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Learn about the LIVE Weekend Virtual Retreat

Indulge, Enjoy, Deepen, Evolve in this Virtual Online Retreat

Deep spiritual retreat is a necessity.

We get what we give our energy and focus to - and all too often the physical life dominates all of it. Virtual Online Retreats set up the ideal conditions for more profound spiritual experiences. Give yourself the treat of warm, personal support in your ongoing evolution. English only, or EN/DE retreats!

Being with Lola Jones in this Virtual Retreat directly attunes your energy.

Retreats set up the perfect conditions for more profound spiritual experiences. Retreats give you intense, pleasurable focus, and warm, personal support for your ongoing evolution. And yes, it works online. It always has. Miracles have happened from a webinar or a session.

This live Virtual Retreat is designed to be easy. You don't even need to leave home! Lola's commitment and intention is for this retreat to be as close in power to an in-person retreat as is possible.

Time in Lola's presence changes you from within.

BONUS, this Virtual Retreat only: You also get the many audios and videos from the 9-hour July 2020 Virtual Retreat!

Simply immerse, lightly focus, enjoy, and participate! Register below....

Choose your Virtual Retreat: in English-only, or in English/German

Lola Jones self hug

Virtual Retreat, in English Only

The English-only Virtual Retreat
3 Meetings, 2 hours each meeting, Pacific time:

  • Friday, September 25, 10 am to noon 
  • Saturday, September 26, 10 am to noon
  • Sunday, September 27, 10 am  to noon

You get the live experience PLUS the online course with all the audios and videos of this and past retreats, all for less than the cost of a few private sessions. Tuition: $599 
​​​​​​​(Virtual Retreats are included FREE w/the Live Retreat Package)

Register for English retreat! $599
Lola Jones spiritual online study

Virtual Retreat, English and German

The English-German Virtual Retreat
3 Meetings, 2 hours each meeting:

  • Wednesday, October 7, 10 am to noon Pacific time
  • Thursday, October 8, 10 am to noon Pacific time
  • Friday, October 9, 10 am  to noon Pacific time

You get the live experience PLUS the online course with all the audios and videos of this and past retreats, all for less than the cost of a few private sessions.  Tuition: $599 USD
(Virtual Retreats are included FREE w/the Live Retreat Package)

Register me for EN/DE Retreat!

There's much more detailed info below, and two big bonuses at no extra cost.
But if you're ready to register now...

discover your hidden treasures

Two Big Bonuses for You

Bonus 1: We'll send you the English book Divine Openings is based on, FREE! (Or the audio book in German. You can only buy the German hardcover locally.)

Bigger Bonus 2: Get the media FREE with the retreat.

Lola's events are so rich, and she gives you so much, it's impossible to absorb it all at once.

No worries. You get to keep the media from your Virtual Retreat to enjoy again and again, during, and after the live online retreat. You'll have a priceless treasure trove of multimedia: audios, videos, meditations, activities, assignments, and a bit of text.

It's like getting an in-depth online Retreat Course to retake and review whenever you wish. Often you hear it better the second time because you've softened and your consciousness has expanded in the meantime.

Lola always gives you more. You get videos, audios, and meditations from this retreat, AND from past Virtual Retreats to enjoy. Your collection will keep growing as we post more media from this and future Virtual Retreats. There are already 13 English/German videos on the special Virtual Retreat page even before this retreat happens. 

How it Works, The Key Elements of your Virtual Retreat:

  • Set aside the time to focus within and not interact with others. Make it a real retreat!
  • Attend the meetings live with Lola on Zoom. 
  • Your media will be posted on a special page. Big Bonus: You may watch videos from previous Virtual Retreats too!
  • Post on the Forum between meetings and Lola reads your energy, answers, guides, and coaches in-depth when needed. Posting enhances your experience and stimulates self-awareness and energy movement.
  • Lola gives coaching in the Zoom meetings as needed or requested. 
  • Wonderful, pleasurable activities make the most of your time between meetings and dramatically increase your results.
  • You'll spend some time out in nature. You could go away to a cabin, or getaway spot, or stay home.

You'll be richly rewarded for your commitment to your evolution.

Register above!

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