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Learn about the LIVE Weekend Virtual Retreat

Heal, Indulge, Deepen, Evolve - Safe at home!

Virtual Retreats - now as powerful as in-person retreats.

Experience Lola's new, leading-edge methods LIVE, up-close, and personal in the Virtual Retreats -- without leaving your home! Lola assists you with energy, so transformation and healing can happen faster. Choose English only, or English/German.

"Words really can't describe how absolutely awesome I feel right now.... like I am floating on a big puffy soft cloud with not a care in the world.  We just finished the third day of the retreat and my first thought was "The virtual online retreats go deeper and are more mind-blowing each time I attend one!"  Lola, I love how you connect with each and every person each day of the retreat in such a way that everyone gets exactly what they need.  I can't wait to see what is going to show up in my life in the coming days."

The Most Powerful Retreat I've Had

"Wow, this is the most powerful retreat I ever had, and it is my 6th or 7th retreat (her past retreats were in-person in Germany). Thank you sooo much!!!" 

"I was overwhelmed by how intense the initiation was at the end of the December Virtual Retreat. It hit me so deeply that I went on in silence for another 24 hours. For me, it was perfect to have so much time to immerse even deeper into Divine Openings... I thank you for your wisdom and your generosity to share it as well as for your strong commitment to your students. "


"On the first night of the Virtual Retreat I dreamed I was on an in-person retreat with Lola somewhere here in Germany... My Large Self wanted to tell me that the Virtual Retreat is as powerful and intense as the personal one... yes, indeed!!!" (She later used one of the methods to stop a migraine and nausea)." Much love, 

"I was amazed and surprised what effect it had already in advance, just with the registration, madness! ... I had expressed two wishes for myself. I wanted to do the retreat with my sister and I wanted a discount. Both wishes were fulfilled beyond all measure. I was able to enjoy the second Virtual Retreat with my sister during a wonderful sister vacation ... Due to the Corona situation and the conversions into online retreats, what a blessing: I saved the money for the travel and accommodation, and I also got 3 retreats for the price of one, and the effect exceeded all my expectations. All my wishes are starting to come true or have already been fulfilled." In love, 


" much gratitude, that tears were flowing... from online retreat to retreat I dive deeper into myself... so much changes inside of me.... incredibly intense and a great experience that I wouldn't want to miss. In the middle of my daily work, I felt a stable inner peace into the day, WONDERFUL! The third retreat I perceived an equal validity in myself.... I am so "full" in me, a knowing inside myself, always there for me, no matter what happens! Delicious! I rave about how due to this (covid) contrast, you have discovered these incredibly great energy "games" to play with. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for empowering me to feel and live my being." 

"I thank you so much for the wonderful Virtual Retreat webinars! It was very extraordinary, so powerful and relaxing at the same time. It is working in my body and everywhere. I could feel the uplifting immediately when I was meditating, much deeper in a shorter time. And I could feel the stillness in me much more than before." 

"I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful Virtual Retreat... I had tears running all the time and a great deep pain was allowed to show and move in connection with deep sadness. Because of the great activities, it could move well.... I can hardly put it into words how grateful I am for everything you give us and make available!"

" request for the Virtual Retreat was "get my physical strength back". Right now I am doing weight training and I feel miles away from that tired weak body that was "mine" just a couple of weeks ago... I am surprising myself with the improvements!"

Despite (the distance) I could feel that it does not matter where in the universe we are… the Vortex you initiate is so strong, wow, thank you so much! I have never had such powerful webinars before. After your initiation two hard days followed, feeling my primal pains. But then, after diving in, there was such a great release- oh my god-it is so great! My breathing has changed, I feel wide, deep Peace, and I allow myself to be in love with me. I sigh by myself, all day long… wonderful. 

"The meditation (to heal feminine trauma) truly worked wonders. I went from almost 1 year of intense despair, to a stage of acceptance and inner peace. This was simply incredible for me. "

What Do You Need?

This delicious video gives you a taste of a Virtual Retreat. 

This video will help you get clear on what you want from a retreat and get the energy flowing for it.

You may actually feel the energy lining up for it. It amps up when you register.

Virtual Retreats take you deep into the silence, beyond words

Relax and bathe in powerful Grace energy.  Let it be done for you. Virtual Retreats you can enjoy at home were one of the great blessings of Covid. 

This video shows how The Portals and Retreats are completely different and work together. Please take Portal 1 before your Virtual Retreat or soon after it. Pleasurable immersion in the Portals gives you all of the essential foundational basics that the Virtual Retreats build upon. 

Your Virtual Retreat Begins RIGHT NOW, the Moment You Register

Lola Jones spiritual online study

Go Deeper, Soar Higher

Virtual Retreat in English/German

Powerful energy and stillness accelerate your evolution.

  • English/German
  • 3 Meetings, 2+ hours each meeting.
  • 10 am to noon Pacific time (Los Angeles/San Diego time).
  • Wednesday through Friday: July 21, 22, 23.
  • Then continue your retreat into the weekend!

You get the live experience, personal help from Lola, PLUS all the audios, videos, and meditations of this and past retreats to fill your days. All for less than the cost of a few private sessions. Tuition: $599 

Register me for EN/DE Retreat!
Lola Jones female spiritual teacher

Join Me in a Powerful Vortex of Deep Silence

Weekend Virtual Retreat, in English Only

You've asked for weekends! Here it is!

Three days of big energy, deep expansion, empowerment, and amazing practical results.

  • For English only dates watch this space!
  • 3 Meetings, 2+ hours each meeting. 10 am to noon, Pacific time (Los Angeles/San Diego time.) 
  • Friday through Sunday, dates to be announced.

You get the full live experience, personal help from Lola, PLUS all the audios, videos, and meditations of this and past retreats to enrich your quiet inner-focused days. All for less than the cost of a few private sessionsTuition: $599 

Register for English retreat! $599

There's no waiting. The energy begins instantly when you register. Watch past Virtual Retreat videos immediately and start melting, softening, and raising your vibration. You'll notice subtle shifts even before you meet Lola in the live online meetings.

If you need it, see detailed info and participant results below.
Or choose your Retreat and it begins NOW!

Energy is beyond space and time.

"The healing meditations from the September Virtual Retreat are amazing! After the Virtual Retreat last week, I got a heavy dull migraine, feeling sick to my stomach... I listened to the Full Body Energizing Meditation and got such a relief! The message was to slow down, slow down, slow down... and allow this BIG energy to move! I also had a dream on the first night of the Virtual Retreat where we were on an in-person retreat somewhere in Germany together... my Large Self was telling me that the virtual retreat is as powerful as the in-person retreat... yes, absolutely!!! Thank you so much!" Much love, Sandra E., Germany

Miracles have always happened in sessions and webinars. Now the Virtual Retreats are a quantum jump in power.

Live retreats like this set up the perfect conditions for more profound spiritual experiences. It's intense, pleasurable focus, and warm, personal support from Lola for your ongoing evolution.

Now you don't need to leave home! 

See another participant's report....

"I thank you so much for the wonderful Virtual Retreat webinars! It was very extraordinary, so powerful and relaxing at the same time. It is working in my body and everywhere. I could feel the uplifting immediately when I was meditating, much more deeper in shorter time. And I could feel the stillness in me much more than before." Sabine Mixdorf, Germany

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Now Lola Jones directly helps you move energy in this Live Virtual Retreat.

We all know that contrast challenges us to expand, to grow, to be better. Because live retreats were delayed so long, Lola asked The Presence, "How can the Virtual Retreats be as powerful and effective as in-person retreats?" Within a week, new, vastly more powerful energy came in. Virtual Retreat results skyrocketed.

You need to have taken Portal 1 and read the foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence. If you don't have the updated 2018 edition of the book, we'll mail it to you FREE.

Lola Jones spiritual vortex

Time in Lola's energy shifts your energy to match hers more closely.

Lola enfolds you in a warm, loving, powerful vortex of profound spiritual experience and transformation.
(Vortex artwork by Lola Jones.)

She invokes an energy in her own body, and includes you in that vortex. Most people can feel it, but it works even if you cannot.

It changes you from the inside out. Energy changes first, manifestation follows.


There are Separate Virtual Retreats for the 5-Day Retreaters

Two Virtual Retreats were already given FREE for those who purchased Live Retreats. There will be another one announced soon. You'll get an email.

discover your hidden treasures

Two Big Bonuses for You, and Hear a Sample Audio

GIFT Bonus 1: If you don't have it we'll send you the English book Divine Openings is based on, FREE! Or the audio book in German. You can only buy the German hardcover locally.

Bigger GIFT Bonus 2: Get the media FREE with the retreat.

Get an energy attunement from this audio from the Virtual Retreat. You may (or may not) be able to feel the energy, but notice how you feel after. Witness if old feeling moves, pain leaves, tears come, or whatever happens.

Lola's events are so rich, and she gives you so much, it's impossible to absorb it all at once.

No worries. You get to keep the media from your Virtual Retreat to enjoy again and again, during, and after the live online retreat. You'll have a priceless treasure trove of multimedia: audios, videos, meditations, activities, assignments, and a bit of text.

It's like getting an in-depth online Retreat Course to retake and review whenever you wish. Often you hear it better the second time because you've softened and your consciousness has expanded in the meantime.

Lola always gives you more. 

How it Works, Key Elements of your Virtual Retreat:

  • Set aside the time to focus within and not interact with others. Make it a real retreat for maximum results!
  • If you just can't do that, you can still get results. 
  • Attend live with Lola on Zoom. Participants are getting miraculous results, even faster and more powerful than in-person retreats!
  • Post on the Forum between meetings. Stimulates self-awareness and energy movement.
  • Post in the chat during meetings.
  • Lola reads your energy, answers, guides, and coaches in-depth when needed. 
  • Wonderful, pleasurable activities make the most of your time between meetings and dramatically increase your results.
  • Your media is soon posted on a special page.
  • Big Bonus: You may watch videos from previous Virtual Retreats too, to extend your retreat time between meetings, and absorb more energy on more topics!
  • You'll spend some time out in nature. You could go away to a cabin, vacation spot, or stay home.

You'll be richly rewarded for your commitment to your evolution.

Register above!

What people are saying...

Lola's commitment for the Virtual Retreats to be as powerful as a live retreat is happening, according to 80 happy participants so far. 

  • Sophia after only the first day: "The pain before was a 7 now it's a 3 - like melting the pain away with a Bath of Love."
  • Ute: "Like a new reality."
  • Helena, who came with many physical ailments: "I feel great, powerful, and full of ease."
  • Sandra Eichler after a short healing: "Headache from 8 to 2, wow!"
  • Michelle L.: "It felt like 1000 stars exploding down my spine. I moved from a fear of the future to trust."
  • Tanja: "I feel you so powerful this thousands of bubbles inside of me.... Thank you so much sharing your wonderful energy. After day two my skin is better. I'm so thankful to have these online retreat days. Thank you, Lola." 
  • Henriette: "Energy was pulsing everywhere. You've been my spiritual teacher for 9 years now, and I love you more and more. You are so blissed."
  • Robin: "Fear of illness has gone from a 10 to a zero. Gone."
  • Bettina: "Anxiety about the future dropped from a 7 down to a 1."
  • Aloisia: "Old fear dropped from an 8 to a 2."
  • Annette : "I thank you sooooooo much. It´s amazing for me!"
  • Sophia Hutter: "Thank you for this tremendous Gift and the experience. You are like a Divine Mother to me."
  • Sabine: "Thank you so much for your great gift."
  • Cerstin : "Old disappointments with myself went from a 10 to a 2. All, all love for you, blessings love and light, Thank you so much!"
  • Andrea: "Separation anxiety lowered from a 7 down to 2.
  • Sabine: "Professional frustration went from 8 down to 2."
  • Kath: "Overall tension started at 10 and by end of Day 1 was down to 2."
  • Lynda: "Dear Lola, I cannot tell you how much you inspire me.  In the first few minutes of the very first session of our retreat, I felt tears come to my eyes as you explained the latest evolutions in Divine Openings.  I feel so lucky to have found you, and to get to fuel my life with the energy of Divine Openings. And it is such a joy to watch you get even more joyful (and younger!) every year that I know you.  Thank you for being you."
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