. Speaking was so powerful at Agape this past Sunday. Energy is high. Think I jumped the money matrix... yes!! Kicked my exercise up a notch too. On some levels there are no words for the gift I gave myself in attending the 5 day. Put tithe checks in the mail to you yesterday. I Am having fun, enjoying the ride and expanding."  Much much love to you,   Jenenne

"I come to every other retreat in Germany, and my wife Pryanka comes to every other one. I go deeper into the heart of love each time." Lars Thiede, metaphysical bookstore owner, Rosenheim, Germany

"I've been to four retreats, and each one is different, they keep evolving and getting more powerful. On the fourth one I had a physical healing and a huge shift happened. This truly is the NEW Divine Openings 2.0."  Gabriele, Germany

advanced silent retreat"Dearest Gorgeous Lola, Was wonderful to see you again and be around your amazing energy. I thought nothing could match up to the Cornwall Retreat for me, it's being my first, but it just gets better and better doesn't it? It was so much fun this time around and I loved seeing the first timers grow and expand and lose their minds before my very eyes as the days passed ha ha. It filled my heart with such joy. I have found such happiness through Divine Openings and created a life for myself which I love living. The additional enrichment is the true and beautiful friends I have made who are so easy and delightful to be and play with.
Thank you for sharing the expansion and joy that Divine Openings is with us all. Much love to you and a heartfelt Divine Mother hug. See you next year?   Patricia, UK

"Lola, I am so looking forward to spending 5 days with you again for the retreat SO SOON!  My Guide Tribe and I will be there will bells on and ready to support you/the retreat in whatever ways are most helpful, to revel and expand even more in the vortex of Grace and to enjoy witnessing the newbies expand exponentially!" Loads of love, Emily, physician, North Carolina