Lola reads the NEW UPDATED 2018 12th Anniversary Edition! If you've purchased the audio book, you get this new update free. It's in your Account to download or stream.

The Audio Book:
Things Are Going Great In My Absence:
How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting

Lola just updated this spiritual classic, over 14 hours recorded in her own voice!

Things Are Going Great In My Absence, has become an enduring spiritual classic in 150+ countries since 2006, and it's more popular than ever.

Lola's voice creates a powerful vortex of Grace, so she felt you'd get more if hearing it in her voice.

Things Are Going Great In My Absence has always been "an experience, more than just "a book," but this audio series has more of the impact of a live course, sessions, or retreat with Lola than a book.

Lola's voice vibrations activate your inner connection, and attune you to your Source. It catalyzes the whole life transformation Lola Jones is known for.

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"This is a life changing audio book!" Kathy McGrath

"Even after 3 years with Divine Openings I am going back to being a kid again and getting new openings from your audio book. Massive expansion and new waves coming in. Love it. Few days ago...  I had this massive opening of "I AM God." Never so strongly before in my bones. And now I am feeling prepared for doing the Jumping the Matrix Online Course. Ahhhh. What a bliss this life is. Much love, hugs and kisses to you." Amit Jain, IT professional, Sydney, Australia

"My hubby and I are on the second listen of the book and I am in awe, inspired by how much it has positively uplifted our life. Thank you Lola! I LOVE IT! Listening to Lola read the book is amazing, you can feel the energy and the vibration so clearly. I drive an hour both ways for work, and I am so excited to have this as an audio book! My hubby was waiting for this as well--he dislikes reading since his brain was injured in a wreck. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!   ...grateful you took the time and energy to create not only the audio book, but EVERYTHING that is Divine Openings. This material has changed me and my life so significantly, words cannot do it justice! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!" Virginia and John Clute, Houston, Texas

Lola could not help adding humor, dramatic delivery, and extra comments that aren't in the original book as she read it.

She can't even look at a past project without spontaneously improving it on the spot!

People already say they hear her voice in their heads and in dreams, as is common with powerful teachers who help you on Non-Physical levels, and now her voice will be there to nurture and support you even more, entraining you to speak to yourself as she speaks to you: with love, humor, respect, and compassion.

You'll enjoy her lively reading that ranges from energetic and motivating... to velvety soothing... to deep and mystical... to plain-spoken, humorous, let's-cut-the-nonsense cowgirl.

Question: How do we get Divine Openings from the audio book since there are no pictures like in the paperback? Amy

Answer: Divine Openings can be received: 1. visually, as in the paperback. 2. by audio, as in the audio book or a phone session. 3. in person through touch or sharing a vibrational field. 4. by intention long distance from Lola or a Certified Divine Openings Guide.

The audio book gives Divine Openings through Lola’s voice and intention. Any method works as well as the pictures in the book. 

Just hearing Lola’s voice in the audio book is one big Divine Opening. That's why the online courses are so popular--the many audios and videos in them (visuals and audio.)

The most potent Divine Opening of all is being with Lola for five days at a retreat, being in Lola’s energy field.

For many years we had people asking for this audio book: to listen on the way to work, to give to their their blind friends, and as a way to more effortlessly absorb the book. Some people say they just don't like to read, (although we're frankly puzzled why anyone would let that stop them, knowing this book changes people's entire lives.) We do get the ease (and no eye strain) of audio books! We love listening to them on long drives, while cleaning house, or doing mindless work.

Please tell your friends--people get so much email that not everyone reads newsletters these days!

If you're not familiar with what's in this book, what people around the world say about it, and what it does, read about it.

You'll also want the paperback too, to keep at your bedside, highlight, make notes in, and re-read many times. It also has resources in the back that are not in the audio book.